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A Pinch of Ooh La La Blog Tour + Giveaway

My Review

This is a fun, quick, cozy, read. Most of the characters in this book are quirky. Which made them entertaining and fun to be around. Abbey grew before my eyes in this book. By the end of the story, she could stand on her own two feet. I liked this about her. However I have to say that my favorite person is Abbey's best friend, Bendrix. However a warning message as your best friend knows all your dirty secrets and those secrets can come back to bite you in the butt. Especially when it comes to the fact that it has been a long time since you have seen any action in the bedroom and your friend decides to create you a online dating profile. You could end up hearing comments like these:

"If you don't have sex soon, that vagina of yours is going to dry up and wither away."

"Your vagina is as dry as the Sahara."

"Your vagina is so dry it crunches."

There were many other comedic moments. Which is another reason that I enjoyed this book. A Pinch of Ooh La La is a sweet treat of a read!

I have 1 copy to giveaway of this book. US. Please leave a comment with your email address. Winner chosen August 9

Camp Utopia & The Forgiveness Diet

Pub Date : 07/01/2014

Price : $18.95 USD

ISBN: 978-1-940192-31-4

Trim : 6x9

Format : Trade Paper

Pages : 310

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD BALTIMORE TEEN Bethany Stern knows the only way out of spending her summer at Camp Utopia, a fat camp in Northern California, is weight-loss. Desperate, she tries The Forgiveness Diet, the latest fad whose infomercial promises that all she has to do is forgive her deadbeat dad, her scandalous sister, and the teenage magician next door and (unrequited) love of her life. But when the diet fails and her camp nemesis delivers the ultimate blow, Bee bids sayonara to Camp-not-Utopian-at-all to begin what she believes will be her "real" summer adventure, only to learn that running away isn’t as easy—or as healing—as it seems.

Her wry and honest voice bring humor and poignancy for anyone, fat or thin, tired of hearing "you’d be so pretty if…[insert unwelcome judgment about your appearance from loved one or perfect stranger]."

"A funny, poignant, emotionally intelligent and beautifully written novel that takes the reader on a journey that is by turns heartbreaking and inspiring. I highly recommend it."

-Alisa Valdes, New York Times and

USA Today bestselling author


"Ruden’s debut novel is more than merely funny. It skewers our cultural obsession with the superficial, lampooning everything from fad diets to reality television and self-help gurus. And Bethany’s inner journey from bitterness to forgiveness is one that will resonate with all readers.

Read it for the laughs, reread it for Ruden’s profound insight into the transformative power of forgiveness."

-Mike Mullen, author of Ashfall

"Anarchic slapstick laced with timely truths make this wry, occasionally raunchy debut a standout."

– Kirkus Reviews

AMERICAN ENVY ENDED without a miracle. No boulder. No cannibal either. There was only an infomercial TJ and I were obligated to view because the couch had sucked the remote under one of its cushions.

The commercial featured a giant fishbowl filled with multicolored scraps of paper. Xylophone sounds tinkled in the background. At first, I thought the commercial was for some kind of craft, like moonsand or a Chia Pet. Then a voice blasted out from the TV:

I was lifting scratchy cushions, rummaging for the remote. When I heard the voice, I turned around.

On the screen that glass bowl glittered again, rainbow swirls of paper spinning around.

I WANT TO HELP YOU, the voice roared

No doubt I had heard various diet infomercials a million times, but never during prime time and never one quite as hypnotic. I couldn't look away. TJ seemed rapt too. We studied the screen where the fish bowl overflowed with paper like jewels.

There was something about this voice. Like a magnet.

"It’s not about food," a lady wearing a giant sunhat said. She lounged beside a pool, the glittery bowl positioned next to her sandaled feet.  "I weighed two hundred pounds and thought it was about food."

Then the woman stood, dropped her towel, and twirled in a gold bikini. "But I discovered it’s about forgiveness," she said.

"Hey!" TJ said. "My boss went on this diet."

 I shrugged. TJ’s boss at Rent-My-Ride went on every diet.

YES, the voice intoned, IT’S ABOUT FORGIVENESS.

That was when the room darkened a notch. It was dusk, and Baltimore had just breathed its last streak of sunlight against the pavement outside. The city’s gutter smells and sounds drifted past the open basement window. I should’ve told TJ to go home. It was getting late. And it was hot—too hot to even have the television on, which seemed to breathe fire. But I couldn’t talk or move. Even TJ didn’t get up to excuse himself and walk to his row house across the street.

Like my sofa had been slicked with paste, we watched this commercial as intently as we had American Envy. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen entire minutes. There were testimonials from people all over the country. Men and women held up size 20 pants, size 24 skirts, 3XL sweats. Then they pirouetted in something slinky, showed off their skinny jeans, patted their flat tummies.

"The Forgiveness Diet," they all chimed, was how they did it. THAT’S  RIGHT,  said  the  voice.  WITH OUR  PROVEN THREE-PART SYSTEM YOU CAN DROP THAT UNWANTED WEIGHT.  INSTANTLY.

On the screen, a middle-aged guy stood before the ocean.

"Hi, I’m Michael Osbourne, and I invented The Forgiveness Diet. At twenty-seven years old and three hundred pounds, I was carrying too much weight and too many burdens. I decided to write everyone’s secrets on a piece of paper. All mine too. Then I put that paper inside a bucket. Enough, I said to myself. It’s time to forgive them.

"Before I knew it, the weight vanished. And yours will too. You can read about my innovative approach to mercy weight loss in my new book. If you call now, we’ll even throw in your very own Forgiveness Jar to get things started. For free. Free!
Call now to find out more about this amazing opportunity. Come on, what do you have to lose?" The corners of his mouth lifted as if attached to strings. "Except weight."

He turned and ran out into frothy surf.

A phone number flashed across the screen. "Maybe you should buy the book," TJ said shyly.

"Why?" I asked, still staring at the television.

"Because my boss lost mad weight. And fast!"

I rolled my eyes. TJ’s boss was always trying to thrust TJ onto better things. Like herself.

He nudged me gently. "If it worked you wouldn’t have to leave for camp tomorrow. You could see me graduate. Watch me audition."

"You mean you don’t want me to go either?"

"I mean you could stay here. Just buy the book." "I don’t have a credit card," I said.

"What about PayPal? Order the e-book."

"No e-reader."

The fish bowl, on the screen again, brimmed with folded pa- pers. fat people walked up to the jar, kissed their papers, and dropped them inside. As they skipped off it appeared they lost the weight before our very eyes.

"You can do that," said TJ. "Just write down the names of people who have pissed you off."

"I’m sure the book has some kind of specific directions. There must be more to it than that."

"Maybe not," said TJ. "My boss said she just had to for- give her boyfriend for cheating on her and forgive her fingers for stealing change out of the rental cars, and she lost like ten pounds." TJ stared at his Converse. "Bee, you have a lot of people to forgive. Maybe all that pissiness is stuck inside you making you big, like that voice said. It makes sense in a way."

I bristled. "It makes absolutely no sense."

TJ removed his glasses and rubbed them on his shirt, a ritual he only performed when something bothered him. "You could make it like a bucket list. Write everything down like in those long letters you used to write."

"Those letters sucked. You’re crazy."

"Your letters were amazing. Just write it true. Then put it in a Cool Whip container." he replaced his glasses. "You could start with that night, you know. When we almost—"

"Shut up, TJ."


"It will never work."

TJ sighed. "It worked for all of them," he said, nodding toward the television.

YOU CANNOT FAIL the voice bellowed. GUARANTEED. Then the commercial ended.

"I mean you don’t want to go to fat camp, right?" TJ asked. "This might be your only hope."

"But it’s just an infomercial," I said. I looked back to the television where a woman discussed a very absorbent paper towel. I dug around behind the sofa, felt the hard plastic of the remote, and pushed the rubber button. The television buzzed off. "How am I supposed to get thin by tomorrow?"

TJ walked to the basement stairs and sat on the third step. Behind him moonlight dripped in the window. It had to be one hundred degrees in my house, yet there was no sweat on his forehead. TJ never sweated. When he opened his mouth, he spoke slowly, as if I were retarded.

"Look, Bee. Remember that guy who levitated on American Envy last season?"

Here we go, I thought. "How could I forget when you bring it up every other day?"

TJ’s eyes darted around the room, and he lowered his voice, conspiratorially, "Well, I finally figured out his secret."

"Yes, TJ. It’s called Hollywood. It’s called camera tricks." he stood up on the step and spread his arms wide. Then he brought them together in front of him like he was praying. He put his chin down near his collar and prepared himself for what looked like a swan dive directly into the coffee table.

"It’s called the Balducci levitation. You stand at an angle," he said, rocking on the balls of his feet. "So from where you’re sitting it looks like I’m floating, but really, my foot is just on my ankle, see?"

We had that American Envy episode on DVR. For weeks TJ was over my house pausing it, flipping his head upside down in front of the television, trying to determine if the contestant had some sort of fan contraption crammed in his pants.

TJ stumbled off the step and landed, face down, on our shag carpet, which was the exact color of a tennis ball.

"Didn’t it look like I was floating a little?"

"No." I said. Then, "Well, maybe slightly."

He studied his shoes like they were to blame. "I’m still practicing," he explained. "My point is that instead of trying to figure out how the Levitator couldn’t do it, I tried to work out how he did."

"I don’t understand how writing down secrets and forgiving people will make me thin."

"You don’t need to understand how it works." TJ stood and stepped closer to me. "You only need to know that it’s possible." When he reached behind my ear, I expected he would flick out a silvery coin or, if he was feeling mysterious, a gardenia. But he didn’t. He smoothed my hair back behind my ears and looked directly at me.

"You never believe what’s right in front of your face."

"I believe in you," I said.

He leaned in. "Don’t believe in me," he whispered. I could see the red indentations his eyeglasses had pressed into his nose. "Believe in you."

TJ dropped his hands from my face. When he brought them up again, they held a crumpled ball of paper. I started at it curiously, then I touched it with the tips of my fingers.

"Open it," he said.

Once in a while, he could still surprise me with a magic trick. "Go on," he urged.

I slowly uncrumpled the paper.

It read: I forgive my dad for not seeing me.

 "Where did you get this?" I asked, my voice tight.

He shrugged. "It was behind your ear."


"You’re full of magic, Bethany."

"Tell me how you did this. Seriously."

But TJ had slipped into illusionist mode where every movement was choreographed and every smile insincere. He might explain later how he’d managed to write this on a restaurant napkin when I wasn’t looking. He might cop to how he’d found purple ink, my favorite, and how he’d made the handwriting look identical to mine. Exactly like mine. Maybe he’d admit to somehow crawling into my future ahead of me, but not now. Now he only kissed my forehead, lustlessly. The way you would kiss a cat.

"You could forgive him," he said, referring to the slip of paper, "your dad, for ignoring you at Chuck E. Cheese’s."

"Stop," I said.

He plucked the paper from my fingers. "You could forgive me too," he continued, "for everything. You know. Last year."

I could, I thought, but I won’t. Leave it to TJ to present it like an option. An option about as viable as a diet based on forgiveness.

"So if you won’t try the diet then will you at least write to me every day you’re gone?" he asked as he readied himself to leave. "Not just texts, e-mails too. Long, epic ones."

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and read the text he’d somehow sent when I wasn’t looking. you my girl.

He’d never told me how he’d managed that trick either.

Not that it mattered. Tonight, just like every other night, I’d fall for him all over again. I’d believe I was his girl. I’d accept that someone so extraordinary could have a thing for me—someone so ordinary.

And fat.

So fat.

My Review

Bethany Stern is going to fat camp aka Camp Utopia. However she would rather be anywhere else than fat camp. Like with her sexy neighbor and magician, TJ. While watching television TJ and Bethany see a commercial for the Forgiveness Diet. How forgiving people will make you lose weight is the million dollar question but Bethany decides to give it a shot anyways.
There was quite the cast of characters in this book. Most of them were fine and I would hang out with them but others I was not feeling like Hollywood, Bethany's sister, and her gross, loser boyfriend to name a few. However I agree with other readers that I did like that the author did not put the main focus on losing weight. I think we as a society have being too obsessed about weight and the "perfect" body. There is no such thing as the "perfect" body. There is only the right one for you. Bethany did learn this lesson by the end of the book.

Lines from the book:

"Hollywood, who after one week, had Utopians following her like she was Twitter."

“Menstruation is no excuse,” she said. “They don’t postpone the Olympics for it.”

"I decided right then if this were some crazy M. Night Shyamalan film and Utopia was a deserted island where our plane just happened to crash, I would eat Hollywood first. Just saw off her leg, pearl anklet and all. "

Jenny Ruden has published short stories and essays in Nerve, Salon, Eclectica Magazine, Literary Mama and High Desert Journal. She won an Orlando award for creative nonfiction, was named a finalist in Glimmertrain’s short fiction contest, and has been nominated for the Pushcart prize two years in a row. She has worked with teenagers for over ten years as a teacher of Reading, Writing and GED, and has an MFA in Fiction from the University of Oregon. She lives with her husband, two daughters, two basset hounds and cat in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
She does a flawless impersonation of a normal person. Don’t be fooled. She’s a writer.


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Pieces of Autumn Book Blast + Giveaway

Pieces of Autumn photo PiecesofAutumn_zps694fd9a0.jpg

Pieces of Autumn photo autumnfinal-400_zpsd40add7d.jpgTitle:  Pieces of Autumn

Author:   Mara Black

Genre:  Dark Romance 18 +

Publish Date:   July 31, 2014

Publisher:  Indie Published

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

~ Book Synopsis ~

I wish I could tell you that I was stolen.

Kidnapped off the street in some third-world country, sold against my will, while a desperate family back home waited and prayed and talked about me on the news.

I wish I could tell you that, because then you might understand.

What really happened? I walked to my fate with my eyes wide open. But before you say I deserved whatever happened to me, you should know. I was desperate. I was alone. I was afraid for my life. You would have done the same thing.

I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

But then, I woke up in darkness, unable to move. There was only one thing I was sure of: I wasn’t alone anymore.

And then I heard HIS voice...

Add to Goodreads: 

About the Author

Mara Black is a connoisseur of love that lurks in the shadows .

~ Giveaway ~

~ Signed book of Pieces of Autumn ~


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Book Giveaway" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway
Quiz: Which Type of Historical Romance Heroine Are You?

#1 What word best describes you?

a) effervescent
b) nonconfrontational (mostly) 
c) stealthy

#2 My favorite hobby is ...

a) comparative study of the male form
b) looking after my darling baron   
c) target practice

#3 What is the perfect late night snack?

a) bread, cheese, meats, lemon tarts … whatever can be liberated from the kitchen
b) the baron's kisses
c) ratafia, shaken not stirred

#4 My ideal man must have ...

a) a sublime derriere
b) an aptitude for growing hardy, contrary flowers 
c) brains

#5 What accessory do you never leave home without?

a) my corset (large bosoms are such a trial)
b) my composure 
c) my pistol


If you choose mostly As ... then you are as sparkling and resourceful as Her Serene Royal Highness Dagmar from The Truth About Leo by Katie MacAlister. Dagmar may have been raised in a strictly formal manner, but she’s never let that stop her from pursuing anything that catches her interest. She’s a bit quirky, marches to her own drummer, and has a fine, fine appreciation of the manly form.

If you choose mostly Bs … then you are clearly the stuff a baroness is made of, much like Millicent, from The Traitor. Milly is sweet, fierce, determined, and brave but slow to trust. Sebastian, Baron St. Clair, is ALSO sweet, fierce, determined and brave, and relentless when it comes to protecting those he cares for. Alas for both Sebastian and Milly, an enemy stalks them who is not sweet. By the time Milly is done with Sebastian's enemies, they are not very brave either. So if you chose mostly B's, the bad guys better steer mighty clear of you!

If you choose mostly Cs … then you are equipped to be a master spy like Jane Bonde from Love and Let Spy by Shana Galen. Jane is smart, cunning, and loyal, but she has her weaknesses too. Her latest weakness goes by the name Dominic Griffyn. Planning a wedding and defeating a villain intent upon the destruction of England is tricky, but if you're the sort who multitasks easily, then you too have Jane's unique skills and panache.

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Alloy Entertainment Launches New Digital-First Imprint with Amazon Publishing

First three books release today


SEATTLE—(NASDAQ: AMZN)—July 29, 2014—Today, Amazon Publishing and Alloy Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Television Group, announced a digital-first imprint that will focus on young adult, new adult and commercial fiction. The new imprint, named Alloy Entertainment, will be part of Amazon Publishing’s Powered by Amazon program. Powered by Amazon enables publishers and authors to leverage Amazon’s global distribution and personalized, targeted marketing reach.

Today also marks the publication date for the imprint’s first three titles:

Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand, which follows Ven, the clone of a wealthy, 18-year-old named Raven. Imitations like Ven only leave the lab when their Authentics need them—to replace the dead, be an organ donor, or in Ven’s case, serve as bait when Raven’s life is threatened. It is Ven’s job to draw out Raven’s assailants, but she must decide if she is prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she has never met.

Every Ugly Word by Aimee Salter, a coming-of-age story about a teenager named Ashley who sees her 23-year-old self when she looks in the mirror. Her older self has been through it all before, and helps Ashley survive torment from high school bullies, unrequited love for her best friend and a volatile relationship with her mom. But her older self also carries the scars of a terrible and imminent event in Ashley’s life that she’s powerless to stop.

Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart, a sci-fi fantasy adventure set in the war-torn Dominion of Atalanta. For Aris, the fighting is worlds away from the safety of her seaside town until her boyfriend Calix is drafted into the military. When Aris herself is recruited to become a pilot for an elite search-and-rescue unit, she leaps at the chance, hoping to be reunited with Calix. But what starts as mission driven by love turns into one of duty as Aris becomes a true soldier determined to save her Dominion…or die trying.

Alloy Entertainment acquired the books based on the unique voices of the authors and originality of the stories. The company worked closely with each of the writers throughout the publishing process in an effort to gain the widest possible readership. The books will be published under the Alloy Entertainment publishing banner, which currently includes more than 75 New York Times bestsellers.

"One of our strengths is working with talented authors to create and develop properties that have mass entertainment appeal," said Leslie Morgenstein, President of Alloy Entertainment. "This program is an exciting extension of our business and will allow us to leverage Amazon’s ability to distribute to an incredibly diverse and broad readership."

"Rebel Wing is the book of my heart. It’s a story I felt compelled to tell, both from the perspective of an Army wife and as someone who believes you can never have enough strong female characters in the world," said author Tracy Banghart. "Being given the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented folks at Alloy to make it the best version of itself was an exciting and affirming process, and knowing that its distribution will be handled by Amazon—a company that has already made so much possible for me as an indie author—is pretty much the definition of win-win as far as I’m concerned."

"Alloy has a tremendous track record developing stories, like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, that our customers love," said Jeff Belle, Vice President of Amazon Publishing. "We’re thrilled to promote these books from Alloy Entertainment with our Powered by Amazon program. It’s a great fit."

Authors who publish with Alloy Entertainment’s new digital-first imprint receive an advance and royalties paid on a monthly basis. Alloy Entertainment will also look for opportunities to develop acquired titles as television series, feature films, and digital entertainment.

About Alloy Entertainment
Alloy Entertainment, a division of the Warner Bros. Television Group, develops and produces original novels, television series and feature films. More than 75 of AE’s books have been on The New York Times bestseller list, including The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Luxe, Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, and The 100. AE has successfully adapted several of its properties into hit television shows for broadcast across multiple networks, including The CW, ABC, ABC Family and Nickelodeon. Current Alloy Entertainment television series include Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The 100. AE feature films include Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2, Sex Drive and The Clique, with several additional projects currently in development including Sisterhood Everlasting, The Merciless and The Brokenhearted.


Amazon opened on the World Wide Web in July 1995. The company is guided by three principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, and long-term thinking.  Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire phone, Fire tablets, and Fire TV are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon.

Mad as Helen Blog Tour + Giveaway

Banner Mad as Helen photo MadasHelen_zps998e71a6.jpg

Mad as Helen photo 20957452_zps1a332688.jpg

Title: Mad as Helen (Road River Mystery)

Author: Susan McBride

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller

Publish Date: July 29, 2014

Publisher: Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins


In the second River Road Mystery from USA Today bestselling author Susan McBride, Helen Evans must find a killer before her granddaughter is arrested for murder!

When tiny River Bend, Illinois, is hit by a string of burglaries even Sheriff Frank Biddle can't solve, the clients of LaVyrle's Cut 'n' Curl can hardly talk of anything but. There are no signs of forced entry and no fingerprints, and valuables are missing from secret hiding places, as if the thief knew what he wanted and just where to look.

Helen Evans wonders what the world has come to if even their once-quiet town isn't safe anymore. Then Grace Simpson, a big-city psychotherapist who had opened up shop in River Bend, is found dead on her bedroom floor, and Helen's granddaughter is caught with the murder weapon in hand.

Sure of the girl's innocence, Helen embarks on a little investigation of her own and turns up plenty of folks who aren't grieving a bit now that Grace is dead …


Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes |HarperCollins

About The Author: 

Susan McBride photo susanfoto21_zps7a628b4b.jpg

Susan McBride is the USA TODAY bestselling author of Blue Blood, the first of the Debutante Dropout Mysteries.

T he award-winning series also includes T he Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, T he Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club, Night of

the Living Deb, and Too Pretty to Die. She’s also the author of T he Truth about Love & Lightning, Little Black Dress, and

The Cougar Club, all Target Recommended Reads. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband and daughter.

Visit Susan’s web site at for more info.

Connect With the Author

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Khaki=Killer tour

An author who has been unfailingly encouraging, to me, and, therefore, stands as a literary beacon for me, is William F. ("Bill") Nolan.

I was assigned to interview Bill for "Reflection's Edge," (an online e-zine) back in 2003. Bill was then 78 years young.

I was a new-comer to fiction writing, having spent all my writing life as a journalist. Yes, I took some courses in writing fiction, but even those I took under the Journalism number "19" at the University of Iowa's famed Writers' Workshop.

Honestly, I didn't feel I had "lived" enough to be writing stories when I was only 18 years old. What did I know of life, love, loss?

When I met William F. Nolan (a living legend in Dark Fantasy and, perhaps most famously, the co-author of the acclaimed science fiction film "Logan's Run") he was kind enough to take a look at something I was working on at the time (Something that never saw the light of day.)

Bill was not super critical of my fledgling efforts. He did not praise insincerely, either. He mentioned that a fictional character in my book (the Sheriff) was a name he felt he had lived in another life. Bill has some interesting ideas like that, and he is an ardent vegan/vegetarian and animal rights activist.

Time went by, and I continued to write short stories (I suspect we both prefer that format but have been forced by circumstances to write "long"), culminating in two volumes entitled HELLFIRE & DAMNATION, which are organized around the sins or crimes punished at each of the 9 Circles of Hell.. I asked Jason V Brock to write the Introduction to the second volume, because I greatly admire Jason's work, as does Bill.

Jason and Sunni, his wife, had taken up residence near Bill (or vice versa) and were helping the now-86-year-old guru to adapt to changes in the modern publishing world. As a "mature" person of a certain age, I could relate to Bill's feeling that the computer kept him from producing work. [The Internet does have that effect.] Yet he has embraced change and prospered with it, producing award-winning work into his eighties. (We should all be so lucky!)

With Sunni and Jason's expert assistance, Bill produced a reminiscence of his 60 years of friendship with Ray Bradbury, published soon after Bradbury's death, and won a Bram Stoker award with that book this awards season (Horror Writers Association). (You can read my review of his book on

But William F. Nolan is far from just a writer of horror, as am I. To quote his Wikipedia entry: Nolan is perhaps best known for coauthoring the novel \o "Logan's Run" Logan's Run , with \o "George Clayton Johnson" George Clayton Johnson , but has written literally hundreds of pieces, from \o "Poetry" poetry to \o "Nonfiction" nonfiction , to prose, for many publications, such as \o "Sports Illustrated" Sports Illustrated , "" \o "Rogue (magazine)" Rogue ,  \o "Playboy" Playboy , \o "Dark Discoveries" Dark Discoveries , \o "Nameless Digest (page does not exist)" Nameless Digest , and others. He also had a long career in the \o "Movie industry" movie industry , primarily working for \o "Dan Curtis" Dan Curtis ("Dark Shadows" and "The Night Stalker") and co-wrote the screenplay for the 1976 horror film \o "Burnt Offerings (film)" Burnt Offerings which starred  "  \o "Karen Black" Karen Black and  \o "Bette Davis" Bette Davis . Bill was also a cartoonist for Hallmark in his early days and never fails to place a drawing within the autographed books he sends me, which I treasure, just as I treasure him, his encouragement, and his unfailing support.

He took the time (two days' worth) to read my very first solo novel (THE COLOR OF EVIL) through in its entirety and suggest editorial changes. He gave me good advice about a writer who was harassing me in every way possible. Nolan knows wheat from chaff, and his endorsement means something---to me and to many, many others.

Bill provided some wonderful blurbs for my book(s): "Connie Wilson is a born storyteller!" for instance, and a guarantee that the reader would enjoy my novels.

Because of William F. Nolan's praise, THE COLOR OF EVIL was reviewed in some well-read magazines that might not, otherwise, have taken a second look. THE COLOR OF EVIL series went on to win awards (E-Lit, Pinnacle, Shelf Unbound, Silver Feather).

Not horror, since it is more paranormal thriller (just as "Logan's Run" was more science fiction), but awards, nonetheless.

Recently, I received a hardbound copy of Bill's latest book, "Like A Dead Man Walking," which is autographed as follows, "For Connie! A friend and fellow writer whose talent I respect! As ever! Bill"

I cherish William F. Nolan's work and his friendship, and I hope he keeps writing forever.

HAKI = KILLER, the third novel in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, follows young Tad McGreevy and friends at Cedar Falls' Sky High Lab School through the second semester of their senior year.

Recently named a "PageTurner" by Shelf Unbound magazine and NABE Pinnacle Thriller winner, the series details the adventures of the young man (Tad McGreevy) with the power to detect auras around others (Tetrachromatic Super Vision) and to relive the crimes of those with "the color of evil" in his dreams. Khaki = Killer.

Khaki=Killer Web Tour Schedule

THYPERLINK ""eddy Rose Book Reviews Plus June 20 Spotlight & Giveaway

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