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A Talent for Trouble Blog Tour and Giveaway

My review Felicia had no other dreams or plans than the fact that she thought she would become a minister's wife. So when the minster marries someone else, Felicia's world comes crashing down. What is she to do next?

Lord Sefton Grayson Sumner is ready to settle down. His friends had the perfect woman for Grayson. It is Felicia. When Grayson and Felicia meet, it is not love at first sight. However the more time they spend with each other's company, feeling s start to change. Grayson's past comes back to haunt him putting Felicia's life in danger.

To be honest, I did not know if I would like Felicia. I found her annoying and whiny. This was after just a few pages into the book. It did not help that Felicia was being so over dramatic about a guy who married someone else. Obviously the guy was not right for Felicia. When I say being over dramatic this is what I mean...Felicia crying that she is not the married one throws herself on the bed. Then there was Felicia'…

Dare Me

Ben and his two friends, Ricky and John are planning to make the best of their senior year. They have it all planned out. They will do ten extreme dares and video record them and upload them on the internet. The is two no one knows it is them as they have hidden their faces and two the dares are so extreme that they just might not survive them.

While I was not particularly that excited about the characters or what was happening to them, I was interested in how far Ben, Ricky, and John would take their dares. I agree with Ben and John that the dares were getting more dangerous but yet none of them ever took a strong stand and said I don't want to do this anymore. I guess I know the answer to this question "If your friends all jumped off a cliff would you do it to?"

After a while I did grow old of Ben, Ricky, and John and skipped a section to get to the end faster. Which I have to say that for all that the guys went through the ending was just alright.

Chatting with author, Joe Sergi

Being a teenage girl is hard enough, but for DeDe Christopher, it is proving impossible. In addition to cliques, books, and boys, she has to worry about capes, apes, and aliens. Last year, DeDe discovered that she possessed fantastic abilities that were strangely similar to those of a comic book character named SkyBoy. With the help of her best friend Jason, a self-professed comic geek, DeDe accepted her legacy and became Sky Girl. Now, DeDe must learn what it means to be a heroine as Sky Girl faces the all too real enemies and allies of SkyBoy, including the clever Quizmaster, the beautiful Penny Pound, the enigmatic Jersey Devil, and the magical MissTick. DeDe must also face personal challenges as she discovers the secrets of her late father and his connection to Skyboy -secrets that will affect Sky Girl's destiny. Purchase a copy here
What makes superheroes great
By Joe Sergi, author of Sky Girl and the Superheroic Adventures
I remember the day I fell in love with superheroes. …

When Will the Heaven Begin?

To be honest, I might be one of the very few people who have never heard of Ben Breedlove. However when I heard about Ben and this book, I knew I had to read his story. First off let me say well done to Ally Breedlove. I can not imagine writing a book about your sibling who passed away. Ally wrote the story and finished the book with the help from Ken Abraham.

After reading this book, I now know why Ally and the Breedlove family felt the need to share Ben's story. Like I said, my first introduction to Ben is with this book. Although reading this book, I got close to Ben and the Breedlove family. It was like I could feel Ben's infectious humor and kindness and I could not help but smile.

I thought I would cry my eyes out reading this book but this did not happen. The reason is because this book is a celebration of Ben's life. It is not about the difficult situation he found himself facing. This is a book that everyone should read. When Will the Heaven Begin? is a keeper!

Perfectly Matched

Book Summary Anna Olsen knows it's time to leave her sister's increasingly crowded house and start a life of her own. Following her sisters' examples, she becomes a mail-order bride, and after a short correspondence with clock maker and jeweler Edward Parker, she moves to Denver to become his wife. Almost immediately it's painfully apparent that Anna and Edward are very different. Anna is a free spirit who would rather be painting and enjoying the company of friends than cleaning house. Edward is a consummate perfectionist who, on their wedding day, hands Anna a list of chores that need to be done around the house daily.

Can this mismatched couple see past their differences to a harmonious future? Or will their disparate passions create obstacles neither is willing to surmount?

Maggie Brendan closes her Blue Willow Brides series with a heartwarming tale of true love despite misunderstanding, showing readers that God's timing is always perfect.

Review by Blanche Manc…

Sky Girl and the Superheroic Adventures

My review:

DeDe Christopher aka Sky Girl has it hard. Besides being a teenage girl, she also saves the world as Sky Girl. Her superhero persona. She is joined by her friend and side kick, Jason. This time Sky Girl will be fighting the Quizmaster, Penny Pound, Jersey Devil, MissTick, and SkyBoy.

This book is my first introduction to Mr. Sergi and his Sky Girl books. The other book is Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy. Please note however that these books can be read as stand alone novels. Each one meant to portray a different adventure that Sky Girl finds herself in.

I had an enjoyable time reading this book. It did read like a comic book story but in a good way. I could see the teen readers really getting into Sky Girl and these books. There is a good amount of action and adventure happening in this story. That it makes reading this book a breeze and fast. The storyline is believable as well. If you are into superhero book then you should check out this book for yourself. Sky Gir…

Speak out against domestic violence - FREE SPIRIT: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid by Joshua Safran

Note from Joshua: “The award-winning documentary Crime After Crime told the story of my seven-year struggle to free Deborah Peagler, a battered woman who was wrongfully imprisoned for more than 20 years. I was inspired to help her because of the years of abuse my mother and I endured at the hands of my stepfather when I was a boy. My representation of Deborah grew into a deep friendship, and she gave me the courage to finally write about those experiences in my memoir, FREE SPIRIT: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid. My biggest hope is that by telling my story, others will be inspired to speak up, and we can work together to end the wall of silence and finally break the cycle of violence.”

In recognition of October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month, we are proud to speak out with BookSparks, book lovers and author Joshua Safran against domestic violence.

Here's how you can speak out, too!
Post it: Post the Speak Out badge on your blog on October 24th along with th…

Hanging with Beverly and a Pirate

Thirteen-year-old Erik Burks’ life is falling apart. When he discovers a lace bra in the glove compartment of his dad’s car, his mom leaves his father and drags Erik from being king of the hill in Texas to the bottom of the pits in South Carolina. No Dad, no baseball, no friends, just Starry Knight (a girl who reads minds) and her equally weird brother, Stormy, the twins that live down the block.
Just when Erik thinks life can’t get any worse, while hanging out at the beach one evening, he and the twins notice lights radiating from the lighthouse. The only problem is the lighthouse was deactivated years ago. Stranger still, a ship materializes in the moonlit harbor. Curious, the twins and a reluctant Erik investigate and discover the ghost of a blockade runner, a phantom cat, and a pirate who prowls Charleston Harbor, all searching for rest.

A former nonbeliever in the existence of ghosts, Erik cannot deny the proof before him. And he has a revelation: The ghosts may be the answer to…

A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition

I can remember watching all of the Charlie Brown television specials and reading all of the comics. These were some of my favorite comics to read. I felt sorry for Charlie Brown. He never got to kick the football and Lucy was so mean to him. Of course Lucy was mean to everyone.

If you are a fan of Charlie Brown and the gang and of Charles M. Schulz then you have to pick up a copy of this book. You will relive your childhood again (trust me the best parts of it are here). It is amazing how the A Charlie Brown Christmas special came to be created. It almost did not. The original idea was formed from the documentary "A Boy Named Charlie Brown". Coca-Cola was not sold on the documentary but instead was looking for a Christmas special and thus A Charlie Brown Christmas was created.

This book gives a nice insight into Mr. Schulz's life, the comic, the characters, and everything else Charlie related. This book would make the perfect gift.

Check out the book here

Grave Descend is a deep sea adventure of a read.

James McGregor is a diver. He is the best at what he does. This is why when a multimillon dollar ship sinks, James is the go to man. The mission is simple...dive down to the site of the sunken ship and figure out why it sunk. However nothing is as simple as it seems at first glance. What is the ship owner hiding?James will have to hope that he gets out alive and not be turned into shark bait.

I flew through this book. It reminded me of the old, classic mystery stories that I grew up reading that made me fall in love with this genre. While the mystery is there, there are no real surprises to the storyline. However for me it was not so much about the story or who the famous author was but it was the characters. Instantly I connected with James. He is a quick thinker. He is like MacGyver.

Also I have to take a moment to comment on the book cover. I don't usually talk about book covers as they are not really what is important to me when it comes to choosing a book. It is all about t…

Our God Comes

To be honest, it has been a long while since I have listened to any gospel music. So when I saw this CD come across as an chance to review it, I decided to request it. Awesome CD. I loved all of the songs. They were all done great. The singers are nice to listen to and clear and understandable. The arrangement of the songs were good too. The songs are modern and can be enjoyed by all. If I am ever in Waco, Texas then I am going to check out this church. They are doing wonderful things.

Purchase a copy here
Check out Antioch


Nick and Tesla are brother and sister. Their parents have gone to Uzebkistan. They have sent Nick and Tesla to stay with their uncle for the summer. When they arrive they find their uncle covered in orange goo. He is a scientist. He tells Nick and Tesla that they are welcome to use his lab.

When Nick and Tesla go investigating the neighborhood, they find that they will have to get creative building gadgets to save themselves from mean dogs and bad guys. Think the movie Home Alone.

This book is a keeper. I read this book in 1 day. This book kind of reminded me of the choose your own adventure books. Not that this is one of those books but the fact that you can build some of the gadgets that Nick and Tesla use in the book makes it very interactive. You just may want to purchase two copies of this book. 1 to keep and 1 to give as a present. Besides you will want to keep a copy so that you can build all the cool gadgets. You know you will build them. This book brings back the little chi…


Since its video debut, Tanya Davis’s beautiful and perceptive poem, How to Be Alone - , visually realized by Andrea Dorfman, has become an international sensation, garnering over five million hits on YouTube.  Davis’s inspiring poem has now been adapted for print in a charming book, HOW TO BE ALONE (Harper; November 2013; Hardcover; $17.99), filled with lovely illustrations by Dorfman.

From sitting alone on a city park bench to going to the movies to eating by yourself in a fancy restaurant to dancing solo, Davis reveals the joy and fulfillment we can experience by being on our own.  This powerful poemcalms fears of being lonely and celebrates the act of being alone as a means of changing the way we view ourselves and the world.  Davis writes that being “alone is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.”  HOW TO BE ALONE is the perfect gift for those who have never been alone, or those who find themselves alone for the first time, or those who a…

Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade

Sarah is a searcher. She is about to partake in a very dangerous mission. One that has a very slim chance of Sarah returning. She will try and enter Castle Tierney. No one has ever returned from attempting this mission.

Tristan Doran is a keeper. He lives a pretty peaceful life. Thus is might be part of the reason that Tristan keeps Sarah prisoner when she is found.

I wanted to read this book as it is written by an author that I like. This is written at a different aspect from the current books that I have read by this author. You might be more familair by this author's other name, Andrea Cremer.

Just by looking at the book cover and the caption for the book, you would probably expect something along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey. While I have never read the Fifty Shades books, I have to tell you that this book is good. Also, don't be fooled by the cover as this book is not a true erotica in the sense that you might be expecting. Yes, it has sex in it but the two main …

A Reluctant Courtship

Book Summary

Honore Bainbridge has been courted by two men, one of whom turned out to be a traitor, the other a murderer. Banished to her family's country estate, where she will hopefully stay out of trouble, she finally meets the man she is sure is exactly right for her: Lord Ashmoor. Tall, dark, and handsome--what more could a girl ask for?

But he too is under suspicion because of his American upbringing and accusations that he has helped French prisoners escape from Dartmoor Prison. If he's to keep out of a British prison himself and secure his place in British society, Lord Ashmoor needs a wife beyond reproach--something the vexingly beautiful Honore certainly is not. Though they find themselves drawn to each other, family obligations may conspire to keep them apart forever.

For the sake of her heart, Honore determines to prove Ashmoor's innocence--even if doing so risks her own life.

From the first sentence, award-winning author Laurie Alice Eakes thrusts you into h…

The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a sweet treat!

Pru Daniels opens the door at her friend's house to see the one person she wished that she never saw again...Simon Howell. What was Pru thinking dating Simon. Witches and Vampire Demon Hunters do not mix. Well at least Pru taught Simon a lesson that he will not soon forget. Pru cursed Simon. Now Simon has a bit of a impotence problem. Don't mess with a witch. Or at least break up on friendly terms.

This is a quick read. This novella while only less than 67 pages long reads like a full length book. Reading this novella makes me want to read the next book that much faster. I love the humor that Cat brings to all her characters. Also, I have to comment and say that her witches and vampire demon hunters are some of the sexiest characters living in Vamptown.

Pru and Simon had no lack of chemistry. In fact, they had so much that they could melt the snow and make it steam. It was great to see Zoe again as well. The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a sweet treat!

No Dawn for Men: A Novel of Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Nazi Germany

Book Summary In 1938, Nazi Germany prepares to extend its reach far beyond its borders. The key to domination lies in a secret that would make their army not only unbeatable, but un-killable. MI-6, knowing that something potentially devastating is developing, recruits scholar and novelist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien to travel to Germany to find out what this might be, using the German popularity of his children’s novel THE HOBBIT as cover. Joining him there is MI-6 agent Ian Fleming, still years away from his own writing career but posing as a Reuters journalist. Together, Tolkien and Fleming will get to the heart of the secret – and they will face a fury greater than even their prodigious imaginations considered possible. Both an astounding work of suspense and a literary treasure trove to delight fans of either author, NO DAWN FOR MEN is a nonstop adventure. My Review While I am an avid reader, I have not read much of Fleming or Tolkien. While reading this book I got to know them be…

My Year as a Clown

·Title: My Year As a Clown
Genre: Popular Fiction
Author: Robert Steven Williams
Publisher: Against the Grain Press (December 26, 2012)
Pages: 312
Language: English
Silver Medal Winner for Popular Fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. With My Year as a Clown, Williams introduces us to Chuck Morgan, a new kind of male hero—imperfect and uncertain—fumbling his way forward in the aftermath of the abrupt collapse his 20-year marriage. Initially, Chuck worries he’ll never have a relationship again, that he could stand in the lobby of a brothel with a hundred dollar bill plastered to his forehead and still not get lucky. But as his emotionally raw, 365-day odyssey unfolds, Chuck gradually relearns to live on his own, navigating the minefield of issues faced by the suddenly single—new routines, awkward dates, and even more awkward sex. Edited by Joy Johannessen (Alice Sebold, Michael Cunningham, Amy Bloom), My Year As a Clown will attract fans of the new breed of n…

Be Fierce

The Tilted World

Book Summary
The Tilted World: A Novel Set against the backdrop of the historic 1927 Mississippi Flood, a story of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, dynamite and deluge-and a man and a woman who find unexpected love-from Tom Franklin, author of the bestselling Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, and his wife, Pushcart Prize-winning poet Beth Ann Fennelly

The year is 1927. As rains swell the Mississipp...moreSet against the backdrop of the historic 1927 Mississippi Flood, a story of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, dynamite and deluge-and a man and a woman who find unexpected love-from Tom Franklin, author of the bestselling Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, and his wife, Pushcart Prize-winning poet Beth Ann Fennelly

The year is 1927. As rains swell the Mississippi, the mighty river threatens to burst its banks and engulf all in its path, including federal revenue agent Ted Ingersoll and his partner, Ham Johnson. Arriving in the tiny hamlet of Hobnob,…

XO Orpheus" Fifty New Myths

I am not familiar with all of the myths in this collection. However I did have an enjoyable time reading this book. To be honest I did not read all of the stories. This is one of those books that you can randomly pick a few stories to read at a time and go back to reference to other stories again and again.

The stories in this book may seem like new twists on old, classic myth stories but they are not. Well not really in a way. They may be new from the ones you are familar with but the stories are more true to the original stories. I would call this collection of stories the "unedited" version. I have been introduced to so many new authors with this book. The layout of this collection was nice as well. It just flowed from one story to the next. If you are into mythology than you should check this book out.