Book Review: War of the Land


His valor could save the lands. Her darkness could consume it.

In a world where mortals are hapless pawns moved at the whims of gods, a defiant Titan emerges from the shadows of history. Prometheus, having once defied Zeus to gift mankind with fire, dares to challenge the heavens to a new match. Now, he fights not just to ease man’s suffering, but to prevent Zeus from clearing the board. Success or failure depends on a future queen.

Princess Savina of the Isle of Cava, a demi-god whose powers hold sway over life and death, becomes the latest target of her grandfather Zeus’s merciless vendetta. Exploited by family, she gambles her last shred of trust on the enigmatic Duke of Eloqua, her promised consort. But is he a white knight, or is he part of a more insidious plot to weaponize her against her own people?

As the celestial storm brews and loyalties are tested, the land’s fate balances on a knife’s edge. Can a Titan and demi-god stand united against Olympus, or will their dangerous newfound flame for one another burn their beloved world to ash?

My Review

I loved War of the Sea, so I was really looking forward to reading this book. Not that you have to read book one to jump into this book. Although, it was nice to see Lou and Rylander again. They are even more in love then before. Lou is the one that truly wears the pants in the relationship. 

Rylander's sister, Savina is just as feisty as he is. OMG. Savina's and Conleth first meeting of each other is sure a memorable one if not a quirky one. I love that Savina was not afraid of Conleth's title of Duke. She spoke boldly towards him and was not afraid to stand toe to toe with him. She really challenged him. 

If you love mythology, engaging characters, a storyline that you can get swept away in, then you need to read this book. Reading this book is like watching a 4D movie, it is a whole experience that you don't want to miss!


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