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WAREHOUSE 13: A Touch of Fever

Secret Service Agents, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering have just come back from retrieving Anne Bonny’s cutlass. There was almost more of Pete than he would have liked. But he and Myka survived.

The brainy Artie has a lead on what could be another paranormal mission. The Whitman Brothers Carnival is in town. It seems that the carnival’s biggest claim to fame is Princess Nefertiti. Princess Nefertiti. When Pete and Myka discover where Princess Nefertiti’s healing powers come from, they must stop her before it is too late.

I have not watched Warehouse 13, though I have seen previews and wanted to check it out. After reading this book, I now more than ever really want to check this series out and plan to watch. I could tell that Mr. Cox really was excited to want to write a novel based on this series. This book read like the series than just a book based on the series. I started this book on my lunch and was already half way over before I realized that it was time to go back to work. Pete an…

I made a deal with the Devil and it all starts with Devil Without a Cause.

Faith McFarland has a little son named Noah. Noah has been diagnosed with cancer. While in the hospital chapel, Faith is approached by the last person she would ever expect. It is the Devil. The Devil wants to make a deal with Faith. If Faith will retrieve an item for him than the Devil will cure Noah. This is too good a deal for Faith to pass up. She agrees.

Long ago, rocker, Finn Payne made a deal with the Devil for his soul. Now the only thing keeping the Devil from taking Finn is a ring that he wears. Faith had every intention of taking the ring from Finn but that was before she got to know the real Finn. Now, these two much try to bargain with the Devil.

I have not read anything by author, Terri Garey. After literally devouring this book, I will be check out more of more of Terri Garey’s books. Devil Without a Cause is book one in the Devil’s Bargain series. While the music was good, Finn and Faith were even better together. They rocked and are meant for each other. Even their fi…


When Martha was just a young girl, her mother passed away. Since than, Martha has taken over the role as mother to her father, brother and little sister. Martha’s father has offered Martha to a nice young man as his wife. When the man takes another, Martha wonders if she will ever marry. As the years pass, Martha has settled with the idea that she will be an old maid. When love finally appears in front of Martha’s face, will she recognize it and accept it?

I have read many books that are based on women from the Bible, though it is not often that Jesus makes an appearance with his disciplines. Don’t be confused, just because this is a Christian novel, it is not preachy at all. In fact some readers might not like this book for that fact.

I could tell that Martha would be a great woman. She kept her father, brother and sister well looked after. She never questioned that she should be a young girl as long as she could. Martha was the glue that really held her family together after her moth…

More Than Words

In Compassion Can’t Wait, author Carly Phillips writes about Julia Caldwell. Julia is a social worker for Caridad del Cobre. She works with Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation. Currently Julia is dealing with one particular family. The Cortez family. There are two twin boys and one of them has cancer. Julia wants to do someone for Michael, the twin who is healthy. Michael is into baseball. Julia has just the mentor for Michael.

The last time Kyle Hansen saw Julia, she broke his heart. Though, Kyle would do anything for Julia. Will these two sweethearts find their second chance at love?

In Donna Hill’s Someplace Like Home, Verna Scott runs Someplace Like Home. It is a facility that youth can come to get help, food, and shelter. While at a press conference, Verna is approached by Ronald Morris. Ronald is a guidance counselor. These two are dedicated to their work. The more time that they spend together, the hotter things start to heat up between them.

Finally in Jill Shalvis’s What the He…

Warning…Before You Go To Sleep…do not start this book or you will be up all night due to lack of sleep as this book is that amazing!

Christine Lucas awakes to find a strange man in the bed next to her. This is not the most shocking thing. The scary thing is that Christine has aged about twenty years. It just so happens that the guy in the bed is Christine’s husband, Ben.

About twenty years ago, Christine was in an accident and has a very rare form of amnesia. Christine can not remember the past nor form memories of the present. Dr. Nash is a neurophysiologist. He is trying to help Christine piece together her life. Dr. Nash instructs Christine to keep a journal. As Christine goes back to reading her journal she reads an entry that has her fearing for her life. It reads “Don’t trust Ben”.

I was so captivated by this book that I blocked everything else out around me for about an hour and a half. This is how longest it took me to read this book from cover to cover. I could not get enough of what was happening to Christine. This book had the feel of Misery mixed with a Lifetime movie. I say a Lifetime movie because when …

Astride a Pink Horse, Dr. Greer, and a Mongoose =Giveaway

In anticipation of Dr. Robert Greer's new book, Astride a Pink Horse, I wante to share with you an interview that the Denver Post, a newspaper in Colorado did with Dr. Greer. Also. thanks to Caitlin, I have a copy of THE MONGOOSE DECEPTION to give away to one lucky reader. Open to US and Canada only. Ends June 30th. Thank you and enjoy.

Robert Greer
is the author of the CJ Floyd mystery series, The Devil’s Hatband, The Devil’s Red Nickel, The Devil’s Backbone, Resurrecting Langston Blue, The Fourth Perspective, The Mongoose Deception, Blackbird, Farewell, and the prequel, First of State. In addition, he is the author of a collection of short stories, Isolation and Other Stories and two medical thrillers, Limited Time and Heat Shock, and the novel, SPOON, which among other honors won The Colorado Book Award in Literature in 2010. His short stories have appeared in numerous national literary magazines and two short story anthologies showcasing western fiction. He founded the High Pla…

The Bronze and the Brimstone

Review by Nancy
Review of: The Lens and the Looker AND The Bronze and the Brimstone by Lory S. Kaufman

Hansum was a teenager of the usual sort; rude, impish and not particularly concerned with his future or the consequences of his present. That all changed when he was teleported off to History Camp. History Camp is a handy time out for teens who need to “get a grip”. It is supposed to show the kids how much better it is in the 24th Century. There he meets Shamira and Lincoln both hard cases as well.

Hansum’s mom is a History Camp Elder so he kinda has a clue about what’s going on . He also has smuggled a genie on a voyage. Pan, the genie, promises to help the three raise a bit of hell while they’re away from home – and that’s when everything goes to, well, to hell in a handbasket. The enactors at their camp try their best to make it work, but the kids don’t like 14th Century Verona, Italy and don’t care who knows it. Along with Pan, they cause enough trouble to end up in 14th Century Ver…


Emma Guthrie went from being a nobody to the wife of famous actor, Garrett Walker. Emma was just an personal assistant helping on a film set. Garrett is the leading actor in the movie. IT seemed that Garrett took a liking to Emma right away. Though, Emma did not accept Garrett’s invitations for a while. It was not long after Garrett and Emma starting dating that things got really serious fast. Before Emma knew it, she was Mrs. Garrett Walker. Now Emma has to contend with the paparazzi. After seven years of marriage, Emma discovers by accident that Garrett is cheating on her. Emma heads to Mexico to get away. There she meets sexy, surf instructor Ben.

This book was a nice surprise. I was kind of expecting the characters in this book to be self-centered and one dimensional. Instead, I found that I was rooting for Emma all the way. The part when she met Ben reminded me of Jan Porter’s Flirting with Forty book. It was fun, charming and I wanted Ben and Emma to get together. Though, Garret…

Mr. Singer does it again.

Professor Kumari and his business partner, Rajat have developed a program that tons of business owners would kill for. In fact that is exactly what happens when a business meeting goes south, Kumari finds himself on the run and a wanted man.

Professional bail bondsman, Clark Shealy finds himself in a situation that he can not lose. Some really evil and desperate men have kidnapped Clark’s wife. Clark only has forty eight hours to track down and turn Kumari into the men. Just how much is another person’s life worth?

Attorney Jamie Brock uncovers some shocking surprises with her latest case.

Mr. Singer does it again. He brings the drama, powerful story line and good characters in False Witness. If you have never read a Randy Singer novel, you have lived under a rock as you don’t know what you are missing out on. This book starts out with a big bang…literally. To be honest, while I did enjoy reading this book, I found Clark’s story more interesting than when the story changed to Jamie at …

'The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making' = Giveaway

"Twelve-year-old September lives in Omaha, and used to have an ordinary life, until her father went to war and her mother went to work. One day, September is met at her kitchen window by a Green Wind (taking the form of a gentleman in a green jacket), who invites her on an adventure, implying that her help is needed in Fairyland. The new Marquess is unpredictable and fickle, and also not much older than September. Only September can retrieve a talisman the Marquess wants from the enchanted woods, and if she doesn?t . . . then the Marquess will make life impossible for the inhabitants of Fairyland. September is already making new friends, including a book-loving Wyvern and a mysterious boy named Saturday.

With exquisite illustrations by acclaimed artist Ana Juan, Fairyland lives up to the sensation it created when the author first posted it online. For readers of all ages who love the charm of Alice in Wonderland and the soul of The Golden Compass, here is a reading experience unto…

Verita...Time spent reading these will make your summer!

Review by Nancy
Most 16 year olds are out for fun, grades, best friends, boys/girls and movies. Not Brett Bradbury. Brett, an orphan following her parents’ death in a plane crash, the un-friending by her best friend and the dumping by her boyfriend; has decided to take a huge life-altering step. She is going to Verita.

Verita is a life-sustaining planet similar to Earth but virtually unknown. Brett and many others are going to be colonizing Verita and will be taught a skill during space travel. So – when Brett arrives on Verita she is not only really 316 years old but a trained biologist. She is assigned a team of three others and together they use their skills to learn more about their new home.

She doesn’t count on falling in lust with a guard named Brody. She doesn’t count on dealing daily with Ryan. Ryan is a botanist on her team and he is not easy to deal with. He is miffed when she is appointed team leader, he is miffed when she befriends a creature they call a “meerkit”. Ryan is b…

We, Robots is worth your time to check out.

AV-1 “Avey” is sitting on the shelves at Wal-Mart, when a family purchases him. They take Avey home to help do housework. The family has a little girl named, Angelina. It isn’t long before Avey and Angelina become close friends. Can a robot and a human really co-exist?

This story is told by AV-1, a robot otherwise known as Avey. He tells everything in the first person. I thought this was a fun book. Though, the first chapter or two was too deep for me. The author really went into lots of detail explaining what singularity meant to a robot and the lingo of a robot. When I meant over my head, I really mean that I understood what was being said but I really wanted to get to the meat of the story. If you can hold on for a little bit until you get pass this part, than you will enjoy this book. I liked Avey. To me, whether Avey went through the procedure to feel or not, Avey was still human like to me. We, Robots is worth your time to check out.

Dave Matthews Band – 20 Years on the Road

Review by Nancy
When you want someone to write a biography it’s handy to have a journalist as a groupie. Nikki Van Noy is just the person. She has followed DMB from 1996 to present and has tales to tell.

Dave Matthews was a virtually unknown bartender in Charlottesville in the 80’s when his playing started to gain attention. Dave had the charisma and the skills to pull together a group of musicians (some came and left, others came and stayed) into what would be known as Dave Matthews Band. He gathered LeRoi Moore who played until his death with Dave and drummer Carter Beauford who can “move his arms at the speed of light” while blowing bubble gum. Later joined by violinist extraordinaire Boyd Tinsley, DMB was on its way.

Back of all this were the fans. Van Noy’s book deals with the fans, the groupies, the backers of DMB and she tells her stories from her own perspective. However, I felt that something was missing…I like DMB and was anxious to get the book going but it was not what I expe…

Double Take

Madison Van Buren is tried of having her future being chosen by her parents. It is spring break. A time when Madison is suppose to have fun and get a break from thinking about her future. It is just Madison and the maid left at home. Madison jumps in her car and heads west. Madison has no plans. She just knows she needs to get away.

Anne Fisher lives in Amish Country. She is at an age, where the Amish allow the teens to make up their minds, if they want to leave or stay and embrace the Amish life. On her way to her Aunt's house to help deliver her baby, Anne meets Madison. Madison notices how very similar that she and Anne look and could pass as twins. She comes up with the idea that for one week, they switch lives. Madison and Anne will discover the answer to the question..." Is the grass greener on the other side?"

Double Take is the second book I have read by Melody Carlson. Mrs. Carlson writes for the teen readers. Though, I am not a teen, I do enjoy these books. She…

Breaking Silence will have you losing track of time!

Chief Kate Burkholder receives a call. It appears that there are three bodies out on the Slabaugh farm. At first it seems an unfortunate accident that Mr. Slabaugh, his wife and his brother fell into the manure pit and died of lack of oxygen. Though, after the autopsy report is finished, it seems that the Slabaugh’s deaths were the result of foul play. Luckily for Kate, she will not be alone when she solves this triple murder. She is joined by her lover, FBI agent John Tomasetti.

Breaking Silence if book three in author, Linda Castillo’s Amish mystery series. I really enjoy this series. Chief Kate Burkholder is great at her job. She has this mixture of being personable and hard headed, that just makes me like her all the more. It was great to see John again. He and Kate are good together. Though, they did not spend much time together romantically. There is just something about Amish country and the people there that really help to add to the suspense of this series. Maybe it is because…

Beg for Mercy+Giveaway

Megan Flynn and Detective Cole Williams used to be a couple. This is until Cole arrested her brother for murder. Now Megan’s brother, Sean is sitting in prison awaiting execution. Megan does not believe that Sean is a murderer, despite all the evidence pointing to him.

When a teen phones in a call of a dead body, Cole and Megan are once again reunited. When the murder victim’s wounds are similar to the ones of the woman that Sean was accused of murdering, Megan tries to convince Cole that he got the wrong man, three years ago. Cole does not believe Megan. Megan realizes that she will have to take matters into her own hands if she wants to prove her brother’s innocence.

Beg for Mercy is the first book I have read by this author. This book had the right amount of suspense and romance. Though be warned if you have a weak stomach and can not handle a lot of gore and blood. The killings are kind of heinous. It was funny that Megan was able to pick up on a simple clue between her brother’s ca…

Jane was Here and she is here to stay!

Jane does not remember much about her past. Only that the town of Graynier seems familiar to her somehow. When Jane arrives in town, she meets Brett. Brett is renting out a home for the summer. It just so happens that it is the home that Jane lived in or the place that she thinks she lived in. Jane ends up staying with Brett until she can piece together her past and who she really is. With Jane’s appearance comes a dark secret that some of the towns folk don’t want uncovered and will do anything to keep hidden.

When I first picked up this book and read the summary, I though ok this sounds like an interesting book. Boy, I did not know how interesting it really was going to be. Jane was a very multi dimensional character, who kept me guessing as to what her real story was. I got to know that story the further that I read. It was slowly fed to me bit by bit. There was a curve ball that I did not see coming. Though, once I was hit by it, it actually made sense. I don’t want to give away an…

Seventh Star Press Acquires H. David Blalock's New Urban Fantasy Series,

Seventh Star Press is proud to announce the acquisition of The Angelkiller
Triad, a provocative new urban fantasy series, as H. David Blalock becomes
a member of the publishing company's growing family of authors.

The acquisition comes right on the heels of the addition of D.A Adams'
fantasy series, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, and follows a strong run of
releases that has seen titles such as Jackie Gamber's Redheart (YA
fantasy) and Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall (heroic fantasy) meet with a very
warm reception from reviewers and readers alike. It is yet another strong
testament to Seventh Star Press's committment to releasing quality titles
exhibiting many facets of speculative fiction.

H. David Blalock commented on his recent partnership with SSP. "I am
excited about doing the Angelkiller series with Seventh Star, and honored
to be in such talented company. I just hope I can keep up with this
high-energy group!"

The first book introduces Jonah Mason, the oldest, and most…

Get lucky with Lucky O'Toole

When a woman takes a nose dive from a helicopter into the middle of the pirate show at Treasure Island, this can only spell bad news for Lucky O’Toole. Lucky is the head of Customer Relations at the grand Babylon in Las Vegas. This is because the helicopter that the woman came out of belonged to the Babylon. Now Lucky must solve a murder before her luck runs out.

Author Deborah Coonts is a new voice in the mystery genre. She introduces readers to Lucky O’Toole. Lucky is one tough cookie. She is the right woman for the job. When, she calls the shots, you better watch out. Unfortunately, if it was not for Lucky, this book was middle of the road for me…alright. The rest of the characters kind of took a back side to Lucky in making an impression on me. Don’t expect the characters to be serious. This book was on the cozy mystery aspect of the spectrum but with kooky characters and story line. Reading this book did make me think of a Vegas show in a good way. While, I did think that there we…

Demons Prefer Blondes

When the Infernati attack, Rafe’s sister sending a special chest to Earth. Now it is up to Rafe to retrieve the chest before the Infernati find it and use it to control Earth. Rafe does not like Earth. Hopefully, he can find the chest and get back as soon as possible. One thing that Rafe did not count on was meeting Lucy.

Lucy’s friend, Serah brings a chest for Lucy to interpret. It is locked but there is writing on the chest. It is written in Latin. The writing mentions that only by the blood of a demon can the chest be opened and with the opening of the chest will arise a horde of demons. Shortly afterwards, Lucy meets Rafe. This is when the sparks fly.

If you are looking for something deliciously, tempting to read this summer, than you should pick up a copy of Demons Prefer Blondes. Though, I would rather the book be called…Demons Prefer Brunettes. Rafe is one sexy demon. He is eye candy. I have not met a hotter demon/succubus couple than Rafe and Lucy. One thing thought that I would…

Virgin is the cat’s meow!

Dax is probably one of the last Zetithian males to not have a mate. This is only because Dax has his eyes on Ava. Funny though as Ava does not seem to be interested in Dax. Zetithian males have the ability to make any woman fall for them that is except for Ava.

When Ava hitches a ride on Dax’s ship, Dax may finally have his opportunity to win Ava over. Unfortunately for Dax, Ava is heading back to an old boyfriend. Dax has until they land to try and convince Ava that he is the man for her.

Virgin is the latest book in Cheryl Brook’s the Cat Star Chronicles series. I just love every one of these books. I just devour them. Virgin is the cat’s meow! It is purrrfect. It was refreshing to find a woman who did not instantly succumb to the Zetithian male’s charms and aroma. Dax was a surprise. To find a Zetithian male that was more a virgin than the woman he was pursuing. This actually helped as I could picture Dax and Ava making a good couple together. Another surprise was Kot. Kot is a robot…

The Mistress's Revenge

Sally and Clive had an affair for five years. Sally can remember the night that Clive told her that the affair was over. She had arrived at the restaurant for dinner and she had barely one arm out of her sleeve when Clive informed her that he was giving his wife another chance. Things just go from bad to worse Sally writes Clive and than she becomes friends on facebook with Clive’s wife and daughter. As if that was not bad enough, Sally even goes to the coffee shop that Clive’s son works at. Soon, Sally is having lunch with Clive’s wife and daughter. She even learns that Clive’s daughter is expecting her first child. How do you stop someone, who is bent on destroying you?

This book is told in the first person by Sally. She tells everything as if she was writing journal entries and explaining why she does the things she does. While I found this book to be creepy in a good way, I didn’t like Clive anyways and thus did not care what Sally did to him or his family. His wife was self center…


The Bedtime book for Dogs is a cute, quick read. It is about a dog, it has no name but all you need to know is it is a good dog. Well this dog wanted to go for a walk but there was no one there to walk the dog. The dog decided to go for a walk himself. The dog played in the park and found interesting things like a squirrel but again there was no one there to share the news with. The dog realizes just how much he misses his owner and heads back home. His owner is there to greet him and tell the dog that he is good for coming home and gives the dog a treat. The End.

The illustrations were nicely done. They were bright and I like that the wall paper was dog bone themed. The squirrel’s reactions to the dog were funny. This book is meant for any dog…small or big. This is because the dog in this book has no name but it could be any dog. I give the Bedtime Book for Dogs three paws.…


Felix Acevedo is nineteen. Though you might not know it as Felix is mentally challenged. Felix is arrested for the rape and murder of two women and attempted rape on another woman. Poor Felix, he doesn’t know what he is doing, when he confesses to the murders. Fortunately for Felix, District Attorney Butch Karp also believes that Felix is innocent. To prove Felix’s innocence, Butch will have to go into the slums.

I was literally hooked after reading the third chapter. Though, the story really picked up about the eighth chapter. This is when Felix was arrested and confessed. Poor Felix. I felt sorry for him. He was just trying to do the right thing but telling the authorities what he thought they wanted to hear. I found it interesting the way he would remember bits of the conversation told to him by the authorities that got them to twist the facts that Felix was knowledgeable about the crimes like…a knife was used, the victim used her right elbow to defend herself and one of the vics wa…

A Scream of Angels

Review by Nancy

The second book in the Templar Chronicles, A Scream of Angels essentially begins where The Heretic left off, just a few months difference. Knight Commander Cade Williams has been spending a lot of time Beyond, searching for Gabrielle, his murdered wife. When found, he is in very bad shape and isn’t expected to live but, somehow, one of the team, Sgt. Sean Duncan, appears to have healed him. However Sean doesn’t think he did.

On the hunt for a new group of supernaturals, Cade and his team are forced to enter a place of pure evil – inhabited by an angel. What the Angel wants is beside the point, it’s what Echo Team delivers to him that is crucial. And the means of that deliverance couldn’t be more prophetic.

An exciting tale what will more than hold your interest while scaring you to pieces! The Templar Chronicles will reel you in and doesn’t let go until it’s all over. This could be a sensation on the screen and I hope it makes it there. Hollywood couldn’t write an…

Pompelli: City on Fire

Ariella has been a slave of Valerius for nine years. When Ariella spots an opportunity to escape, she takes it. Now, she must find a way to stay hidden within the city. Ariella come sup with the idea to become a gladiator. It is highly unlikely that Valerius will ever think to look for Ariella within the gladiator area.

Cato was being encouraged to run in the political election against the evil, Maius. Cato wanted no part in politics. Cato would rather perfect his craft as a wine maker. Though, when Maius makes things person involving Cato’s sister, Cato has no choice but to get revenge on Maius.

Pompelli: City on Fire is the latest book in T.L. Higley’s Seven Wonders of the World series. I have read almost every book in this series. Each book focus on a different biblical wonder. This book features the city of Pompelli and the volcano, Vesuvius that destroyed the city. I really liked Ariella’s story. She was a strong character. It was nice to get to see her grow from a young girl int…

Peter and the Vampires

Peter Normal, his sister, Beth and their mom are moving. Peter’s mom lost her job. They move in with Peter’s grandfather. Peter’s grandfather is crazy and there is nothing to do here. His grandfather owns no television and makes him go to bed early. Luckily for Peter, he meets Dill. Peter’s grandfather warns Peter not to go into the garden. There is a reason for it. It is late at night and Dill and Peter go wandering down in to the garden. They can not help themselves. They are ten year old boys. There they meet something that scares the wits out of them. Now they know why Peter’s grandfather warned Peter not to go into the garden. It is not long after that Peter and Dill start noticing strange things happening in town and to some of the people.

Peter and the Vampires by Darren Pillsbury is the first book in this series that features young, Peter. This series is geared towards younger readers but even teens and adults can get into this series. Warning as you will fall for Peter and Di…

The Gift of Illusion

Review by Nancy

Once up on a time, there was an odd man who was an Illusionist. Not a Magician, that’s a whole other thing. An Illusionist does more than slight of hand, he is the slight of hand. Lucius tortured people in his basement to see how they died and then he burned the bodies. It appears that Lucius may have returned.

Isaac Walker lost his wife sixteen years ago and has raised his daughter alone. Done a good job, too. But now, someone is trying to kill Isaac and Amy and many others as well. It all began when Lori Ackerman burns to death in here room. Followed by her mother in a motel room and her father in a truck.

Obviously, something has gone wrong and Isaac knows it’s up to him to sort it all out and make it go away. That’s where things get a bit more odd, whatever is torching people wants Isaac – alive. The why would be a spoiler and we certainly won’t do that but I do recommend your picking up this short story and keeping the lights on while you read it.

Confessions of a Call Center Gal

Maddy decides to come visit her friend Karsynn in Pocatello, Idaho for a mini vacation. Since, she has nothing better to do, as she is unemployed. Just her lot, she and Kar end up getting jobs as Customer Service Representatives for Lightning Speed Communications. Maddy and Kar had to go through about six weeks of training. Before you knew it, they were ready to take phone calls. It was not long before Maddy started rethinking if the money was worth the headaches…the cussing callers, the constant need to want to stick her head in an oven, etc. The only bright spot was Mika. He was Maddy’s co-worker. Maddy had a crush on him.

My favorite moments were when Maddy was talking to customers and her diary entries. I could totally relate. I was a call center rep for five years. The irate callers, the urges to give up and wanting to throw your head into an oven, the required verification process that just seemed to make the caller that more upset and finally the “Not Ready Button”. If you remem…

Break the Skin

Laney is barely an adult, when she leaves her home and moves in with thirty five years old, Delilah. Delilah and Laney work together as the grocery store. Soon, Delilah and Laney become friends. It is not long after that; the women have a third room mate join them. Her name is Rose. Things seem to be going alright until that one fatal night.

Miss Baby runs a tattoo shop. She has been burned by more men, than she would care to like. When a stranger appears, Miss Baby welcomes the man into her world. But who is he and where did he come from? These are questions that Miss Baby chooses to ignore.

Mr. Lee Martin is a new to me author. I thought that is was a good book. Though, I must admit that there was something about Miss. Baby that I liked more than Laney. With Miss. Baby, I got a woman, who had lived and had a lot of life experiences. Plus, she was more inviting to get to know. While, Laney was less experienced but an alright story teller. This book reminded me of watching a soap oper…

Online E-VENT (Steve Berry)


SHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN for a good cause!

Timothy Hallinan, the Edgar-nominated author, invited a number of authors to participate in the first ever charity e-book anthology. The book is called SHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN, and 100% of the money raised from sales goes directly to the 2011 Japan Relief Fund through the Japan America Society of Southern California. Twenty of us donated short stories that touch on some aspect of Japan or Japanese culture. Mine is entitled "Coolie", and is set directly in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The book sells on Kindle for $3.99, and I hope you'll consider purchasing it. If, like me, you don't own a Kindle, you can download the software for your PC or Mac for free from Amazon. Here's the link to SHAKEN.

That Certain Summer is a fun, light-hearted, summer read.

Sally Grimes receives a once in a lifetime opportunity. She gets the chance to write Diane Fenwick’s memoir. Diane was a famous actress. Diane lives out in the quiet country side in Connecticut. This is where Sally will be staying, while she writes Diane’s story. Sally is joined by Diane’s twin children, Alec and Megan. Sally may not have romance in her plans but she just might have to pencil it in, when she meets the handsome Ricardo. Ricardo works for Mr. Morley-Watts as his gardener.

That Certain Summer is a fun, light-hearted, summer read. The characters in this book are like visiting with good friends. While I must admit that I am not a Gatsby fan, I did get the Gatsby feel from this book. Diane was an intriguing character. Her twin children, Megan and Alec were charming but a bit spoiled at times. I liked Mr. Morley-Watts, the little of him that I got to know. Ricardo was witty, charming, good looking, smart and a guy that I could see Sally falling for. That Certain Summer is a d…

Lonely Deceptions

Nick Davis works at Lou-Paul Machine Shop. One day while walking by his boss’s office, he hears his boss talking to something on the phone. The conversation has nick replaying it in his mind. It is odd. When Nick’s boss gives Nick some blue prints to hold on it, Nick does not think anything is up until he uncovers something within the blue prints. At this point, Nick is now caught in the middle of a battle, where only the smart survive.

While, I did like this book, I felt that Mr. Willis added all the things he liked about thriller/suspense novels into this book at the same time. There was the intrigue, the shady characters, the hidden agenda and the protagonist. There was not a lot of the build up to the suspense. I was quickly introduced to characters without a lot of detail. Than like in the next scene, the characters’ identities would be revealed. Nick tried to come off as tough but I didn’t buy it. Nick was not the kick butt type of guy but more of a brainiac. I did feel like Mr.…

Alyson Noel's Immortals Giveaway

In celecration of author, Alyson Noel's beloved Immortal series and the release of thefinal book, Everlasting. I am giving away a copy ot one lucky winner. US and Canada only. Winner will be chosen June 11th. Please share why you like this series with your email address. Thank you

Their epic love story has captured the hearts of millions and enchanted readers across the world. In this beautiful finale, their journey draws to a spectacular conclusion—where all will be revealed.

Their darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest—to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body. If they can just find the antidote, they’ll finally be able to feel each other’s touch—and experience the passionate night they’ve been longing for. But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet…into the dark heart of Summerland.

Here in a land of scorched earth and endless rain, Ever and Damen will discover their relationship’s…

Alice in Corporateland

Alice is all grown up. Only, she did not end up with a happy ending. No, she was married but that ended. Alice has to go out into the corporate world and get a j-o-b. Yes, Alice is no longer in wonderland. Alice awakes to the white rabbit exclaiming that Alice was late for her interview. That is ok, says the rabbit as he knows a short cut. Alice follows and ends up in a world full of responsibilities, co-workers, and a boss. Oh, poor Alice.

This book was like stepping back into wonderland but only this wonderland was scarier. All the things that Alice had to encounter like…sexual harassment, down grading, and an evil boss. Alice in Corporateland incorporates some of the experiences that author, Joan Wendland encounters herself in the corporate world. I got a whole new look at the characters of this beloved story. The white rabbit was quite the pervert. I did not blame Alice for wanting out. This book gives a funny look into the world of employment.

After All is Said and Done

review by Nancy
Two couples who seem to have it all. Two sets of physicians who, unfortunately, can’t seem to heal themselves. One tiny baby in the midst of chaos he couldn’t even begin to understand. Five lives torn apart.

In After All is Said and Done, Belinda Buchanan touches on many topics. Fidelity is one and there was a serious lack of that prior to the beginning of this tale. Honesty? Out the window. Secrets? Went with honesty.

Jessica Harrington had an affair with her husband’s clinic partner’s hubby. They have moved past that with the soon to appear baby Jess is expecting. Ethan, Jess’ husband is content in his free clinic work and Sarah Williams, his clinic partner has forgiven her husband, Gavin as well. Until something happens that changes all their lives forever – the baby. Ryan comes a tad early but is fine. The adults aren’t so lucky.

Ryan is Gavin’s son. A one-night stand long after the affair supposedly ended. Everyone wants him but Ethan most of all. His …

Double Trouble with Liv Bergen

A young college girl is found mutilated.

FBI Agent Streeter Pierce is assigned to the case. He is joined by Liv “Boots” Bergen. She knew the victim. He is also joined by Liv’s former classmate turned FBI profiler, Lisa Henry. As the three of them investigate the murder, they discover that they are dealing with a serial killer known as De Milo. The killer was nicked named this as it would seem that he was basing his murders around the artist artwork. The hunt is on to find the killer before one or all of them are the next subjects in De Milo’s piece.

In the Belly of Jonah is the first book I have read by author, Sandra Brannan. It is also the first Liv Bergen novel. These types of books are my favorite to read. I really was stumped as to who the identity of the serial killer was, until the end. I like FBI Agent Streeter. It is not this stuck up, ego type. He does not have to flaunt that he is FBI. He earns respect over time every where he goes. Liv may not be a FBI agent but she can sti…


Agata “Aggie” Borkowski loves her grandpa, Bernie. He teaches her so many interesting things. One of the things that Aggie’s grandfather teaches her is that heroes do not just live in comic books. Aggie’s grandfather tells a story of how he once met Superman back when he was in the military. This was back in 1951. He was stuck in the middle of a field mine. He didn’t think that he would make it out alive. Suddenly, he heard a voice and there was Superman. He helped lead Aggie’s grandfather to safety.

Aggie shares with Glenda, a classmate that her dream is to be the leader of a nine group team of heroes that fight for good. Aggie drew her inspiration from the X-men, other comics, and her grandpa’s story of meeting Superman. Aggie’ names her group…Aggie’s Nine Heroes. Some of the things that the heroes will do is stop kids from being bullied, rescue lost animals, etc.

This book is broken into several different books. In Book One: The Ten Year old with a plan, readers meet Aggie as a littl…

Odd Jobs

Kevin Davenport works at Kosher World. Kevin is definitely the new guy. With the status of “new guy”, Kevin is tested. Kevin has a knack for fighting. He is good at it. When Kevin beats up one of the big guys, Kevin earns respect. With this new respect comes an invitation into the dirty world of crime. We are not talking petty crime but mobster style crime. Will Kevin be in over his head?

All I have to say is that I am glad I am not in Kevin’s shoes. Working at Kosher World would not only be considered an odd job but one of the worst jobs that you would never want to work at. You have to have a stomach of iron to work at a place like this. A warning to the wise…”Don’t go drinking the night before or you could go puking your cookies into a barrel of cow parts”. Kevin learned this lesson the hard way. I did like this book, I just did not embrace it as much as the other readers that read this book. The characters were bad guys but they were cold and I didn’t have any feelings toward them …

Beaten, Seared, and Sauced is the perfect appetizer for any foodie!

When Jonathan Dixon was thirty eight. Which was just a few years ago, he decided to pursue a new, exciting and somewhat scary challenge. He was going to enroll at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Jonathan had shared a love for food. He was a former writer for Martha Stewart Living magazine after all. Though, Mr. Dixon quickly learned that even the simplest of things like buttering meat or cutting fish is harder than you would think. There is an art form to what you are taught at CIA.

This book was a very, insightful and fun look into the world of the CIA. Chef Gerard Viverito, the fish instructor was one of my favorite instructors. This is funny as most of the students there will tell you that he is one of the most feared instructors there. He can make a grown man cry. After reading this book, you might have better luck becoming a CIA agent than graduating the Culinary Institute of America and becoming a chef. This school is not as easy as baking a pie. Mr. Dixon did a very, g…

The Gray Zone...Just what the doctor ordered!

Kelly Jensen had a horrible life growing up. Her mother was murdered when she was little and Kelly was bounced around from foster home to foster home. When she was fifteen, Kelly was a runaway. It was on the streets that she met her husband. She thought, he would e her knight in shining armor and she would live happily ever after. She was quick to learn, he was her worst nightmare.

Jake Brooks is an attorney. He was also friends with Porter. So when Porter is found murdered in a hotel room, he will do anything to find justice for his friend. Though, Jake will soon learn that he may not have known Porter as well as he thought he did. What happens when Kelly and Jake’s world collide together?

I would say that The Gray Zone is more of a psychological thriller than a suspense/mystery. This book was just what the doctor ordered. I needed to read something like this. The last few books I have read have been fair but nothing that got me overly excited. I was wondering if I would find a book th…


Seventh Star Press is proud to announce the acquisition of The Angelkiller Triad, a provocative new urban fantasy series, as H. David Blalock becomes a member of the publishing company's growing family of authors.

The acquisition comes right on the heels of the addition of D.A Adams' fantasy series, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, and follows a strong run of releases that has seen titles such as Jackie Gamber's Redheart (YA fantasy) and Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall (heroic fantasy) meet with a very warm reception from reviewers and readers alike. It is yet another strong testament to Seventh Star Press's committment to releasing quality titles exhibiting many facets of speculative fiction.

H. David Blalock commented on his recent partnership with SSP. "I am excited about doing the Angelkiller series with Seventh Star, and honored to be in such talented company. I just hope I can keep up with this high-energy group!"

The first book introduces Jonah Mason, the oldes…

The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil is a must read!

Adam and Eva Langston have come a long way from where they both grown up in the slums of Washington, D.C. They have three children, a nice house, cars and they are being in the money. Well they were bringing in the money. This is until Adam was let go from his job. Now with the recession, they are trying to survive on a one person income. When Eva’s boss, Shay-Shaunte makes an offer to Eva, she must choose whether to make the deal with the devil.

What Eva and Adam were going through is what is currently happening to people in the real world. This is what made this book so good. I could relate literally to Eva and Adam’s situation. Of course, I am lucky that I don’t have to make the choice that Eva and Adam had to make with Shay-Shaunte. Though, the devil can appear in many different forms and with many different temptations. This was surprising to me that this book was based around the devil and the Bible somewhat. I was not expecting this. This was a nice surprise. I was rooting for E…