Book Review: Snowed In: Volume Three


Snowed Why choose holiday anthology is a collection of original, brand-new short stories for this holiday season. Volume 3 participating Ames Mills, Penelope Paige, Whitnay Edes, S.E. Green, Nicole Banks, Em Torrey, Gwendolyn Grace, Amber Nicole, Allie Noel, Anna G. Berry, B.E. Fidler, Rachel Callahan, Casiddie Williams, Nikki Leigh, Maggie McAllister, and Aly Beck & Kotah Jean

**Volume 3 will contain lighter themes. Please check the content and trigger warnings at the beginning of each story. Some stories may contain MM and MM+ couplings. Proceeds for this anthology will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute and World Central Kitchen.

Say It Ain't Snow by Aly Beck and Kotah Jean

Hollie had her heart broken by Corbin's twin brother. What better way to get even then with Corbin and his friends, Corbin, Dallas, and Beckett.

This group shared quite the steamy scenes with each other. Yet, I could feel that their love for Hollie ran deeper than just s#x. Warning, there is a cliffhanger ending. I need more and to know what happens. Guess I will just have to read the next book to see what how it all ends. . 

sNOw Place I'd Rather By Ames Mills

Everly and Miles are traveling for a romantic getaway when they get stranded. Just their luck as they come across an old acquaintance, Dean. He invites them back to his place where he lives with is boyfriend, Tate.

What may seem like an innocent invite is anything but. It just so happens that Dean and Miles have both had feelings for each other but never acted on them. All they needed was just a little nug. These two couples turn up the heat with partner swaps. 

Dallas's First Christmas by Amber Nicole

Cara has just been given good news. Now, she, her daughter, Dallas, and the men in her life can celebrate Christmas. 

This story is more on the emotional and sweeter side. However, that does not mean there aren't a few steamy moments shared between the men and Cara

Frost - Bitten by Desire by B.E. Fidler

Kenna is attending her sister's wedding but she gets more than she bargains for when she meets Nate, Kent, Mario, Rudolfo. Who says you can't have some fun sampling the groomsmen before the wedding. Kent had a bit of a humorous side to him. Rudolfo was a bit more refined. 

I really enjoyed all of the men to be honest. This short story brought the spice. Just what I wanted. I will me checking out this author's full-length books. 


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