Book Review: After Dark


She’s a pariah with a killer past. Her bid to escape it is nothing short of terrifying in a heart-pounding novel of suspense by Washington Post and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Minka Kent.

Afton Teachout has been an outcast in her small town for twenty years—ever since she was accused of murdering her mother’s lover in a blackout fit of rage. That is, if one believes the malicious lies.

Living with her grandmother, working a hotel night shift, and relying on pills to get a day’s sleep, Afton is due a little luck. It comes in the form of an unexpected financial windfall. With her newfound wealth, Afton sets a secret plan in motion to help her only friend, Sydney, flee a toxic husband. But the best intentions soon spin out of control.

Afton is getting unsettling calls from a restricted number, and someone has been lingering outside her home. As Sydney’s troubled marriage comes into focus, so does Afton’s past. Her second chance—for herself and for Sydney—isn’t what she dreamed of at all. In fact, it’s becoming a nightmare.

My Review

Talk about an opener. Afton is covered in blood and accused of murdering someone. Now, years later she still can't get rid of her reputation. Although, there is one friend that has come back into her life, Sydney.

Sydney needs Afton's help to get out of her marriage. Yet as soon as Sydney came back into Afton's life, it has been shaken upside down again. Afton starts receiving strange calls and she is losing chunks of time and having hallucinations. 

This is more of a slower psychological thriller. The events in this story transpire slowly to draw you in and make you think that maybe you are imagining things. I did figure out the storyline but still was satisfied by this book. I would read another book by this author. 


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