Book Review: Filth

 Alora has a dirty soul. Ever since she was a child, she knew something was wrong with her. Off. Twisted. And as she got older, her sins grew bigger. Enter Alexander. Polished. Older. Put together, and respected. When Alora meets him at her art show, she's instantly attracted to the charismatic gentleman. But no one can be that perfect, can they?

Desperate to find something wrong with her newest obsession, Alora turns to her dark side. Stalking Alexander's every move might not make sense to the average person, but Alora has never been average. And if she can just find one thing wrong with Alexander, she can move on with her life. Or so she tells herself. But Alexander is keeping secrets of his own. As the two's twisted relationship deepens, they discover things about each other that would've been better off buried. That is...if anything actually is what it seems. Filth is a dark romance standalone novella.

Please see for a complete list of triggers.

My Review

Torri does it again. I wanted a female stalker story and she delivered. Alora was giving me Glenn Close and Kathy Bates vibes and I am here for it all. You could say that I was on the edge of my seat while Alora was "watching" Alexander. Every time just got more intense to the point that I kind of became obsessed with him. 

Hot damn the scene between these two in the rain and mud! Alexander. was giving me Mr. Ripley vibes. It is the quiet ones that you do have to watch out for. I felt it in my core when Alora was painting Alexander with her own bl@@d. 


I can't stop watching you

You are my obsession haunting my dreams

Decay and blood is love


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