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Gin is semi retired from living her life as the “Spider”. A deadly assassin. This doesn’t keep Gin out of trouble. Mab is still on the hunt for Spider. What Mab doesn’t know is that Gin is living right under her nose. Mab is lucky that Gin is just waiting for the perfect moment to eliminate Mab.

When Roslyn comes to Gin in need of her assistance. One of Mab’s henchmen, Elliot Slater is after Roslyn. After Roslyn comes to Gin; Gin realizes that it is about time that she do less talking and more butt kicking.

Venom is the third elemental assassin book. To truly enjoy this series to the fullest then I would suggest that you read these books in order, starting with Spider’s Bite. I was already a fan of Ms. Estep before Spider’s Bite but I became an even bigger fan after reading Venom. Gin is one tough cookie. She takes a licking but keeps on ticking. If you ever cross Gin’s bad side, you better count your lucky stars that she kills you quickly. I like the elemental magic that Gin and Mab…

Beat + 2 Free Books

There are three types of addicts…the outer, middle and inner circles. The outer do the light stuff, more dabbing into trying things. The middle are the people do spend a little more time and money focusing on their addictions. Lastly there is the inner circle. These are the hard core people. LAPD homicide detective Hayden Glass is in the middle circle. Hayden’s addiction is sex or porn. Hayden is just about to log off his computer when he sees a link that advertisings real live women. Hayden logs on and this is where Hayden meets Cora.

Hayden tracks Cora down. The next thing Hayden knows, two men come storming into the room and accost Hayden. When Hayden awakes Cora is gone. Hayden soon discovers that he has stumbled upon a large sex ring that is run by the Russian mafia. The FBI asks Hayden for his assistance. There is no turning back for Hayden now. The only question left is…will Hayden make it out alive?

While I liked this book for its gritty story line and though as nails character …


Josephine “Joss” O’Malley is trying really hard to keep her family’s map business afloat. It is hard. Joss’s father used up all their fortune and business has been slow. Joss already has a loan but she needs to ask to borrow more money. It won’t be so bad if the man Joss had to ask to borrow money wasn’t her fiancé, Rogan Reynolds.

Hugh Hawksmoor has come from the past. He is in search of Brand O’Malley. Brand killed his brother. Hugh and Joss don’t really hit things off right away but it isn’t long before Hugh learns that Joss is the daughter of Brand. Now Hugh must decide wheather to seek revenge or let the past become the past.

I liked this book. Aching for Always is the second novel I have read by Mrs. Cready. I found Joss’s fiancé to be mean and crude. So glad that he didn’t make much of an appearance in this story. I liked Joss. She was full of life and personality. While I thought Hugh and Joss were good together, I just wished that I felt a stronger spark between them. For me …

Come...Play Dirty with me!

Six years ago, Haley King testified against one of Los Angeles biggest drug lords, Pedro Gutierrez and that is when her life change. She entered the Witness Protection Program. Now, fast forward to the present. Haley’s boss John has gone missing. Haley turns to the one person she knows she can trust and relay on…her husband, Greg.

Greg and his two grown sons, Marc and Jake run a bounty hunting business. Greg never imagined that he would see Haley again. Well not in the flesh anyways. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that Greg hasn’t thought of Haley. Now that Haley has returned, Greg doesn’t plan to let her leave again. That is if Greg can keep both him and Haley alive. The same person who is involved with John’s disappearance is after Haley.

Play Dirty is the first book in The Bounty Hunters. A brand new series from author, Lorie O’Clare. I got to tell you that if the rest of the books in this series are as fabulous as Play Dirty, then readers are in for a yummy treat. Greg and…

Nightshade is the new Twilight

While out patrolling, Calla comes upon a boy. He is injured and the bear who attacked him is about to finish him off. It is a forbidden rule that no wolf is to show themselves to a human. Calla not only breaks that rule but she also transforms back into a human. If any of the other wolves learn what Calla did, she will be in big trouble.

Calla is the leader of the young Nightshade pack. Ren is the leader of the young Bane pack. Together their union will create a new pack. Calla receives a big surprise when the new boy at school, Seamus “Shay” Doran turns out to be the same boy that she rescued. Will Shay expose Calla?

Nightshade is book one in a brand new series from author, Andrea Cremer. This book will have both teens and adults raving about it. This book lives up to its hype. Nightshade is the new Twilight. Calla is not your shy wallflower. She is a born leader. She knows what she wants and when she has her mind made up there is no turning back. Shay was an interesting character. I n…

Friday Mornings at Nine

Tamara, Bridget, Jennifer are all good friends. They meet up with each other every Friday morning at nine to catch up on what is happening in each other’s lives. Tamara, Bridget, Jennifer love their husbands but lately they all have been feeling like they are in a rut.

You have heard the say…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Well for Tamara, Bridget, and Jennifer; they are willing to consider testing this theory out for themselves. Tamara is tempted by her hot, young neighbor, Aaron. Bridget is tempted by her boss Dr Luke, a dentist. Finally, Jennifer is tempted by her high school sweetheart David. For these three women they will learn that once you cross the line you can never go back.

Friday Mornings at Nine is the second novel from author Marilyn Brant. I just fell in love with this author when I read her first book, According to Jane. So I was excited to read this book. While I like how this story touched on a heavy subject, I just wished that the characters were a l…

The Murder Room

I am a fan of murder mystery. I have to admit though that I have not read a lot of true crime novels. I was excited when I heard about this book. A collection of cold cases that the Vidocq Society solves sounded very intriguing to me. The Vidocq Society is comprised of some of the best detectives and others. The main goal of the Vidocq Society is to try and solve cold cases. Some of the members of the Vidocq Society are Bill Fleisher, a former federal agent turned detective, Richard Walter, a forensic psychologist and criminal profiler and Frank Bender, forensic artist. These are just a few of the men and women who make up the Vidocq Society.

I read a few of the many, many stories in this collection and stopped reading. While I found the cases interesting and the way the Society goes about solving the cases, the writing was dry. Mr. Capuzzo was very precise with the details of the cases. Unfortunately, no matter how interesting the cases may have seemed, it could not outweigh the dry …

She is Beautiful Malice

A tragic accident involving Katherine’s younger sister rips Katherine’s family apart. Katherine can’t stand the guilt she feels. So she packs up and starts a brand new life for herself in a new city.

Katherine quickly makes new friends with Alice Parrie. Alice is the most popular girl in school. Alice is not shy and always speaks her mind, unlike Katherine. At first Katherine just kind of goes along with Alice but as more time passes, Katherine experiences Alice’s dark side and it is ugly. By this time Katherine is in so deep that Alice doesn’t want to let Katherine go.

Beautiful Malice is the debut novel from author, Rebecca James. Wow, this book was addicting like…candy. I felt that Katherine held her own with Alice. Alice was a very powerful character. I almost felt sorry for Alice but then she would do something that would have me despising her again. I like how the story would flashback to the tragedy involving Katherine’s sister a little at a time. It make the intensity levels hig…

A Memory Between Us + Giveaway

Ruth Doherty works as a nurse helping the wounded in the war. Major Jack Novak Jr. airplane crashes. Jack is lucky to have survived. Jack awakes in the hospital to the most beautiful image. Though Jack is drugged up on morphine and feeling no pain, he knows that Ruth is his. In fact he tells her that he is going to marry her. Ruth laughs Jack’s comments of. Ruth is used to the men that she cares for thinking they are in love with her. Ruth knows she is not as pretty as the other women and besides she is too busy with her work to date anyone.

Jack can’t wait to get back up in the sky. Unfortunately for him, he is grounded for at least a month. Jack is smitten by Ruth. Jack senses that Ruth is different from other women. He tries to pursed her with gifts but that doesn’t really work. Can Jack convince Ruth that she belongs with him?

A Memory Between Us is book two of the Wings of Glory novels. It can be read as a stand alone novel. Just like Mrs. Sundin’s first novel, A Distinct Memory, I…

The Snowflake

The year is 1897 in Alaska.

Ellen Pierce and her brother, Jonah along with several others are traveling to Dawson City. The ship that they were traveling on gets stuck in ice. There is only one option…travel by sled and snow dogs across the frozen tundra to Dawson City. The trek will be very dangerous. Luckily for Ellen and her brother, Buck Lewis volunteers to lead the group to Dawson City.

I first was introduced to Mrs. Carie when I read Love’s First Light. I really enjoyed that book and Mrs. Carie’s writing style. I then read her next book Angel’s Den and also enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get into her latest book, The Snowflake. While I found the story to be sweet, I found it to be a little too sweet. What I mean by this is that while I liked Ellen and Buck together and I liked the story; I felt that there needed to be more meat to the story line. The action wasn’t intense enough for me.

On the other hand, I was actually happy when Ellen’s brother, Jonah was no longer …

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It Writes Itself: A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction is an innovative how-to book on creative writing that helps writers enter into their fictional worlds so vividly, that writing becomes the act of listening, watching and writing down what happens. With easy to follow exercises which combine improv techniques and creative visualization, Raulino takes you on a creativity freeing trip that serves as the anchor to the very best writing you can produce.

Raulino shares twenty-one exercises designed to bolster your confidence and free your writing muse. The book is ideal for both inexperienced and seasoned writers. If you're hung up on writers' block, you'll find new ideas and solutions in this book.

The book's author Susannah Raulino is an accomplished screenwriter and active participant in the improv scene in Austin, TX.

Everything in the book is designed to help writers be totally involved in the creative process of writing.

"I wrote this book to share a process I create…

The draws blood!

In the first book, The Strain, the human race was attacked by a weird parasite. The parasite caused an unusual effect on humans turning them into vampires. The first book ended with readers being introduced to the Master. The second book, The Fall continues right on from the first.

The Master is out roaming the world, trying to control the vampires and make more. It appears that there is no one that can stop the Master. Even the “Old” vampires are fighting with the “New” vampires.

Eph Goodweather is the head of the Centers for Disease Control. He along with Setrakian and a few other humans are slaying their way hoping to find a way to stop the Master. Eph is a bit distracted by his ex-wife, Kelly. She was turned into a vampire. Eph fears for his son, Zack, who Kelly wants to, turn him into a vampire. There is only one way to stop the Master…there is a book that describes the ancient ways and all about the history of the vampires. Whoever possesses the book holds great power.

The Fall …

Review Opp 2-New coming of age/teen book: Popularity Genie in a Bottle

In their new coming of age and self-help work, mother and daughter authors Cristina and Donatella Fragiale address today's relevant teen issues of bullying and popularity in a clever, mystical time travel tale that is part parable, part allegory, part myth and part apocalyptic vision.

Mt. Laurel, NJ - Sep 22, 2010 - Authors Donatella and Cristina Fragiale announce the release of Popularity Genie in a Bottle. This mystical coming of age tale takes Isabella, who like any teen wants nothing more than to be popular, back in time - courtesy of a mysterious genie - to learn what true popularity is. The story climaxes when Isabella meets the ultimate "king of kings," who shows Isabella how to unlock the GENIE power within. In the process, she discovers how to soar like an eagle and command the whole universe to subdue to her-and so can any reader.

When Isabella is whisked back to the present, she'll get an up-close look at what it's really like to be popular today. What f…

Review Opp-New chick-lit/mystery: Sugar Tower

NEW YORK - Sep 22, 2010 - Veteran real estate broker, Jessica Dee Rohm, who has sold multi-million dollar condominiums for developers from Manhattan to Moscow, comes SUGAR TOWER! Set in today's Manhattan, Sugar Tower is a sharp and funny tale of a woman forced to reinvent herself as the platforms she built her life upon are dissolving beneath her feet. With uncanny perceptiveness, this novel delves into recent societal shifts that impact us all - the real estate bubble, the transience of wealth, the changing face of print journalism - in the context of a murder mystery that titillates and dazzles from beginning to end. The question on everyone's lips: Is Sugar Tower fiction...or fact?

In Sugar Tower, the great real estate crash has pulled the rug out from under one of New
York's best known developers. While he struggles to keep his family dynasty afloat, his wife is found dead in the swimming pool of his newest trophy condominium, Sugar Tower. The newspaper reporter covering…

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In her intelligent and well conceived new science fiction work, novelist Virginia Luman presents the New America of 2055, the last nation on earth after the "Hydra-plague" and a country under the thumb of those who have learned how to keep men grounded in one dimension of the space-time continuum.

Nacogdoches, TX - Sep 21, 2010 - Author Virginia Luman announces the release of The Lords of Time. Her debut science fiction work illustrates a future we are capable of achieving -- or avoiding -- as she leads her young hero, Thomas Smiles, through a post- apocalyptic New America to the realization that no machine can ever measure drive, ambition or the intangible dreams of the human spirit.

In 2055 the Hydra-plague has left only New America in its wake. It is the last nation on earth and is a country that recognizes no enemies, has no allies and knows no war.

Young Thomas Smiles has entered college, but his attention on his studies is increasingly interrupted by memories of either pa…

Minotaur Books invites you for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Bouchercon!


Mrs. Edwards blends romance with cooking to serve up a tasty morsel with Just One Taste.

Wes Murphy is a bit of a play boy but a really good chef. Wes is honing his skills at the Academy of Culinary Arts. Wes is almost done. He can’t wait. The classes are so boring. Wes has only one class left…Food Chemistry 101.

Dr. Rosemary Wilkins is filling in as a replacement for Food Chemistry 101. Things just got more interesting for Wes, when he meets Rosemary. Who knew that there were so many different aphrodisiacs?

Just One Taste is the third book in the Recipe for Love trilogy. I have enjoyed every one of these books. Wes and Rosemary sizzle together both in and out of the kitchen. I like that Rosemary was able to school Wes a little but on the same hand, Wes was able to return the favor to Rosemary by showing her how to let loose some and have fun. Wes is the type of guy any woman would be lucky to have. He is good looking and knows how to cook. Rosemary started out kind of like the ugly duckling but by the end of the book, she had blossomed into a beautiful flower. There are a …


After being dumped by his longtime girlfriend, twenty-eight-year-old Justin Halpern found himself living at home with his seventy-three-year-old dad. Sam Halpern, who is "like Socrates, but angrier, and with worse hair," has never minced words, and when Justin moved back home, he began to record all the ridiculous things his dad said to him on a Twitter page that now boasts more than 1.5 million followers.

Now, with a #1 New York Times bestselling memoir and an upcoming sitcom on CBS starring William Shatner, Justin and It Books would like to hear some of the sh*t YOUR dad says!

Send us the funny sh*t your dad says (in no more than 140 characters, of course), and you could be randomly selected to receive a trip for two to a taping of the new CBS show, $#*! My Dad Says, in Los Angeles this Fall. Justin will pick some of the best entries to appear on his blog!

Three runners-up winners will each receive one signed copy of Sh*t My Dad Says

Review Opp 2

LONDON - Sep 20 , 2010 - The Naturals, written by Sharon R C Petersen, is 170 pages long and has more than 50 beautiful illustrations. It includes ten heart-warming, connecting stories for 4-10 year olds, humorously reflecting a sense of belonging within our natural world, and embracing children, parents and grandparents alike.

Does Windy have good intentions when she blows an old lady's umbrella away? Is Snowy being mischievous when she stops Foxy's father from finding him before nightfall, or does her protective white blanket actually save the young fox cub's life? Is Moony's bright light merely a nuisance to Tiny Mouse when she's trying to sleep, or do his beams have a purpose when she gets lost one night deep in the woods?

These captivating stories show children in a fun and emotive way just how special and wonderful our natural world is, and helps to inspire within young hearts and minds a sense of connection and belonging which, in turn encourages them to want …

Review Opp

Clayton, CA, Sep 17, 2010 - When author Nicole Arbelo first discovered a website dedicated to helping US soldiers abroad, she quickly signed up to help, sending care packages and letters of support to several military canine handlers and their dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nicole never dreamed her efforts would culminate in a book about military working dogs and their handlers. She releases K9 Heroes; Together We Protect , Defend, and Conquer As One. It's a stirring collection of true stories of courage and duty, love and loss, as told by the men and women serving with military working dogs

Since the War on Terror began, no other book has been written about the teamwork of K9 handlers and their four-legged partners serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military dogs have long been used in combat, but when their service was over they were often euthanized or left behind. Today, when their tour of duty is over, these furry heroes are treated with more respect and honored for th…

A Hope Undaunted

The year is 1929.

Katie O’Connor, her boyfriend, Jack and some of there friends are hanging out at a restaurant. It is almost 10 pm. Katie is hungry. Jack hollers for the soda jerk to come take their order. The guy is not intimidated by Katie or her boyfriend. Katie has shocked as she has never met anyone who did not bow down to her every wish. Katie is so mad but to make her evening worse, she comes home past her curfew. Her father puts his foot down and tells Katie that for her punishment, she has to give up her summer to help volunteer at the Boston Children’s Aid Society.

Katie is not thrilled with the idea. Katie gets the surprise of her life when she learns that Luke will be helping out as well as associate director. Will Katie have the summer of her life?

A Hope Undaunted is book one in the Winds of Change series. Julie Lessman is a new to me author. I truly, absolutely loved this book. Mrs. Lessman is a prolific writer. I was instantly transported back in time with Katie. At firs…

Chatting with author, Stephanie Draven ( authographed books and other goodies)

Hello. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.
Thanks so much for having me here as your guest!

I read that you have always been a story teller, even scaring your class mates in school. Can you share who some of your favorite story tellers are?

I have a favorite author in just about every genre, so I won’t name them all, but can I be cheeky and name Homer? He really did capture the ancient Greek stories that inspired my new Mythica series for Harlequin!

What is your favorite movie?Oh, wow. Do I have to pick just one? Well, I won’t! You can’t make me! Let me just rattle off a few of them. My favorite movies are Gone with the Wind and that splashy Hollywood version of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor. I’m also partial to Dangerous Liaisons and Dangerous Beauty. You might think these movies have nothing to do with the paranormal romance that I write, but they all have a few things in common...including bad girl heroines!

What is the difference between mythology v…

Poison Kisses and Stephanie Draven

As if having a controlling father was bad, it is worse when he is Ares…God of War. Kyra does not want to follow in her father’s footsteps. That is why she has made it her personal mission to stop her father anyway she can. Kyra knows the best way to piss off her father is to go after Greek weapon’s dealer, Marco Kaisiris.

When Marco meets Kyra is not until ideal circumstances. Marco is blown away by Kyra in a good way. Marco has never met anyone like Kyra. He doesn’t know whether to tied her up or kiss her?

Poisoned Kisses is deadly but deliciously yummy like your man’s kisses. Poisoned Kisses is a new book in a new series from Harlequin…the Mythica series. Stephanie Draven spinned some of her magic on me. Kyra is one tough woman. She kicks butt and takes names. I am sure glad I was not the one on her bad side. Marco is good looking. It was easy to see why I thought what Kyra and Marco had going on between them was good. This book had a lot of action. Kyra and Marco were constantly movi…

Running Around (and Such)

Lizzie Glick is the youngest in the family. It seems she can never do anything right. She is always getting yelled at. Lizzie just wants to make friends and not be in rush to grow up like her two sisters, Emma and Mandy.

Lizzie’s Dat informs his family that they are moving. They are going to move to a farm and become farmers. Lizzie’s Ma is not thrilled and worries how this move with affect Emma and Mandy. Lizzie is forced to help work when her Ma gets sick and ends up in the hospital. How will Lizzie handle the pressures of going from a young girl into a lady?

Running Around (and Such) is book one in Lizzie Searches for Love series. I enjoy reading about the old country and the Amish people. One of my favorite authors who’s books feature Amish people is Beverly Lewis. When I saw that author Linda Byler had a new series focused around the Amish, I had to check it out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for it as much as I had hoped. I couldn’t find a connection with the characters. I slight…

It is not a Sacrifice to read and enjoy a really impressive novel

Maliha Crayne was reborn into a vicious executioner. She was imprisoned to a demon by the name of Rabishu. She was his right hand woman for 300 hundred years. She was able to find a loophole and be set free. Ever since then, Maliha has been trying to right all the wrongs she did.

Someone has wiped out an entire village. The person or people behind this attack are dangerous. Only a weapon so massive and powerful could do something like this. Maliha will have her hands full. As if things weren’t already bad enough, someone wants to take her out. A group of immortal assassins are just a few steps behind Maliha with just one goal…eliminate Maliha. If Maliha wants any chance of living out her freedom and saving innocent lives, she just may have to make the ultimate sacrifice…surrender to the darkness once more.

Sacrifice is the second Mortal Path book. The first one is titled, Dark Time. I would recommend that you read these books in order to really get the most out of them. I read Dark Time…

Hardcover Mysteries"; three mystery authors - David Baldacci, Sandra Brown and Kathy Reichs -

In honor of this year's National Book Festival, we're hosting an author event at the Library of Congress - "Hardcover Mysteries"; three mystery authors - David Baldacci, Sandra Brown and Kathy Reichs - will discuss what real life cases/investigations inspired their fictional works.

The public event is hosted by Investigation Discovery (ID), the criminal justice/investigative arm of the Discovery family, and the Library of Congress, and will take place next Monday, 9/20 at 7 pm. Tix for the event are available via Ticketmaster for a small fee ($2.75 per ticket plus service charges).
** We'll also offer a live webcast of the event at
** And we'll be livetweeting from the event @DiscoveryID

Later this fall, ID will launch a TV series under the same name - Hardcover Mysteries - which will profile eight novelists (including the three above) who will all explore the crossover from fact to fiction.
- The other authors in the TV series…

Pretty Little Things…shines!

If thirteen year old, Lainey Emerson didn’t have her computer and her best friend, Molly Brosnan, then Lainey would go crazy. Lainey’s mom is constantly working, her little brother is annoying and her step father wants nothing to do with Lainey.

Lately, Lainey has been preoccupied chatting online with Zach aka “ElCapitan”. ElCapitan is Zach’s online screen name. Lainey and Zach have hits things off nicely. In fact Zach has just asked Lainey out of a date. Something goes terribly wrong and Lainey does not return. It takes two days before Lainey’s mother calls to report her missing.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Special Agent Supervisor Bobby Dees is on the case. Bobby is haunted by nightmares of his daughter going missing and he couldn’t save her. Now, Bobby has made it is mission to try and rescue as many missing children or at least solve their cases. Can Bobby find Lainey in time or will she end up a cold case?

I have never read anything by author, Jilliane Hoffman. Pret…

Calling all Music Fans...Reviewers needed!

Need music reviewers for!

The opportunity is still open for seasoned music review writers to join our staff at If you've got excellent chops, a sharp perspective, and want to make some cash for doing what you love (writing about music), email of the following items in one email to ReviewYou Editor Phil Putnam ( ):

- A few lines about who you are and what makes you tick
- The genres of music you write about
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- 3 album reviews you've written

Review Opp 2

Lee's Summit, MO - Sept 15, 2010 - Just after learning the fatal news that he was losing his battle with testicular cancer, Ian made one request. The young man asked his mother, Karen McWhirt, to write a book about his experiences with late-stage cancer and treatment-the elements of cancer that no one talks about-to raise awareness of testicular cancer, the most common cancer in young men. Now, five years after Ian's death, Together We Will Win has been published and Ian's message lives on.

The book's title-Together We Will Win-reveals Ian's personal motto. The subtitle- What Happens When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer: A Young Man's Story- illustrates the purpose behind the book: to increase awareness of this disease and to illustrate the consequences when testicular cancer goes undiagnosed for too long. Ian wanted all young men to learn about the symptoms of testicular cancer in order to avoid the suffering and intensity of late-stage cancer treatme…

Review Opp

Author Roger Wilson's latest paranormal action and adventure novel pits four heroes, struggling to re-find their identities, against the evils of Satan which have been released on humanity just as had been predicted by Christ in the ancient parchment found in a Himalayan cave in 1735.

Bayonne, NJ - Sept 16, 2010 - Novelist Roger Wilson today announced the release of Phantom Four, Children of the Grave. An exciting blend of horror, mystery, comedy and romance, Wilson's novel slowly unveils the amazingly powerful, but equally cursed powers of darkness four brothers suddenly find within their own souls.

In 1735 a Caucasian woman in her early forties uses a professor to translate the message she has found in a Himalayan cave. A prediction from Christ before the disciples started following him, His words name the arrival of Satan on Earth and the four dark warriors who will be born to protect the innocent through the use of the unimaginable powers of darkness they will be given to fi…

One Fine Cowboy will make you want to kick up your cowboy boots and do the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Charlie Banks wants to go back to New Brunswick where she belongs…the city. Though first Charlie must survive Latigo Ranch in Wyoming. She is doing a grad paper on horse whispering. Charlie is almost to the ranch when her car breaks down. She is rescued by a tall, dark and sexy cowboy. His name is Nate Shawcross. It just so happens that Nate is the man Charlie was looking for. She heard he was the best horse whisper around. Unfortunately for Charlie, Nate wants nothing to do with helping her with her grad paper and no longer teaches seminars. Charlie is hanging out at the ranch until her vehicle is fixed. How long can a city girl make it in the country?

One Fine Cowboy is the latest novel from author, Joanne Kennedy. I am a fan of cowboys and so author Joanne and I are a good fit. I first got a taste of what Mrs. Kennedy had to offer with her first book, Cowboy Trouble, so I was expecting the same with this book. I was in for a big surprise, I absolutely loved this book more then the f…

I can guarantee you that My Lost Daughter will not be lost as you will find a permanent

Lily Forrester is preparing for a really high profile case. Lily is a judge. Though, Lily is really busy, she is worried about her daughter, Shana. Shana is not attending her classes and avoiding her calls. Lily rushes to Shana’s aid. Shana is having a mental breakdown. Lily can’t stop what she is doing to watch and care for Shana, so she admits Shana to Whitehall, a psychiatric hospital.
While Lily is occupied with the trial case, Shana is in hell…literally. There is something not right with the doctors and nurses at Whitehall.

My Lost Daughter is the first book I have read by author, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I can now report that Nancy is going on my list of authors to read more books from. This book will get your adrenaline pumping. The moments where I found that I was most intrigued was when the storyline would focus on Shana and what was happening to her. The rest of the story was good but just not as interesting. The ending was a surprise to me. I did not see it coming. This is ver…

Review Opp

The Birth of an Assassin by Tony Bertot

Surprise, AZ - Sept 14, 2010 - In this prequel to The Heart of an Assassin, the reader will enter the world of Theo Gresco on a journey that led him into a life of crime and betrayal. His youth was stolen, his trust eroded and his destiny predicted a path of vengeance.

The Birth of an Assassin follows the life of a young man whose personal tragedies transform him from a carefree innocent boy into a cold hearted and deadly assassin. Also during this era, the rise of the Giordano and Costellino crime families is also followed.

The Heart of an Assassin tells the story of a man hired to take out the head of an organization and how a single solitary act propelled a crime family into becoming one of the most influential and innovative syndicates to exist. The Birth of an Assassin brings the reader to the beginning.

It delves into the life and mind of a person who can kill without regard or feeling for his intended victims or for the people that hire him…


This book starts out in the year 1963.

Chandler Forrestal was just an innocent victim. He met Naz, a nice woman who spiked his drink, only she didn’t slip him a roofie. Naz gave Chandler a bunch of LCD. As if things aren’t out of this world crazy enough when you are under the influence of mind altering drugs. Chandler Suddenly, Chandler starts experiencing some mental changes. Chandler believes that he has uncovered the true facts about President Kennedy’s assassination. Everyone is involved from…the Mafia, CIA, and FBI to the Russians. It is going to be one roller coaster ride.

Shift is book one of the Gates of Orpheus Trilogy. I have never read anything by either Mr. Kring or Mr. Peck. I thought this book had some good potential. I admit though that it started out really slowly for me. In fact I put this book down about a third of the way into it and walked away. It wasn’t because I didn’t like this book but because it too me a while to get into it. I wanted the book to move faster th…

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Life in the Slow Lane: Surviving a Tour of Duty in Driver’s Education

Mr. Sullivan never dreamed he would become a Driving Instructor. In fact you would not guess it from all the different degrees Mr. Sullivan held. He has a Bachelors in History, minor in Business, Masters in Agricultural Economics and an associate’s degree in Cartography. It was when Mr. Sullivan had enough of his job that he decided to look for something new and different. Mr. Sullivan saw an ad on Craigslist for Drivers Education instructors. Mr. Sullivan decided to go for it. He liked teaching and he thought it would give him an insight about a typical American teenager. Boy did Mr. Sullivan get more then he bargained for. I guess you could blame it on “Car-ma”.

Life in the Slow Lane: Surviving a Tour of Duty in Driver’s Education by Thomas M Sullivan. This book had me laughing and smiling pretty much the whole way through it. The way Mr. Sullivan could make fun of himself was great. Example would be when Mr. Sullivan had an dentist appointment and Mr. Sullivan puts down Chippendale …

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Have you been Chosen?

Chloe Pinter is the director of Chosen Child’s adoption program. Chloe loves her job, especially when she can put another file in her “Completed Adoptions” drawer. Chloe’s latest couple awaiting a baby is Mr. and Mrs. McAdoos. They will be adopting a baby boy from Jason and Penny. Jason and Penny are a young couple that are desperate for money.

Then there are the Novas. They have been trying desperately to get pregnant. They finally have. When a baby is stolen, everyone including Chloe start thinking about what is really important in life.

If you are adopted you have probably wondered at a time of two in your life…What would have happened if I hadn’t been adopted…Who were my birth parents like…Why did they give me up?

Chosen by Chandra Hoffman is fictional but it is based on real experiences Mrs. Hoffman had. It was amazing that Chosen is Mrs. Hoffman’s debut novel. It feels like it is her fifth book. I was very impressed with this book. It had great depth, a strong storyline and good ch…