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A World I Never Made

I want to thank Mr. LePore for sending me a copy of his book to review.

Pat Nolan has been estranged from his daughter, Megan for a long time. The last time he spoke to her was when she called him on Christmas day. Since then he has not heard a word from her. So you can imagine his surprise when he receives a farewell letter from Megan. She committed suicide.

Pat travels half way around the world to retrieve his daughter’s remains. When he arrives in Paris, he learns that Megan gave birth to a son. He also discovers that Megan was not in Paris the whole time but living in Morocco. Pat suspects something is up. Even though he and Megan have not had the best of relationships, he can not believe she would leave her son motherless. Pat decides to retrace Megan’s steps, so he can solve what really happened to her. Things go from bad to worse really quickly. Pat is now the enemies of both the French authorities and a group of international terrorists.

When Megan was in Morocco, she fell in lov…

What's in an Accent? with Amelia Grey

I am pleased to have author Amelia Grey stopping by today. Her latest release is titled A Duke to Die For.

That Accent!

By Amelia Grey

All right, I admit that I am one of those ladies who go wild over a British accent.

Perhaps you watched Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago when Hugh Laurie (better known as House) was the host. One of the skits was where two of the ladies on SNL were interviewing Laurie. They didn’t care what he said. They just wanted to hear Hugh talk! (I think he’s Australian, but that’s close enough to British). And they drooled and panted over every word he said. I was laughing so hard. I just kept thinking that’s me! I’m just that silly over a British accent. Maybe it’s because I grew up during the British invasion. Ah—not the Revolutionary War invasion but the music one; the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits.

When I was in middle school I used to go around faking a British accent. I must have sounded so goofy to my friends, but they were kind enough not t…

Riding on Instinct

I want to thank Kathryn with Penguin for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Department of Justice agent Shadoe Grayson has just signed on to help the Wild Riders. The Wild Riders are a group of bikers that work for the US government. Their latest case is to identify a DEA rogue agent, who is helping the Colombians bring in illegal drugs. The only clue the Wild Riders have is that the drugs are being transported through a strip club in New Orleans. Agent Shadoe plans to go undercover as a head lining stripper but first she has to convince bad boy and one of the Wild Riders, Spencer King that she is not the stuck up bitch he thinks she is. Agent Grayson not only convinces Spence that she is more than qualified for the job but leaves him wanting her body from head to toe. Things are about to really heat up in New Orleans.

The sexual attraction between Shadoe and Spence is so hot that it burns! The characters in this story were captivating and had a great sense of humor. They all mes…

Watch out for the Dragon!

I have been getting into reading and reviewing more children's books as my nephews are at that age that they can understand the words and the story. I thought The Suburban Dragon would be a fun book. My five year old nephew lost interest immediately. What he didn't like was the fact that there was a girl mentioned in the book. A sister and two brothers. He thought it was about girls and didn't like it. (Boys, what can you say about them).

What I found interesting was that the words had too many syllables. The story could have ended about ten pages ago. For a five year old, I think this book is too much for them but too simple for the older crowd. I did like the illustrations as they were very colorful and author, Garasamo Maccagnone had a good imagination. Overall, I thought The Suburban Dragon had lost his fire.

The Medicine People

I want to thank Mike Simpson with Second Wind Publishing for sending me this book to review.
Ben Whitekiller has returned. He is like the prodigal son. Only for Ben this reunion won't be filled with smiling faces. Twenty five years ago, Ben was accused of murdering his wife and killing two police officers.

Ben barely steps out of the car when he is met at gun point by Office Ace Adams. Officer Adams was one of the officers that fatal night that Ben supposedly went crazy and started shooting. There is no love lost between Ben and Adams. Office Daniel Hook, the newest policeman to join the force, suspects something isn't right with the events of that night, twenty five years ago. He believes Ben is innocent. As Officer Hook digs into uncovering the truth, he discovers a connection between himself and Ben that could change everything Daniel knows.

Daniel is a very nice, caring, and kind hearted man. I instantly liked him as well as Ben Whitekiller. Officer Ace Adams did a good job …

The Zombie Chicken Award

I was awarded this from J. Kaye

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all...

I award the following bloggers. Because I can't just choose five! Julie with Becky with Naida with Dar with Bingo with Becky with

Contests, Contests and more Contests

Hello. As promised I bring to you a huge audio contest. Also because I will not be on the interest as much for a while and won't have the daily posts, I hope this satifys you all for a little while. I promise to be back soon.

Courtesy of Hachette. I am giving away 3 copies of each. Yes 3 copies of each audio book. Open to US and Canada only and no PO Boxes.

Up for grabs are the following:

Run for your Life by James Patterson
Drood by Dan Simmons
The Accountant's Story by Roberto Escobar
Max by James Patterson
Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer
Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gillman
The Age of the Unthinkable by Roberto Escobar
Women's Murder Club by James Patterson

The rules are simple. Comment with which ones you want to enter. If you want to go for all then say all.

If you are a follower you get an extra entry.

If you spread the word then you get one more entry.

I will pick the winners April 25th.

You won't get No Sanctuary here.

Officer Stacey Wilbur is called onto the scene of horrible car crash. The car is wrapped around a tree. There is onle one person in the car...a woman. At first it seems like a pretty cut and dry case. Upon futher digging, Stacey learns that the woman was shot to death, neatly behind the ear. The woman was Mallory Cookmeyer. She is the wife of a prominant pastor's wife.

Stacey calls for help on this case. Detective Doug Milligan, Stacey's friend and somewhat boyfriend agrees to lend a hand to Stacey. Instantly as with any murder case, the spouse is the lead suspect. It seems that Stacey may not need to look any father then the husband. He sure never acted with any remorse when he was notifed of his wife's death. Stacey learns though that everything is not what it seems in this town. The pastor was not the only one who's hands are covered in blood. As Stacey gets more involved in the case, the list of suspects grows. Just who wants Mallory dead and for what reason? You ca…

Carrie Vaughn's interview


Werewolves in Colorado

I am happy to be part of this blog tour for author, Carrie Vaughn. She writes the Kitty series.

Her latest releases are Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand and Kitty Raises Hell.

Here is a complete list in order by the latest release dates

Kitty Raises Hell, Grand Central Publishing, 2009

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand, Grand Central Publishing, 2009

Kitty and the Silver Bullet, Grand Central Publishing, 2008.

Kitty Takes a Holiday, Warner Books/Hachette Book Group, 2007

Kitty Goes to Washington, Warner Books, 2006

Kitty and The Midnight Hour, Warner Books, 2005

Sorry I do not have a review for you as I was sick and almost 100% better. You can check out all the other blogs for some great reviews on this series though. For a list of the other blogs participating on this blog tour go here

Carrie's website

The Dawning of Power

I want to give a big thank you to Mr. Rathbone for sending me a copy of his book to review. Young Catrin Volker was just a normal girl…that is till that fatal day. All Catrin remembers is walking home from school and trying to help her friend, Osbourne from being pummeled to death by a group of townies. One moment Catrin feared that she would soon breathe her last breath and the next moment she was waking up in what can only be described as some kind of nightmare. Osbourne and Catrin were alive and so were the townies…barely.

All of the townsfolk are now looking at Catrin like she is some kind of witch. Which wouldn’t be so terrible if Catrin wasn’t going through a change. Something is happening to her. Days pass. Suddenly out of nowhere a comet appears in the sky. The once peaceful town of Godfist is attacked. Benji a friend of Catrin’s father whisks Catrin, Osbourne, and a few other people away from Godfist. Benji reveals to Catrin that is not just her father’s friend but guardian to…


Hello All and Good Morning. I am sorry that I have not had some new reviews for you. I suddenly became really, really sick and that is why I have also not commented on your posts. I am feeling much better and will get back on schedule again.

Look for some interesting and fun book reviews as well as contests (hint, hint) to come your way soon.


Read-A Fest

J. Kaye is hosting this fun Read-A-Fest. It focuses on Lisa Jackson and her books. You can sign up here. All you have to do is list which of her many books you plan on reading. It is that easy.

I am listing the ones I currently own and have not read yet but plan to pick up more for this read-a-fest.

The Morning After
Almost Dead

Are you a Wintergirl?

Lia met Cassandra “Cassie” when they were both in grade school. Lia was the popular one. Cassie got picked one for being new and maturing before most of the other girls. You wouldn’t imagine Lia and Cassie having anything in common but they shared a lot in common. Like any friends as you grow up you sometimes move apart. This was no different for Lia and Cassie.

Lia and Cassie just wanted to be normal girls and fit in. It is not easy when people around you are have opinions about you, in addition to the many ads that pictured super models as so called “real people”. Cassie and Lia want to be skinny. All they have to do is count calories and essentially not eat anything. Why can’t everyone understand? They all act they care but they don’t really; even Dr. Parker is happy when he hears what he wants to hear.

Wintergirls is a powerful story that touches on the sensitive subject of anorexia. When you inquire into in any touchy subjects, it can be sticky but author, Laurie Halse Anderson doe…

Chatting with Jan Stites

As you all have learned by now I love introducing new authors to the rest of my readers. Today is no exception. I was delighted when author Jan Stites emailed me and asked if I wanted to interview her. Her book has received many rave reviews.

Thank you so much for this interview.

Thank you. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to reach out to readers.

Can you please share a little bit about yourself.

I love to write, except of course for those days when I’m tempted to hurl my computer through the window because I can’t seem to find the right words. Lots of people ask me how I have the discipline to spend so much time writing, but to me it doesn’t take discipline because it’s what I love to do. Going to the gym takes discipline. I regard gym workouts with about as much enthusiasm as I have for jury duty.
Teaching was my second passion. I’ve taught middle school in inner-city and affluent public schools in Missouri and California. I’ve also worked in village schools in Kenya and Mexico, and…

Rubies in the Orchard

I want to thank Janny for sending me a copy of Rubies in the Orchard to review.

Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business by Lynda Resnick gives an inside look into how to turn silver and gold into diamonds. Lynda and her husband, Stewart own POM Wonderful, Teleflora, Fiji Water, and The Franklin Mint. They did not get where they are today without pure grit and determination.

Lynda and Stewart own acres and acres of land in California. When they bought the land, one of the food items that was growing there were these red, round balls known as pomegranates. They didn’t know much about them other then they knew they needed to do something with them but what? Lynda and Stewart researched all they could about pomegranates and learned from many medical experts that this fruit provides very many essential health benefits. Now many people were taking advantage of what the pomegranate had to offer; in fact there was less then one-third of the population that even k…

Galway Bay

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for letting me be a part of this blog tour. In honor of St. Patrick's Day and reading Galway Bay. I thought this poem seemed fitting to share.

SONG OF INNISFAIL by Thomas Moore from The Poetry and Song of Ireland

They came from a land beyond the sea,
And now o'er the western main

Set sail, in the good ships, gallantly,

From the sunny land of Spain.

"Oh, where's the Isle we've seen in dreams,

Our destined home or grave?"

Thus sung they as, by the morning's beams,

The swept the Atlantic wave.

And lo, where afar o'er ocean shines

A sparkle of radiant green,

As though in that deep lay emerald mines,

Whose light through the wave was seen.

"'Tis Innisfail - 'tis Innisfail!"Rings o'er the echoing sea,

While bending to heaven, the warriors hail

That home of the brave and free.

Then turn'd they unto the Eastern wave,

Where now their Day-God's eye

A look of such sunny omen gave

As lighted up sea and sky.

Nor frown …

A Pure Double Cross

Yesterday you got to learn a little bit about author John Knorle. Hopefully after reading his guest post you have already added his book to your list to read and if not after my review I hope you do add it.

The year was 1945. Hal Schroeder used to be s spy for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Upon his return from behind enemy lines in Germany, Hal is so ready to relax; through he will miss the excitement that only a spy could relate to. Hal will have to wait to retire just a little longer. The FBI wants to recruit Hal for a bank heist. Yes, you did read right…the FBI is planning a bank heist, in fact a couple of bank heists. The plan is for Hal to integrate himself into the mob and steal the money. This way the FBI has some evidence to pin on crime boss Teddy Briggslavski otherwise known as Mr. Big.

At first Hal is reluctant to partake in any of the FBI’s dealings but after they sweeten the deal, Hal agrees. What the FBI or the mob doesn’t know is that Hal is about to engage in a…

Hanging out with author John Knoerle

I am happy to be part of this great blog tour for author, John Knoerle. Today is about getting to know Mr. Knoerle a little bit. Come back tomorrow and read my review on his book A Pure Double Cross: Book One of the American Spy Trilogy.


John Knoerle’s first novel, “Crystal Meth Cowboys,” was optioned by Fox for a TV series. His second novel, “The Violin Player,” won the Mayhaven Award for Fiction. His new novel, “A Pure Double Cross,” is Book One of the American Spy Trilogy. John lives with his wife in Chicago. You can learn more about John Knoerle at


Cleveland, Ohio, 1945. Hal Schroeder returns from a two-year stint behind German lines as an undercover agent for the OSS. The horrors of war have left him bitter and cynical. He is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a local mob that is pulling bank heists. The feds have concocted a sting operation to capture the head of the gang and they want Hal to execute it. He agrees. B…

The Sunday Salon

I want to thank Kathleen Carter for sending me a copy of this book to review.

All Samantha Friedman ever wanted was to live a perfect life with the perfect family. Unfortunately what we ask for is not always what we actually receive. Samantha and her husband, Bob tried for a long time to have a child. The doctor told them that they should start thinking about adoption. That was seventeen years ago. Samantha would never trade anything in the world for her adopted daughter, Cammy. By some miracle Samantha was finally able to give birth to Andrew and Jamie.

Samantha and Cammy used to be real close. Cammy always had just the right words to cheer Samanthaup. Now a days, they barely speak to one another. Cammy has taken on a whole new persona. She hardly ever washes her hair; she dresses all in black and worse of all Samantha doesn’t even know what goes on in Cammy’s world. All Cammy wants to do is hang out with her new friend at school, Monica.

Samantha is distracted herself. Her and Bob are …

New Author Challenge-Completed


2009 Vampire Reading Challenge -Completed

I am happy to report that I have completed another challenge. This means that I can sign up for more. LOL

Here are the two books I read for this challenge:

Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen

Do you like to Sway contest.

Sway by Zachary Lazar

Three dramatic and emblematic stories intertwine in Zachary Lazar's extraordinary new novel, SWAY--the early days of the Rolling Stones, including the romantic triangle of Brian Jones, Anita Pallenberg, and Keith Richards; the life of avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger; and the community of Charles Manson and his followers.Lazar illuminates an hour in American history when rapture found its roots in idolatrous figures and led to unprovoked and inexplicable violence. Connecting all the stories in this novel is Bobby Beausoleil, a beautiful California boy who appeared in an Anger film and eventually joined the Manson "family."With great artistry, Lazar weaves scenes from these real lives together into a true but heightened reality, making superstars human, giving demons reality, and restoring mythic events to the scale of daily life.

I am giving away courtesy of Hachette five copies of this book. Open to US and Canada. No PO Boxes. Ends April 3rd.

To en…

Hats and Eyeglasses

I want to thank Theresa, Ms. Frankel's publicist for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Hats and Eyeglasses is a memoir by Martha Frankel. Ms. Frankel shares her story about growing up with a family of obsessed gamblers. They played everything from her mother’s favorite mah-jongg to her father’s love of poker. Already at the young age of four, Martha was familiar with pretty much any game you could think of where gambling was involved. Her parents would throw big parties. Everyone would come over to eat and play games. To Martha the feel of the cards or the sound of poker chips hitting the table top was normal for her.

Have you ever heard the saying “All I got is Hats and Eyeglasses”? Well don’t worry, neither have I till now. Well one of the men that Martha’s father would play cards with Broadway explained that it means…”It’s what happens when a ship goes down and sinks, what floats to the top is hats and eyeglasses”. In other words it means you don’t have a prayer, you are …

Stakes & Stilettos

Sarah Dearly has just joined the dark side as a nightwalker. It happened two and a half months ago. She went on a blind date. Yes, you guessed it a dreaded blind date story. Her date decided to take a bite. Let me tell you it was anything but …dear-ling. Ok, so groan for the bad pun.

All Sarah wants to do is live a normal life but how normal can one really live as a vampire. Sarah goes for an interview, sure she is a shoo in, only to be staked but the interviewers. Talk about willing to sacrifice for a job. It wasn’t all bad for Sarah. She gets rescued by a tall, dark, masked man. Who calls himself the Red Devil. Sarah wants to get to know the Red Devil better. Unfortunately though she will have her hands full. She pissed off the wrong witch. She is now cursed to talk around as a full-fledged true blood vampire. One who must stay out of the sun and who craves blood. Can Sarah convince this witch to reverse or spell or does Sarah have to invest in some 50 SPF sunscreen?

I have wanted to …

Sleeping with the Undead

Sleeping with the Undead: Tales of Vampire Seduction is an anthology filled with short stories by a collaboration of ten authors.

I have to admit that I didn’t care for anthologies at first. A big reason was because the stories were too short. You would just start really getting into the story and then it would end. One thing I like about anthologies is that they allow me to try out new authors. When I picked up this one, I thought I would enjoy it. The stories consisted of two factors…vampires and sex. Ok so I don’t really need to have sex in my books but sometimes it doesn’t hurt.

I am sad to report that I didn’t care for this anthology. There were a few stories I liked but most I didn’t like. There didn’t have much substance to them. One of my favorite stories through was by an author I enjoy and that is Cornelia Amiri. I pretty much figured I would like her story, even before I got to it. For anyone who has not read any of Ms. Amiri’s novels; she writes Celtic stories. She is known …

The Ten Year Nap

The Ten Year Nap is the story about a group of friends that live in New York City. They share a bond…motherhood. They came from the working class to stay-at-home moms. Of course it wasn’t planned to stay at home. In all of the ladies cases, they assumed that they would go on maternity leave and come back to work. That was ten years ago. What happened?

Well in Amy’s case, she truly meant to only take off twelve weeks and go back to work. That was the deal her and her husband, Leo made. They had both been working at the same law firm. After the twelve weeks. Amy just couldn’t tear herself away from caring for Marty. He needed her and everything else at that point seemed meaningless. You could say that is pretty much the same situation for the rest of the women…Karen, Antonia, and Jill.

Now they are re-evaluating their lives. They are wondering how time could have passed so quickly. Some of them are even debating going back to work but are they ready to face life outside of motherhood?

At t…

Don't Look Twice

Since today is my birthday, I thought I would share with you all a new book by one of my favorite authors.

Ty Hauck and his daughter, Jessie had stopped off at the Exxon gas station to pick up a few items. It was just like any other Saturday morning or so Ty thought. Suddenly a truck pulls up outside, rolls down its window and starts firing. The whole incident took only a few minutes but it seemed like a lifetime to Ty.

After it was all over the carnage left behind was bad. One of the bodies is identified as federal prosecutor David Sanger. He was working on a high profile case against a Connecticut businessman Richard Scaynes. Mr. Scaynes was involved in a corruption scandal. At first it seemed like the shooter was intentionally aiming at Sanger. Then it seemed that he was there at the wrong place, wrong time.

Sunil, the manager of the Exxon gas station thinks the shooter was there for revenge against his son, Azzi. Josephina Ruiz a girl at Nazi’s school had drowned in the pool. Azzi wa…

Come my love and have a taste of my Poisoned Love

Poisoned Love is a true story. It is written by Dr. Melanie Cane.

Dr. Cane grew up with abusive father, who was bipolar. All Melanie wanted was to be loved and cared for. She found that with her new boyfriend, Luke. I guess you could say Dr. Melanie Cane’s problem was that she loved too much. They both shared a love of medicine and each other. They were both studying to become psychologists. Everything was going well with her and Luke. She could even picture herself getting married and having children. Luke decided that he did not want to be with Melanie as well as live with her anymore. He slowly broke it off with her. For Melanie this wasn’t good enough. She deeply cared for Luke.

Melanie researched a drug called Prolixin. It can be given in liquid form. This drug is given to the mentally challenged. It has serious side-effects. Dr. Cane understood and that is why she planned to give Luke only a small dose to just cause him minor pain for a little while. Melanie finally ends up conf…

Confessions of a Former Child

Confessions of a Former Child is a memoir of Daniel J. Tomasulo. Mr. Tomasulo is a psychologist, psychodrama trainer and writer. It chronicles his childhood with his family as well as his life as a husband and father. It is a good thing Mr. Tomasuio meant for his memoir to be funny as it was.

I was smiling; especially during the moments when he had a ritual of laying out his Hopalong Cassidy cowboy outfit every Friday night, so that when he woke in the morning he would put it on and practice his gun slinging at exactly 6 am. A time that when Daniel’s downstairs neighbor also knew every well for he would get woken up by the loud thud when Daniel was unfortunate to catch his gun. One time Daniel practiced in his parent’s bedroom while they were sleeping and the sound of the gun combined with the ringing of the phone had his dad waking up so fast it was amazing. Daniel’s father was a double agent so he could handle many things. He took that gun from Daniel’s hands as well as answered the …

The Sunday Salon

Pharmaceutical executive Clyde Young never in a million years imagined that the plan he was flying on would be high jacked or that he would be thrown from it. Well that is exactly what happened. Clyde was not going to sit down idly to wait and see what would transpire. Before he could process what was going on, a parachute was strapped to hi body and he was thrown out of the plane like a bowling ball.

Clyde somehow survives the drop. Clyde’s survival instincts kick in. Clyde is able to live off the land and walk out of the wilderness alive. When Clyde tells his story to the authorities, they do not believe him. In fact they suspect him of being one of the terrorists. The police inform Clyde that he was found about a hundred miles southwest of where the plane was last seen. The police also say that Clyde died and his body was discovered under a rock at the scene.

Clyde has no other options then to take matters into his own hands. Along the way he meets some interesting people like a soci…

City of the Dead

Hemiunu is a great architect. His latest project is building the Great Pyramid of Giza. His cousin is the Pharaoh of Egypt. So you can imagine the pressure to complete the pyramid and quickly, no matter what. Something happens to put a wrench in Hemi’s progress. Mentu-hotep the Overseer of Constructions has been found murdered. As much as Hemi would like to grieve he is on a strict time line, so he convinces Senosiris, the construction supervisor to take over as Overseer. A few days later; another body is discovered. This time it is the Pharaoh’s wife, Merit. It seems that both Mentu-hotep and Merit shared something in common. They along with Hemi, the Pharaoh and a few of their friends went many years ago on a hunting trip. Something happened on that trip that is now coming back to haunt them. It seems their secret is no longer hidden. Someone is killing them one by one. Hemi makes it his mission to locate and stop the killer before it is too late.

City of the Dead is book two in T.L.…

Decadent Deceptions + Giveaway

I want to thank Keta Diablo for letting me review her book.

I give this book 4 stars.

It was spring in Savannah, Georgia. The year was 1856.

Olivia Breedlove and her brother, Cain had just lost their father a couple of weeks ago. They were at a meeting for the reading of their father’s will. Their father left them everything, except there is one stipulation. It pertains to Olivia. The will states that she must marry within six months in order to claim her portion. Olivia is outraged. She does comedown enough to formulate a plan.

Morgan Gatewood is a childhood friend to the Breedlove’s. He has been in love with Olivia since the day they shared a kiss as children. Now both he and Cain find themselves sucked into Olivia’s crazy scheme to find a husband. She convinces them to let her visit L’ Amour Immortelles, a brothel. After a couple of visits, Olivia decides to partake in what L’Amour has to offer by offering herself up to a man. She asks for Madame’s help. Olivia gets more then she barga…

Secrets Unveiled

Nick Miller's world is messed up enough. He operates day in and day out without any really purposes in his life. Nick does understand that he needs to straighten up soon. He can't keep making the same mistakes over and over Keisha, the busty woman that he keeps letting back into his bed. Women like Keisha are bad for a guy's health. She has been with every guy with a pulse.

As much as Nick hates his life, he hates it more when anyone tries to interfere in it, especially anyone like the Harris family. The Harris family is one of the most feared crime families around. They know only one thing...blood. They can smell fear. In fact they prey on the weak. This time it's personal. When crime boss's daughter, Natasha Harris "Cleopatra" is found dead, the family goes on a warpath to paint the town red...blood red. Now it is every man for himself.

The beginning of this story really drew me in. Towards the middle it started to fizzle a little and by the …

The Queen of Sleepy Eye

It was the summer of 1975.

Maria Amelia Casimiro Monterio “Amy” for short and her mother Francie, a former beauty queen of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota decide to take a road trip. Amy thought they were heading to sunny Santa Barbara, California. Boy was she ever in for a surprise.

With not much luggage or a care in the world. Amy and her mother head for the open road in a 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe Jubilee in mint condition. The car looked like it had just come off the assembly line it was in that great a shape. With the wind in their hair, Amy and Francie said good-bye to Sleepy Eye for the last time.

Suddenly the transmission blows. With no money to repair the car. Amy and her mother settle down in the town of Cordial, Colorado. Amy can’t help but suspect of her mom of planning this all along. What would all of a sudden the transmission go on a vehicle that is in perfect condition? Amy doesn’t have much time to ponder that as she will be busy getting really familiar… literally with t…

Exit Music

Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus is preparing for his retirement. Unfortunately though he will have to put all thoughts of it aside for now. A Russian poet is found beaten to death. The only witness to his murder has been burned to death. Rebus is joined on the case with Detective Siobhan Clarke. As Rebus starts doing some digging, he becomes suspicious of some Russian businessmen, who are in town looking to do some realty investing in Edinburgh. Rebus is trying to figure out what the connection is with these men and the dead poet.

It appears the killer is moving fast. Another victim has been found. This time it is the body of a local gangster, who Rebus used to have a beef with. Edinburgh’s mayor and politicians want Rebus to close out this case quickly and quietly. Having a stack of dead bodies in your own backyard is bad for business. All of Rebus’s poking around has caused some peoples attitude to turn sour. Will Rebus’s last case be a cold case or can he solve the murder an…

A Horse's Love

Straight from the horse’s heart: A spiritual ride through love, loss, and hope is the true story about R.T. Fitch, his wife Terry, and their love of animals, which include Ethan, Harley, Apache, Bart, Pele, and their dog, Niki.

While living in Brazil, a friend of Terry’s thought she should get a horse. It was there that they acquired Apache. After moving back to the states, the Fitch’s and Apache made their home in Texas. They later acquired Ethan, the leader and speaker of the group, Harley, sidekick and buddy to Ethan, Bart and Pele. Pele was the youngest of the group. The first time that Mr. Fitch heard Ethan speak to him, he couldn’t believe his ears. After that it was a normal thing to have conversations with Ethan and Harley. It was from Ethan and the rest of the horses that Mr. Fitch was able to find the courage to take a stand. He petitioned to stop horses from being shipped to slaughter houses.

I fell in love with everyone from R.T to Pele. It was like I was part of the family.…

Take a thrill ride with Gauntlet

I want to thank Lisa Roe for sending me this book to review.

The United States thought they had come up with the perfect way to dispose of six hundred tons of Semtex. They would denote it out in the desert of Libya. Shortly after the big explosion, CIA agent Richard Lawrence learns that some of the Semtex was high jacked enroute.

Then an “Emir” televises that he plans to blown up a major landmark somewhere in the world. The only other piece of information that the Emir provides is that he plans to attack within the month. To hide the disaster that the USA has on their hands, the president issues a cover up.

Now the president and the rest of the world are relying on the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, otherwise known as TTIC to help locate these terrorists before it is too late. The TTIC was founded on May 1, 2003 due to attacks on American soil. Hamilton Turbee, a mathematician and programmer is the newest member to join TTIC. He also happens to be very brilliant. He has found a way…

Interview with Cheryl Brooks

I am so thrilled to have gotten the chance to interview author, Cheryl Brooks of the Cat Star Chronicles series. Her third book, Rogue is currently available.

I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you.

Glad to be here!

Can you tell me about yourself?

I was born in Louisville, KY, but currently live near Bloomfield, IN. I've been a critical care nurse since 1976, and though I've been writing off and on for most of that time, I wasn't published until this past year. I've been married to an adorable guy for almost thirty years, and we have two sons, ages 19 and 22. I've been horse crazy all my life (I currently have four of them in the barn), and I also I enjoy gardening, cooking, and playing guitar.

What is your favorite indulgence?

You mean something other than sex???? That would have to be food. At the top of my list of favorites are cheese, corned beef, and chocolate.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Never done anything crazy in my life, unless yo…