Book Review: The More the Merrier


Even Santa would tell you… be careful what you wish for!
When Merriweather, a horny single gal in a cold town, gets ready for bed on Christmas Eve, she brings BOB with her for some gift-giving of the personal variety. The last thing she expects as she’s drifting off into dreamland is for her explicit yet silent wishes to come true. Turns out, Merri isn’t too bothered by who appears in her bedroom, or that he comes “baring” gifts. All she knows is, this will be the very best, naughtiest Christmas she’s ever had! Why wish for one of something, when you really want two?

My Review

I loved this novella. It is a very, quick read. It also features the "perfect" dream guy. He has features of Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Pedro Pascal, and Keanu. After reading this novella, I suddenly have a craving for peppermint candy canes! Also, when I go to bed, I am going to wish extra hard. Maybe I will get lucky like Merriweather. 

Wish is definitely a major upgrade from BOB. Merriweather, you are one lucky lady. Let's just say that Merriweather got...double stuffed! Wish can come visit my house next. 

Cassidy, I need you to write a full-length PNR romance next. The More the Merrier is on Santa's naughty list!


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