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With Autumn's Return

Review by Blanche Mancuso

Author Amanda Cabot captures Wy in the late 1880's and gives you insight to
the prejudice that women had to suffer.  Her vibrant characters, Dr. Elizabeth
Harding and lawyer Jason Nordling take you through the joys and pains of
trying to help Dr. Harding establish her practice in a town who won't accept a
woman as a doctor.

Elizabeth and Jason find romance as Jason helps her find the elusive patients
she needs.  You will be shocked to find out where Elizabeth's first patient
comes  from and how this leads her to more patients danger and intrigue.

I find Elizabeth to be a strong woman with high morals and dedication to her
profession  Jason is the reluctant gentleman who finds a woman that he
realizes he would like to know on a  more intimate relationship

I fell in love with the characters and story line of this novel.  I would
highly recommend taking the journey through the streets of Wy in the 1800's
with Elizabeth and Jason.

This book needs to come with a warning...Game Slave is addicting!

Ok, folks forget the vampires, werewolves, fairies, and zombies. Hold on before you start yelling "What the heck, I love Team Edward." I have something better for you...first person gamer books. Yes, for all those geeks, both male and female, and both console or computer then you are probably already familiar with these books but for the rest of the readers out there you need to get familiar with these books. The best part about reading these books is that it is like you are part of the game and not just a spectator.

Well let me tell you that Game Slave is right up there as a really good book. To be honest, I was first drawn to this book by the cover. It is eye-catching and reminds me of a video game cover, which I am sure was the whole idea. I wanted to read this book just from the cover and the book title alone. I did not really care about what the book was about as I knew it was a first player gamer book.

I flew through this book. It is like when you pick up a new game …

Dare to Love Again

Review by Blanche Mancuso

Author, Julie Lessman captures the essence of early America in San Francisco Barbary Coast. Beware as corruption runs rampant. The McClare family lives on Nob Hill. Allison  McClare wants to show her independence. So she starts a school for the underprivileged. Detective Nick Barone is hired to keep an eye on Allison. However the more time that Nick spends with Allison, the deeper he falls in love with her.

This book is the second book in the Heart of San Francisco series by Julie Lessman. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. I really enjoyed reading about Allison and Nick. They were good together. Plus, I liked reading about San Francisco Barbary Coast. When you have so much fun reading a book like this then time flies as it did for me. Dare to Love Again is a must read book!

Wicked After Midnight

Before Demi met Criminy, she was just a normal "human" college student. That all changed six years ago. Criminy to save Demi's life, turned her into a blud. Demi has grown bored as a performer in Criminy's Clockwork Caravan. Criminy agrees to let Demi leave the caravan along with her friend, Cherie. Things don't go as planned when Cherie is kidnapped. Demi is lost in a new world and her friend has gone missing. There is one bright spot in Demi's world. His name is Vale Hildebrand. Vale agrees to help Demi find Cherie.

Wicked After Midnight is book three in this series. You don't really have to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this one. The reason is because the story takes place in a new location and without a lot of the other characters. So you are pretty much starting new. The only parts you will miss is not getting to witness the full background story of Demi and maybe fully understanding her rebellion. This book is really dark. Not to …

Find Momo: Hide and Seek with an Adventurous Border Collie

What an awesome book. I loved Momo. Mr. Knapp is a very talented photographer. This is such a great idea for a book. Combining fun with photos from all over. This pictures just popped off the pages of the book. While I did have fun finding Momo, I could not help but savor the locations that Andrew and Momo went. Even if I found Momo really fast in some of the pictures. One of my favorite things however was learning about Momo...his likes and dislikes. Adding these facts made me love Momo even more as if I had known him all my life.

This book would make a great table top book. Because of the beautiful pictures and you could challenge your friends to who can find Momo the fastest. A good conversation piece. This book would make a great gift. Find Momo is a winner!

Find Me

Wicket "Wick" and her sister, Lily have found themselves a new home with Todd, and Bren. Their foster parents rescued them from their drug addicted father. Although they may have a new life that does not stop Detective Carson from still checking up on Wick and Lily. In fact, it is pretty much a nightly routine with Carson stopping by in the wee early morning hours. Carson may not know it but Wick is aware of his routine.

Wick receives a strange package. The package consists of her once former best friend, Tessa's diary. In side the diary is a yellow post-it note. It has two words on it..."Find Me". Before Wick can comprehend what the message means, she learns that Tessa is dead. Wick decides to give up the case. That is before she discovers that her sister, Lily is next. Wick is joined by the sexy boy-next-door, Griff.

I had been waiving about whether to pick up a copy of this book or not. I finally decided to give in and check this book out. Ok, so this boo…

White Rogue Blog Tour

About the Book:
Cold War era biological experiments are resurrected and after Boston experiences a seemingly inexplicable bio-terrorist attack, the Center for Disease Control’s Dr. Davie Richards and Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Paula Mushari once again join forces to uncover who is behind it. An obscure reference to a Dresden project found amid crash site evidence marks them both for execution. Paula and Dave are forced to leave Boston in the middle of the night and head to Washington, D.C.,where they soon find that anyone they contact also becomes the target of assassins. When the daughter of the CDC’s director is taken hostage, Dave and Paula come face to face with an evil that forces them to question the very nature of duty and service to country. With the help of one man, they learn the true meaning of dark operatives while they desperately try to stop another bio-attack from happening.
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No Surrender Soldier

Kiko is just like any other teenager. He wants to hang out with his best friend, and maybe get a kiss from his crush. Unfortunately Kiko has to keep an eye on his grandfather. His grandfather has dementia. Also Kiko learns that his mother was sexually abused. Lastly, Kiko finds a soldier hiding in his back yard.

I did really enjoy this book. It had a great human aspect to it. One that will make you feel for Kiko and his family. It may be about the military but it is more about the civilians that have to endure life as their loved ones are away fighting a war. In the beginning though I was confused by what was happening. I was trying to make all the connections and had a little bit of a hard time doing so. It took me getting about a third of the way in before I figured everything out and than was like "ok, this is a pretty good book." My favorite parts were involving Kiko, his grandfather, and the soldier. I felt the most connection with all of them.

Our Love Could Light the World

Book Summary
You know the Dugans. They’re that scrappy family that lives down the street. Their yard is overgrown, they don’t pick up after their dog, their five children run free—leaving chaos in their wake—and the father hasn’t earned a cent in years. The wife holds them together on her income alone. You wouldn’t want them for neighbors—but from a distance, they’re quite entertaining.
You can tell from the empty bottles lying under the bush out front that alcohol is an issue in the household—and all things considered, you can hardly blame the wife for leaving one day.

Without her at the helm, the rest carry on the best they can. Their strong sense of family keeps them going. They help—and in some cases, rescue—each other as they struggle for a better life. And while they never follow the rules, or completely conquer the adversity with which they’re faced, they do manage to meet their challenges—and even earn some much-needed respect. Along the way, they might even make you proud.


The Cloud Seeders

Title: The Cloud Seeders
Genre: Young Adult/Teen/ Dystopian/ Science Fiction
Author: James Zerndt
Publisher: James Zerndt
Pages: 268
Language: English
Format: Paperback, Kindle

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Serve Your Country, Conserve Your Water, Observe Your Neighbor

This is the slogan of the Sustainability Unit and of a country gone eco-hysterical. After nearly twelve months without rain and the hinges of the world barely still oiled, Thomas and his younger brother, Dustin, set out across a drought-ridden landscape in search of answers. What they discover along the way will change their lives, and their country, forever.

My Review
Thomas and his little brother, Dustin are trying to survive. Their parents left them. They were suppose to come back but that was a long time ago. Thomas and Dustin now patrol their neighborhood for anyone illegally using water. If they turn in their neighbors then they get water for themselves. Dustin is starting to remember some of the things about life before …

Anyone But You: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Book Summary

Gigi Caputo is fed up. A vicious act of vandalism has dealt another blow to her family's proud pizza heritage, and the Montes--owners of a rival Italian restaurant--are clearly to blame. The hostility goes far beyond bragging rights for best pizza in Chicago. The Montes have been bent on destroying Cap's for four generations. Even if it means putting herself in harm's way, Gigi's determined to get to the bottom of the feud. Instead, in a secret encounter with Roman Monte, the very boy whose relatives have brought her family such grief, she finds both danger and love at first sight. If the daughter and son of these two warring families fall for each other, can it be anything but a recipe for disaster? Slowly, Gigi and Roman learn that their story is fatefully linked to the summer of 1933, when two twelve-year-olds, Benny and Nick, hop the turnstile at the Chicago World's Fair. The most stunning wonder of the fair is Stella, who innocently causes a lasti…

Starter House will have you thinking twice before purchasing a home without knowing its past history.

Lacey and her husband, Eric are house hunting. Lacey finds the perfect house. This house has a history, It is known as a murder house. It is evil. Everyone one that has lived here prior has moved. They all have one thing in common. All the women who lived in the house never gave birth to a child. The house feeds on them. Lacey soon realizes why when she meets Drew. Drew is a ghost in the house. He starts to get violent towards Lacey to the point that she fears for her unborn baby's life. She must figure out what happened to Drew before she becomes the house's next victim.

If you are looking for a really good book to read, then you don't need to look any further than  Sonja Condit's Starter House. I instantly became enthralled by this book. While I enjoyed everyone who was featured in this book, my favorite parts were involving Lacey and Drew. These scenes were haunting and exciting to read. I was trying to figure out Drew's story before Lacey. I kind of had a clu…

Ice Dogs is a howling good time for all ages!

Victoria owns her own dog sledding team. She is good at what she does and does not do so bad in races either. This is all thanks to Victoria's father. He taught her everything that she needs to know about having a successful dog sledding team. Sadly, Victoria's father died.

Victoria decides to take her team out for a run. Victoria comes upon a boy. He is hurt. His name is Chris. Victoria tries to get Chris home but realizes that it will be Victoria's greatest adventure yet...surviving in the wilderness.

I picked up this book to give to my nephews. I thought that they might enjoy reading about sled dogs even if the team is lead by a girl. I read this book and enjoyed it. The chapters are short and the words are easy to understand. So for the targeted age group that this book is recommended for of 10 and up, is perfect. My nephews will be able to read the book all by themselves. Plus, I did not find that the scary moments with the wolves and Victoria and Chris lost in the w…

Brady Needs a Nightlight + Giveaway

I had such an enjoyable time reading this book. I want to read it again and again. I love Brady. Who knew that bats just wanted to have fun too. When I read the title for this book I was expecting Brady to find a nightlight in the form of a flashlight. I did not imagine that he would find something better in fireflies. What a fun and creative way to make a nightlight. Of course I would not recommend capturing a bunch of fireflies as you will harm them and then they would not shine as bright. The...moreI had such an enjoyable time reading this book. I want to read it again and again. I love Brady. Who knew that bats just wanted to have fun too. When I read the title for this book I was expecting Brady to find a nightlight in the form of a flashlight. I did not imagine that he would find something better in fireflies. What a fun and creative way to make a nightlight. Of course I would not recommend capturing a bunch of fireflies as you will harm them and then they would not shine as bri…

The Calling

Book Summary
Twenty-year-old Bethany Schrock is restless. Her love life has derailed, her faith hangs by a thread, and she is spending the incredibly hot summer days wading through a lifetime’s accumulation of junk at the home of five ancient Amish sisters. About the only thing that holds her interest is the spirited and dangerously handsome Jimmy Fisher–and he seems bent on irritating...moreTwenty-year-old Bethany Schrock is restless. Her love life has derailed, her faith hangs by a thread, and she is spending the incredibly hot summer days wading through a lifetime’s accumulation of junk at the home of five ancient Amish sisters. About the only thing that holds her interest is the spirited and dangerously handsome Jimmy Fisher–and he seems bent on irritating her to no end.
When the sly old sisters and a guest at the Inn get Bethany involved in running the local soup kitchen and starting a community garden, she suddenly finds herself wondering, Shootfire! How did that happen? Des…

The House on the Cliff

Therapist Jessica Mayhew's professional life is good but her personal life is in turmoil. Her husband cheated on her with a younger woman. Although he said it was a one time thing , Jessica can not help easily forgive and forget. That is why when her newest client, Gwydion has a freak out moment and needs Jessica's help, she decides to pay Gwydion a house visit and stay for a while. To give herself space from her husband. When Jessica arrives at the house, she learns a secret about Gwydion's family. One that drags Jessica into the mix and into danger.

I was really looking forward to reading this book. It sounded a little like it might be a gothic psychological thriller or maybe it had to do with the book cover. Sadly, I was not feeling this book as much as I had hoped to. Don't get me wrong as it is alright but none of the characters reached out and connected with me on an emotional level. In addition, I found them to be somewhat dull. I know if I had connected with …

City of the Divine Sun Book Spotlight + Giveaway

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A famous archaeologist, last rumored to be in search of a hidden Maya city in Guatemala, has gone missing. Her daughter. Serena, worried and overcome by strange visions, abandons everything to search for her mother and the answers to the apparitions that have begun to haunt her.

Her mother wasn't the only one searching for Mah K'ina. The Baron seeks to plunder the city for its untold riches and is willing to eliminate anyone that gets in his way. Out of her element and desperate to save her family, Serena must now rely on her past to show her the way.

I was born and raised in the Houston, Texas area, and have lived in Texas my whole life! (Gotta love humidity!) I currently live in central Texas with my husband and two sons.

Nothing makes me happier than settling down with a good book, but they aren't always easy to find! Some of my favorites (in no particular order) include: Jane Eyre, The Blue Sword, Dracula, Ender's Game, Heir to the…

Free Book Sampler

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Night Harvest

F.J. Pervis sustains a knee injury. He wants only the best to work miracles on his knee. That is why he calls up his friend. Something goes wrong during the surgery and Pervis goes into cardiac arrest. As if things could not get worse, Pervis's body goes missing. It reappears but with one major flaw. Pervis's brain has been surgically removed. The worse part is that Pervis was alive when it was removed.

Demetri is a medical student. He is in his fourth year. He ges involved in the case of Pervis along with Detective Patrick McManus. They try to track down the killer. Demetri learns that Pervis is not the killer's first victim.

Dr. Alexiades impressed me with his first novel. It is not as gory as I might like my murder thriller books but it is still dark. Which it makes up for in this department. However most of the characters I was not feeling as much except for the exception of Demetri and Detective McManus, and of course the killer. There was not enough depth about the…

Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century

I have to agree with one reader/reviewer, who pointed out that this is probably not the best book to jump into if you are wanting to learn about the holistic lifestyle. I am not that big into the holistic approach but I have been slowly turning this way. I think that this more natural approach is a better way then just self medication that is currently happening.

However back to the book. I found a lot of what the author was saying interesting but I had to re-read sections several times to make sense of it. The author used a lot of big words and lengthy descriptions. Even at times you could tell he was getting really into what he was talking about and would realize it and back off and quickly finish his thoughts. Still I could tell that the author was well versed in the subject matter and shared good insight. This is the type of book that you would use more as a study guide that you will reference to again and again versus one to just sit and read.

Flowers in the Attic= Lifetime Movie

Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie Dollanganger lost their father in a car accident. Their mother tells them that they are moving in with her parents. Her parents are rich. However, their mother did something very bad and her father wrote her out of the will. She hopes to get back in his good graces. Besides her father is very sick and does not have much time left before his impending death. There is one slight problem...their mother's father can not know that they exist. They must be locked away up in the attic until the passing of their mother's father's death. Minutes turn into hours and hours into days and days into years.

It has been years since I read this book. So when I saw that the Lifetime Movie Network was going to show a movie version of this book, I had to re-read this book again. I finished this book in two days. It is a super, fast read. Reading this book reminded me of why I read so many of this author's books. Flowers in the Attic made me fall in love ev…