Book Review: My Not-So-Secret Santa


I’ve got a secret.

The new girl at work? The one I’ve got a crush on?

She’s got a crush too—on the stripper who’s dressing like Santa every weekend in December.

And that’s my secret. I’m him. The Saturday night Santa stripper.

Liv has no idea it’s her new work buddy under the fake white beard and tiny red hot pants, and every time she blushes when she talks about him, I burn with jealousy over myself.

But Liv’s also starting to get close to me—the real me—and seems interested in Christmas Eve activities that’ll put us both on the so-naughty-it's-nice list. I just hope she’ll still want to sit on Santa's lap after I tell her the truth.

My Not-So-Secret Santa is a standalone holiday novella that'll heat you up like a mug of hot cocoa and make you melt like the swirl of whipped cream on top. Unwrap a laugh-out-loud romance this Christmas!

My Review

The angsty vibes that Liv and Jonesy were giving each other was so steamy. Yet, it only got hotter with each new interaction they had with one another with Jonesy's other persona aka "Snake hips Santa."

Every time that Liv and Jonesy would speak to each other. It really was like to different men, Live was talking to. To be honest, I actually was not mad at Jonesy for not telling Liv sooner about his secret. I understood where he was coming from. However, when Liv did find out...make up s#x anyone!

I look forward to reading Wyatt and CJ's story. I need to know what their deal is. All I do know is that from their interaction with each other, things are sure to heat up and be hot. 


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