Book Review: One Night


Duke Sullivan is the oldest brother of my family’s hated rival. He also happens to be my good morning text and the man I have no right to have a secret crush on. Duke is strictly forbidden.
After months of keeping our friendship hidden, the stars align, sparks ignite, and we finally give into temptation.

Knowing our relationship could never be more than stolen glances and longing looks, we agree to stay secret friends––until two pink lines change everything.
With our small town and both our families in an uproar, Duke does the unthinkable.
He packs up my belongings and moves me into his house. Despite agreeing to weather the storm together and to try to figure out how to co-parent, living with Duke proves nearly impossible.

Every soft smirk, every brush of his calloused hand against my sensitive skin makes me want to burst into flames. It becomes clear, despite the feud, Duke is relentlessly going after what he wants and I think that might be . . . me.

I’m the quiet daughter with the wrong last name, but it’s obvious he wants so much more than just one night.

My Review

I was so looking forward to reading Duke's story. Lena did not disappoint me. I loved this book so much. The Romeo and Juliet vibes were strong in this story. Not to mention the grumpy/sunshine vibes as well. The best of both tropes. Duke just may be my favorite Sullivan. 

With every text that were exchanged between Duke and Sylvie, the anticipation grew stronger of their first kiss. While it was a short one, it was still full of passion. Although, nothing was hotter than these two's first time together. Talk about steamy moments. Love these two. Also, Duke can text me all the cat facts he knows. 

The Sullivans and Kings are slowly repairing their rivalry. Yet that does not mean some witty banter and pranks can't still happen. 


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