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Are you in need of some Urgent Care?

The ladies of Angel of Mercy hospital are back. This time the cases are personal. When Charge Nurse, Nora Halloran discovers Nurse Karen Chisholm nude body lying at the cemetery, her defenses go down and she is flooded by bad memories. Nora has a secret that she has kept for two years. No one knows about it. Karen’s death causes a shocking revelation by Nora. She admits she killed Karen.

In the mean time, Gina Freeman’s latest patient is a young boy by the name of Tank. His real name is Harold Trenton III. He is fourteen and he has meningococcemia. A flesh eating bacteria disease that is very contagious.

Amanda has problems of her own. A young woman by the name of Natalie has been brought to Mercy. No one knows anything about Natalie, other than she is deadly sick and has seizures. Amanda has made it her mission to determine what is wrong with Natalie before it is too late.

Urgent Care is the third medical novel by CJ Lyons. I really like this series. The characters are real and so are t…

Coming Soon...Ghouls, Goblins and lots of giveaways!

As we head into the holiday season, I wanted to give you all a heads up. Halloween is coming up. You might be thinking, so what! Halloween is for kids. Not this year. Keep an eye out as throughout the month of October and even into November, I will be hosting numerous book giveaways and that is no trick.

You will all get a chance to score some nice treats in the form of books vs. candy corn.

Some of the books I plan to give away include books like:

My Son John by Kathi Macias
Silk Flowers Never Die byStella Mazzucchelli The Broken Teaglass by Emily Arsenault
A Precious Jewel by Mary Balogh
Someday My Prince Will Come by Jerramy Fine

So you won't want to miss out on these giveaways. The only way to be the first to enter is to make sure you are a follower!

The Hidden Man

Jason Kolarich was a troubled young boy. He and his friend, Sam Cutler would get in trouble. Luckily Jason grew out of his trouble ways. He went on to become a famous linebacker and when he was forced out of the game, he became a prominent attorney.

Sam needs Jason’s help and expertise. He killed a man. His name was Griffin Perlini and he is the man who kidnapped his sister, Audrey and supposedly killed her, though her body was never found. It is up to Jason to help out an old friend. Jason agrees to help. Jason is contacted by a man who identifies himself as Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith tells Jason to follow his orders and all will be well. If Jason doesn’t than he will never see his brother, Pete alive again. Jason isn’t one of the best attorneys around for nothing. Take a wild, thrilling ride with The Hidden Man.

First off let me start by saying…WOW! I immensely enjoyed and loved every moment of this book. Jason doesn’t back down from no one and he can dish it as well as hit it hard. I like …

Highland Dragon

When Calin MacLeod was just a young boy, both his father and his stepmother were killed by Laird Kinnon. Calin vowed to get revenge…one day. Calin’s best friend is Kendrick Neish of the Clan Kinnon. Kendrick’s sister, Akira has been branded since she was a little girl as Calin’s intended. She just doesn’t know it yet. Akira grew up as a pheasant but that wasn’t the worse thing. All the children ridiculed Akira and accused her of being a witch.

Now that both Calin and Akira are all grown up, Calin plans to claim Akira. Akira is saving herself for someone and it isn’t Calin. Calin has something to tell Akira about whom she really is and where she came from but how will Akira react.

I used to read historical romances but strayed away from them for quite some time. Recently I have been trying to get back into this genre, though I had just about gave up that I would ever find the perfect book that would get me excited again…till now. Kimberly Killion’s latest release, Highland Dragon has wo…

Nibble and Kuhn

Derek Dover works at Nibble and Kuhn. A law firm. He is really trying to make a name for himself as a prominent attorney. Derek is a little distracted by his girlfriend, Maria Parma. She works at the same law firm. Derek will have to get on the top of his game and fast.

Margaret Kelly an attorney at N&K is leaving. She has been nominated to be justice of Massachusetts Superior Court. She was in charge of a huge lawsuit case. The case is against a factory called Morganic Continental. Supposedly the factory had a leak and vaused seven young boys to get cancer. This case will require all of Derek’s undivided attention.

I thought this book showed promise but unfortanetly it just wasn’t for me. I found the charaters interesting and a litle stiff, like I would imagine lawyers to be. The other issue is that the story really moved slowed for me. In fact I put this book down and walked away from it and later came back to it but only got about half way till I quit. This was a bummer as the ca…

Meant to Be

Cole Hunter and Blake Landon created the TLC Time Machine. They have just signed a contract with Jacob Innovative Creations. Cole has other plans. Why let someone else make all the money when it should be him. Cole steals the LC time machine device and makes off with it.

Ted Jacob and his fiance, Amanda were travelling by train to Montana. On the same train was Megan Crane and her fiance, Mike. Megan gets sperated from Mike. She heads off to find him in the arms of another woman. Megan is walking back to her seat when she gets knocked down bt Cole. She falls and takes Ted down with her. Ted and Megan recover to learn that they have been transported back to Fargo, North Dakota. The problem is the year is 1898. Ted and Megan are forced into marriage. These two will have to work together if they hold any hope of getting back to the present. Along the way, they just may realize they were Meant to Be.

The thing I like the most about Mrs. Nordin’s books are that the characters are all full of…

Guardian of the Flame

The year is 48 BC. A time when the Romans led by General Julius Caesar were preparing to storm the walls of the city of Alexandria. Sophia lost her husband to the sea. For years now she has been the Keeper of the Light. She lives in the tower of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. She is in charge of making sure the light is never exstingished. The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra comes to visit her mentor. Cleopatra does not like Caesar. She asks Sophia for her help in stopping Caesar from gaining control of her home land. Sophia is torn by helping her friend, Cleopatra but at the same time she would rather stay out of the middle by ignoring everything happening around her in the safety of her lighthouse. Unfortunately, Sophia unexpectedly finds herself thrust in the middle when Caesar sends Bellus to overtake the lighthouse. Sophia can’t deny that she has feelings for Bellus. Can Sophia keep the light shining or will it go out forever?

Guardian of the Flame is the third book in the Seven Wonders …

I just Love You to Death

There is a serial killer on the loose. This killer is unlike any others, who have come before him. He has a purpose. He wants to create the perfect woman. So how do you achieve the perfect woman…Or course by taking parts from various other women and piecing them together.

Elise McBride had a feeling that something had something horrible had happened to her sister, Ashley. She hadn’t heard from her in days. Elise called the authorities but Elisa got the impression that they aren’t taking her too seriously. Elise decides to hop on a plane and investigate herself on what has happened to Ashley.

Ex-cop, Trent Brady was just getting ready for bed when he spots a light flashing across the street in his neighbor’s house. He knows it can’t be his neighbor as Ashley has left. Trent’s cop instincts kick in and he goes to investigate and receives a huge surprise. At what Trent first thought was a teenage boy, turns out to be a woman. The police arrive and assure Elise that they will find her siste…

Daughters of the Sea:Hannah

Hannah is an orphan. She doesn’t know who her parents were but Hannah has always suspected that she was different from other children. All Hannah knew though was that she loved everything about the sea. She couldn’t get enough of the sea breeze air or the water. If it was up to Hannah she would always live near the ocean.

Hannah was getting too old to stay at Miss Pringle’s orphanage, The Boston Home for Little Wanderers. Miss Pringle sends Hannah to the Hawley’s family. There she will work as a maid and personal servant to the Hawley’s daughters. The Hawley’s have hired an up and coming new artist by the name of Stannish Whitman Wheeler to paint a portrait for their oldest daughter. Mr. Wheeler takes an interest in Hannah. He can’t take his eyes off her. A transformation of sorts starts happening to Hannah. How will Hannah react when she learns who she really is?

I thought this was a sweet story. It was magical in the way that every girl has at least dreamt about being a mermaid, espec…

New from author Sherrilyn Kenyon

New from St. Martin's Press is #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon's 3-book series, 'The League'! With over 19 million books in print, Sherrilyn Kenyon is renowned the world over as "the reigning queen of the paranormal genre that she pioneered long before the world had heard of Twilight." Fans (also lovingly known as 'Kenyon's Minions') are at the edge of their seats in anticipation for this thrilling new series. The first book from 'the League' series, 'Born of Night', will be available September 29th.
Link to First Nine Chapters of Born Of Night:

Link to Official Sherrilyn Kenyon Sites:

Link to trailer:

In Memory of...

Today bookstores and bloggers join together to celebrate and play tribute to Mr. E. Lynn Harris. Mr. Harris passed just before the publication of his latest novel, Mama Dearest.

In Memoriam: E. Lynn Harris

E. Lynn Harris's family, friends and fans mourn the passing of our beloved author. He died on Thursday, July 23, 2009 in Los Angeles. He was 54.

E. Lynn Harris was the author of eleven novels, including Invisible Life and A Love of My Own, and a memoir, What Become of the Brokenhearted. He placed ten consecutive books on the New York Times bestseller list. There are over 4 million copies of his books in print.

My review.

Yancey Harrington Braxton is back. She has been gone from the acting and singing celebrity main stream for a while but she is ready to get back to work and in front of the spotlight. Yancey has two problems...There names are Madison B. and Ava Middlebrooks. Madison B is the hottest, young talented song bird since Miley Cyrus. The other woman, Ava Middlebrooks just h…

According to Jane...Jane Austen that is!!

Ellie Barnett communicates with the famed Jane Austen. She has done so, ever since high school. It all started back when Ellie was sitting in Mrs. Leverson’s English class. She and Sam Blaine were flirting. There had this banter going on between them but hadn’t acted on it yet. Mrs. Leverson tells the class that their next book assignment is to read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Ellie skims the book and realizes P&P is not her cup of tea. That is when she hears a female’s voice with a British accent talking to her. The voice tells her that Sam is Ellie’s “Mr. Wickham”. Ellie discovers the voice is none other than Jane…Jane Austen.

As Ellie goes through life and many relationships, she can count on one person to always be there through it all…Jane. Ellie dreams of one day finding her Mr. Right. Though even the reigning queen of romance has a thing or two to learn about love.

I absolutely loved According to Jane. Marilyn Brant out did herself with this debut novel. I read this bo…

Immaculate Deception

Petty thief and ladies man, Craig Connery has just been released from prison. He was in the slammer for two years. He is ready to put the past behind him but no mater how much you try to teach an old dog new tricks, he still will be up to no good. Craig is on his way to meet his parole office when a car goes speeding past him and crashes. The driver of the vehicle is dead. Craig assumes the man’s identity and clothing. What Craig soon realizes is that the driver is none other than Catholic priest, Father James Kempster. Father Kempster is needed to help save a nursing home from being shut down in Australia. Can Craig pull off the biggest con of his life?

I recently have discovered British comedic novels. The ones I have read so far have been good. The one thing I like about them is that they are more uncensored about the humor than American novels. The humor is more on the dark side. So when I read the summary for Immaculate Deception, I thought this book would be a slam hit. Unfortuna…

The Fruit of Her Hands: The Story of Shira of Ashkenaz

Shira grew up a rabbi’s daughter. Shira’s mother died when she was about five years old. Since than her father and nursemaid, Jeanne, a Christian have raised her. At an early age, Shira was very interested in books and learning. While it was not usually a woman’s place to learn in the schools as the boys, Shira’s father could not deny her in his class room. Shira grows into a lovely, educated young lady.

One day, Shira’s father introduces her to a group of new students. Two of those young men are Nicholas Donin and Meir ben Baruch. Meir ben Baruch would later become a very respected and famous Rabbi scholar. Nicholas and Shira were serious with each other to the point that they almost married but Shira refused him. It was just as well as because due to Nicholas’s arguments against the lessons taught in the Talmud and his refusal to accept the Jewish ways, he was excommunicated.

Shira and Meir grew close and became husband and wife. They were very dedicated to their religion and the word…

Light of the Desert

The year is 1972 in the Middle East.

Noora Fendil comes from a very influential family. She has a sister, Zaffeera, and two brothers by the names of Kettayef and Nageeb. Noora and Zaffeera are busy shopping for Noora and her fiancé, Michel wedding. What Noora doesn’t know is that Zaffeera is very jealous of her and wants Michel for herself. Zaffeera has tricked Noora and led their father into believing that Noora has shamed him. When Noora comes home, she is in for a surprise. Having no knowledge of what is happening; her father beats and drags her to the pool. He drowns her. Both Noora and her father thought she was dead. Neither one was correct. Nageeb, a doctor rescues his sister and takes her way. Nageeb nurses Noora back to health. Noora’s nightmare isn’t over yet.

First off, let me start be saying that I was aware of the concept for this book but I was not prepared for the raw emotions I felt while reading this book. From the first paragraph, I experienced anger for what Noora and…

You have to Trust Me

My review

Karen Delaney has found the perfect way to retrieve $300, 000 dollars from her ex-boyfriend, Samir Fakir. When Karen and Samir were dating back than, she lent him the $300, 000 to invest but than they broke up a few months later and he never returned the money to her. Karen and her current boyfriend’s house is broken into by two men by the names of Robert “Bobby” Gal and Lloyd Diehl. They demand the usual…money and jewels. Karen has a plan in mind. She proposes to Bobby and Lloyd that if they will break into her ex’s place and fletches the money than she will split the money with them.

Things don’t go as smoothly but this bumbling gang gets the job done. Karen pulls a sneak attack and makes off with the money. The question is can she hold on to it or will she and her Benjamin’s be parted?

Trust Me is the second novel by talented author Peter Leonard. I have been anxiously awaiting to read Mr. Leonard’s next novel, ever since I read Quiver. I have to say that I was happily surpr…

Just doing a little Street Magic

When Pete Caldecott was sixteen years old, she and wild, bad boy Jack Winter conjured up an evil spirit by accident. Jack is a mage. The spirit was after Pete. Jack saved Pete but be doing so he sacrificed himself.

Pete has tried to put those moments behind her and has done a pretty good job so far. She is now a Detective Inspector for the Scotland Yard. Children have gone missing. It is up to Pete to figure out what has happened to the children. There is only one person that Pete can trust to help her find the missing children…it is Jack. Pete thought Jack perished twelve years ago but he survived somehow…barely. Jack might as well have perished. It is no good to Pete in his current condition. He is a strung out heroin junkie. Pete and Jack will once again face evil and there is no turning back.

Street Magic is the brand new book in the Black London series. Urban fantasy is alive and well, thanks to authors like Caitlin Kittredge. I have never read any of the books in the Nocturne City…

Book Give-Away

Hello. Some of you may or may not remember, a couple of weeks ago I had author, Linda Weaver Clarke on my blog. See my interview here. Well she was nice enough to send me an email letting me know she is hosting a contest for a copy of Melinda and The Wild West to one lucky winner.

Details below. Good Luck

Hello everyone! My last book in this series, "Elena, Woman of Courage," has just been released. As a celebration, I'm having a free book give-away for the first book in this series: Melinda and the Wild West. This book was a Semi-finalist for the “Reviewers Choice Award 2007.” Go to my blog at and leave a comment on the "Elena, Woman of Courage Press Release" along with your e-mail address. I will announce the winner on my birthday: Oct 2nd.

Guests Angelica Hart and Zi and a Surprise!!

I am happy to have writing team Angelica Hart and Zi stop by to talk about sex and their latest release, Killer Dolls.


In all romances there is that moment when sex finds fruition, that instant when all the tug and pull, the laboring through emotional upheaval and external complications finally finds its way to culmination. It does happen. Sometimes the reader has to wait until nearly the end of the story, but then there it is, the reward, the prize in the cracker jack box called a romance novel. We cannot and will never trivialize that. The challenge for the writer is to make the reader want to be a page turner voyeur. This has to be accomplished by getting one to root for the story's couple to share lovemaking, but also for the reader to want, crave, and desire the outcome as much as the hero and heroine, to have a stake in their lives, and at times to relate to the situation in that they nearly meld with one of the characters, experiencing all there is to experi…

Humpty Dumpty was Pushed

Detective Salvatore “Black Sallie Blue Eyes” Messina is a tough as nails type of guy. He knows how to get the job done right. He is charged with solving the murder of a young man. The murder victim was found outside of a night club. He must be a wanna-be rapper or gang lord of sorts. This assessment could only be concluded from the bling and young socks he was wearing. Detective Messina’s investigation will take him into the heart of New York City and crossing paths with some very odd characters.

Humpty Dumpty was Pushed is Marc Blatte’s debut novel. For some reason as much as I kept hoping and wanting to love this book, I just couldn’t. I can’t say it wasn’t for a lack of effort. I did read and finish the book. Detective Messina does hold a place in my heart. He won me over with his determination and no apologetic attitude. Detective Messina was as gritty and hard core as New York City. One thing I do have to give it up to Mr. Blatte is that he definitely did not have any boring char…

Twenties Girl

Lara Lington never really knew her one hundred an five year old great aunt, Sadie. So you can imagine her surprise when Sadie appears in front of Lara’s eyes. Sadie is very much a ghost. She demands that Lara stop her funeral. She can’t go yet…not till Sadie has her necklace. So how do you stop a funeral? Well, of course be standing up and saying that you think your great aunt has been murdered.

I thought there were some funny and quirky moments between Lara and Sadie. I was even laughing out loud at some of them. Though these moments were few and far between for me. Twenties Girl is a light-hearted, humorous, chick-lit read. My favorite moment was when Sadie dressed Lara for her date. She dressed her just like a flapper, even down to the makeup she wore and the way she talked. Because Sadie and Lara were such shining stars, everyone else played second string to them and kind of faded to the background. I did enjoy this book enough that I plan to check out some of Sophie Kinsella’s oth…

The Shiksa Syndrome

Aimee Albert works as a publicist in Manhattan. She also is very faithful to her religion as a nice Jewish woman. She and her boyfriend, Peter have been dating for a while. Yet Aimee is ready to start a family and doesn’t know if Peter is the one. One… he is a Presbyterian and two…he isn’t ready to settle down like Aimee is. Peter can’t take the pressure and he ends things between them.

Krista is Aimee’s friend and also a shiksa. A shiska is a non Jewish person. Krista and Aimee go to a party at Down. Aimee observes Krista getting all the attention and coming away with phone numbers and dates. Aimee meets a guy at Down. His name is Josh. He seems nice and someone Aimee would like to get to know but he seems to be only interested in non Jewish women.

For Aimee’s birthday, Krista gives her a make over. Aimee couldn’t look any more opposite from a Jewish girl. Krista also shares with Aimee how to act and talk like a non Jewish person. Krista and Aimee head out again to Down and this time J…

Have your dessert and enjoy it too!

First off I love my sweets but lately I have been trying to eat healthier. I had no expectations when I first got this book. I know next to nothing about foods in their raw states. When I opened this book, I was surprised at all the different recipes there were to choose from. There was everything from…Almond-Pecan crust to Dark Chocolate Truffles. The best part about these mouth-watering desserts is that they seem to be the healthier version.

I am glad that Jennifer added a guide of the ingredients mentioned in this book and explained what they were, as I had never heard of some of these items. There were ingredients listed like...Agave syrup, a syrup that is made from the agave plant. The syrup comes in two different kinds…the light for a mild sweetness or the dark for a more molasses flavor. Then there was Agar flakes. The Agar flake is a gelatin mixture that is made from various sea vegetables. My other favorite thing about Raw for Dessert is that all the desserts do not have to b…

Sheer Folly

Sheer Folly is the eighteenth Daisy Dalrymple mystery.

The year is 1926. Daisy and her good friend Lucy are currently working on a book of architectural follies. Mr. Pritchard is the owner of Appsworth Hall, a place that is know and envied for its beautiful grotto. The ladies are invited to visit. They are excited as they are hoping to get some pictures of the grotto for their book. The only thing is that Daisy will have to watch that Lucy doesn’t offend Mr. Pritchard about how he makes his living as a manufactor of plumbing supplies.

The ladies arrive to a party already in full swing at Appsworth Hall. The guests include the famous Lord Rydal otherwise known as Rhino. Lord Rydal is very tasteless and stuck up. He is also a player. He is juggling two women…one who he plans to marry and the other who he is currently having an affair with. The thing is that he is not sneaky. People know about his womanizing ways and he is not very well liked. Suddenly in the midst of the party the grotto …

It is nothing but Even Money

Teddy “Ned” Talbot has had both his feet in the horse and bookie world, since he was a little boy. He worked as a runner for his grandfather. He knows all there is about the business of being a really good bookie.

Ned is approached by a man claiming to be his father. Ned doesn’t believe him as his father and mother died in a car crash years ago. Ned has no choice but to believe the man when he knows details and facts about things that only Ned’s father would know. Before they can get close, a man approaches them and demands to know where the money is from Ned’s father. Ned calls for help and the man flees. By this time it is already too late. His father has been stabbed to death. Ned goes to his father’s hotel room and there he finds lots of cash and a strange device that is every bookie’s dream.

I have been eyeing Dick Francis’s books for some time but just never read one till now. A reason I was drawn to this author is because of the horse on the cover. I am a sucker for horse elated …

The Night Monster

Detective Jack Carpenter is in charge of Broward County Sheriff Department’s Missing Persons Unit. He is good at his job, though he will never forget the time that he met a monster. Before he was detective, Jack was driving home when he responded to a call that a woman was being assaulted. Jack arrived at the location, only to come face to face with a man so horrifying that he almost couldn’t be called human.

Jack hoped to never see that nightmare again. Unfortunately, Jack will enter hell and there is no turning back. When one of Jack’s daughter’s basketball team mates is kidnapped, Jack is on the case. This time it is personal. The person who took the girl is the same monster that Jack met years ago. Jack’s investigating will take him all over and meeting some very shady characters.

The Night Monster is the first book I have read by this author. I applaud Mr. Swain on this book. He has a really animated writing style that just drew me into this book from the first chapter. I couldn’t …

Ruined: A Ghost Story

Rebecca’s father has sent her to stay with her Aunt Claudia and Claudia’s daughter, Aurelia while he goes to China for a bit. Rebecca doesn’t want to stay with her aunt. To make matters worse, all the kids at school are stuck up rich snots. They treat Rebecca as if she was dirt. Rebecca could are less about them and what they think. She would like nothing better than to go back home to New York.

Aunt Claudia’s home is right close to the cemetery. One night Rebecca hears a group of kids from the school sneaking into the cemetery. She decides to follow them to see what they are doing. She is almost caught but Lisette, another girl shows Rebecca the way out. The next day Rebecca returns to the cemetery to thank Lisette. You can imagine Rebecca’s surprise when she learns that Lisette is a ghost. Lisette needs Rebecca’s help. In order to be set free, Lisette’s killer must face justice.

I thought this book was pretty good. I say this because I was expecting the spook factor to be higher, thou…

A Note from an Old Acquaintance

Brian Weller is a book author. He took some time off when his life was turned upside down by an accident that left his wife in a coma and his son dead. That was two years ago. Since than Brian has tried to move on with his life but he is at a stand still. He is currently working on his next novel but having much motivation. Brian finds his motivation when he receives an email from an old flame.

Joanna Richman is a famous and talented artist. Years ago, Joanna and Brian had a good thing going on between them till he left her. She sends him an email just to say Hi. Brian writes back. They start communicating for months. They decide to meet up. Brian has completed his novel and is getting ready for his book tour. He plans a stop in Boston to see Joanna. Flash to the past when Brian and Joanna meet.

There seemed to be some missing pieces in this book that I would have liked to have had answered like…what happened to Brian’s wife and son? Or how did they meet and did Brian really love her? J…

Lucan Blog Tour and Giveaway

My review:

Lady Cael is the high priestess of Avalon. A far off planet in the galaxy. She has a secret, one that has caused her to be fated to live the rest of her life with no mate. Lady Cael has accepted her fate. It is pretty easy to imagine a life with no mate, when no man is allowed to touch her or the punishment is death.

Lucan Rourke is on a mission to locate the mythical Holy Grail. The grail is his people’s only hope for survival. He believes the grail resides on the plant Avalon. He travels there. He becomes the linguist in the Avalon Project. A project that is perfect for Lucan. The people involved are also trying to figure out a way to get to the grail.

Lady Cael gets stuck in a water duct. Lucan rescues her. All it took is one touch for Lucan and Lady Cael is ready to break the rules and give herself to Lucan. There is a reason that people are not allowed to touch Cael. When Lucan gets injured, Cael has no choice but to reveal her secret. Lucan’s life will never be the same …

In the Arms of Immortals

Mariskka fell from grace and had to re-learn humidity when she stole a manuscript from a dead patient’s room. She passed it off as her own. She quickly went from rags to riches. While preparing to take a shower, Mariskka hits her head and blacks out. When she awakes, she is visited by a Scribe. The Scribe is a group of guardian angels. This Scribe is not paying Mariskka a friendly visit. In fact he tells her that she has no guardian angel, due to her actions.

A ship arrives. It is carrying a very deadly disease. Soon people all over are dying. There deaths cause a panic. Something odd has happened to the villagers. Their skin is forming legions and boiling. The people don’t know it yet but the worst plague in history has just started…The Black Plague.

Mariskka must find a way to help the people. It won’t be easy as woman during these times had no voices or input.

In the Arms of Immortals is the second book in the Chronicles of the Scribe series. In the Shadow of Lions is the first book i…

The Recipe Club

My review

Lilly and Valerie used to be the best of friends. Something happened along the way that shook them both. Neither Valerie nor Lilly could recover after that. It has been years since they have spoken.

Valerie’s mother pasted away last month. She realizes it is about time to put the past behind them. She sends Lilly an email. Lilly responds. When Valerie goes through her mom’s possessions, she finds old letters that she and Lilly wrote each other as well as the recipes they shared when they formed The Recipe Club. Valerie and Lilly start reminiscing about the good old times.

Flash back to the year 1963. Valerie’s mother is not well. Lilly’s dad is a psychiatrist. He visits almost daily. Whenever he comes to visit, it seems that Valerie’s mother has a good day. This is how Lilly and Valerie became friends. Lilly brings up the idea of starting a recipe club.

I absolutely fell in love with Lilly, Valerie and the Recipe Club. Authors Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel wrote with such pa…

Inspector Ghote's First Case: An Inspector Ghote Mystery

Inspector Ghote's First Case: An Inspector Ghote Mystery is the prequel to the Inspector Ghote series that consists of twenty-six novels.

The year is 1960. Ganesh Ghote has just received a letter notifying him of his promotion to Detection of Crime Branch Inspector. The promotion has been long over due. In celebration of his promotion, Ghote and his pregnant wife plan a night out to see the Hamlet at the cinema. They never make it to the showing. Inspector Ghote receives a written message from his boss to pay a visit to former Bombay police commissioner,
Sir Rustom Engineer.

Sir Engineer wants Inspector Ghote to investigate why his good friend’s wife, Iris would kill herself. Though Sir Engineer doesn’t hold much faith that much will come out of the investigation. He would be wrong.

This book started out strong but than quickly fizzed for me. I lost interest in the plot. This is because none of the characters were very memorable to me and I found the story line dry. To be honest I can…

Devil's Thrill

Anyone who is a musician knows of the legend of the famous seventeenth century
Piccolino. The Piccolino is only three-quarters in size and worth eight million dollars. As impressive as the violin is…it is said to be cursed. Everyone who has possessed the violin has come into horrible misfortune.

Daniel Jacobus, a former child prodigy and former Grimsley contestant has been invited to perform at New York's Carnegie Hall. He will also get the chance to play the Piccolino. Before Daniel can set a finger on the Piccolino, it goes missing. Daniel becomes the prime suspect.

Devil’s Trill is new author Gerald Elias’s debut novel. He fuses his love for music with mystery and mayhem to produce music to my ears! Daniel isn’t only book smart but also street smart. He handled the disappearance of the Piccolino better than some of the best detectives in novels I have read. Daniel seemed quiet but don’t let that quietness fool you. He is just thinking and calculating his next move. I can’t wait to…

Watch out for Red Bones

Shetland Islands Inspector Jimmy Perez returns in this third Shetland Islands novel, Red Bones.

Hattie James is working towards achieving her PhD in archeology. She is currently working on her thesis. If she doesn’t find something of interest soon, she will have to pack up the excavation and leave. One of the residents, a woman named Evelyn wants to join the dig. Hattie agrees and her and Evelyn start digging at a practice site. What they dig up will have the whole island in an upheaval.

Mima Wilson is not a very well liked woman. She is judgmental and rude. So when she is found shot to death, her death brings mixed emotions. Inspector Perez can usually keep his work from becoming personal but this time is different. Mima was the grandmother of Perez’s assistant, Sandy Wilson. Inspector Perez starts doing some investigating. He wonders if Mima’s death and the discovery at the excavation site are somehow connected and if so…who would want Mima dead? This is the million dollar question.


Sweet Waters

Tara Sweet never thought that she would be moving back to her hometown of Otter Bay, California. After Tara’s fiancé’ calls off their wedding, there isn’t much left for Tara to do in Missouri, so moving back home for a new start is exactly what Tara needs.

It seems that Tara isn’t the only one looking for new adventures. Tara’s sister, Liz is planning to move to Manhattan and their mother will be traveling the European countries with her new younger husband of eight years her junior, Derrick. They will be gone for about a year.

Tara comes back to Otter Bay with dreams and hopes of happy times like it used to be when she grew up. Yes, Tara makes some new friends and even meets sexy firefighter, Josh but Tara also gets more than she bargains for when she learns some secrets about her family.

Tara was a bit of a disappointment for me. I found her to be a bit dull. I found her mother and her new husband had me more interested in what they were going to do. I can’t comment on Tara and Josh’s …

New winners

Ok. I am later than I wanted to be posting this but hey better late than never.

I had some book contests end recently and some of the winners contacted me and they had already won, so I chose new winners and here they are.

Winners: Please email me clbstitch at yahoo dot com with the name of the book in the subject line by Thursday. Thank you

Also be on the watch out as I will be posting a new book contest this coming Thursday (hint, hint)

Winners for a copy of Dark Hunger by Rita Herron are:

Barb (email addy bstilwell at)
Wade (email addy wadesherry at)

Winners of a copy of Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart

Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug)

Brenda (email addy dancealert (at))Lisa (email addy rocket_kay at )Scottsgal (email addy msboatgal at )Luvdaylilies (email addy Luvdaylilies at )Mariee (email addy marieimy (at))

Winner of a copy of How to Tame a Modern Rogue by Diana HolquistKaylacunningham

Winner of a copy of The Lost Dog by Michelle de Kresterccqdesigns

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice are back. You may have thought you knew everything there was to know about Mr. Darcy but you don’t know the whole story. Darcy has a deep, dark secret. One that has been around in his family for many centuries. Elizabeth loves Darcy. How will she react when she learns the Darcy’s true identity?

I have to admit that I have never read Pride and Prejudice but I have always been interested in this time period. So I hadn’t experienced the love connection between Darcy & Elizabeth that fans of Jane Austen’s work have and loved. Amanda Grange is a new author to me. She has already written several other novels featuring Darcy & Elizabeth. I am a fan of vampires. So when I saw this book Mr. Darcy. Vampyre, I knew I had to check it out. I can’t share too much about my thoughts on this book as I tried really hard to get into this book but just couldn’t. I didn’t even finish it. I only got a third of the way through it. This was sad for me a…

Millie's Fling

My favorite Londoner, Millie Brady is back in Millie’s Fling. While on a date that is going horribly wrong, Millie meets famous author, Orla Hart. Orla finds Millie intriguing and takes an interest in her. She decides to make Millie the heroine of her next novel. Unfortunately, Orla finds Millie’s love life lacking and plans to help her spice it up with a cast of unique guys. What Orla doesn’t know is that Millie already has her sights set on someone but he hates her guts. At least Millie won’t be alone as she deals with being Orla’s pet project, as she has Hester. Will Millie’s Fling end before it has even started?

I first discovered and fell in love with Millie when I read Miranda’s Big Mistake. From than I couldn’t get enough of Millie and her hilarious antics. I don’t know what happened but unfortunately I didn’t experience the same sparkle in Millie’s Fling as I did in the prior novel. Though there were some parts that made me laugh…like the time that Hester went to a salon for so…


I am happy to present the lucky 6 winners of a copy of the following books. I will post the other winners of a copy of Dark Hunger by Rita Herron later. Be on the look out for that as some of the previous winners have one books and I will be choosing new winners as well.

Winners please email me clbstitch at yahoo dot com and put in the subject line the book you have won.

Belinda M

Lee P

Wade Roxxyroller

The Sister Pact Giveaway

I want to thank Mrs. Checketts for sending me a copy of this book to review. In addition to sending me a copy, she has graciously offered to giveaway a copy to one lucky reader.

Savannah “Savvy” and her sister, Allison are very close. So when a terrible incident happens to Allison leaving her in a coma, Savannah is just heart broken. She knows she has to stay strong for the rest of her family, especially Allison’s son, Josh.

Detective Noah Shumway is in charge of the case. At first he doesn’t believe Savvy’s story about her suspecting someone of being in Allison’s home. After some more investigating, Noah not only believes Savvy but fears that her life is in danger and she could be next. Noah isn’t the only one trying to warn Savvy. Allison wakes for a brief moment from her coma. She is mumbling the name of someone. Can a sister’s bond be strong enough to protect Savannah from the person who harmed Allison?

I thought this was a sweet, caring story about two sisters and the bond they sha…

A Double Feature

I want to thank Mr. Sherwood for letting me review both of his books.

One night Mural is visited by a demon. He bestows a gift upon Mural. All Mural has to do is stay alive and he will be reunited with Veronica again. As everyone else around Mural dies, Mural starts to grow weary of his gift. He longs to rid himself of the gift. He gives the gift away to a man named Randy. It isn’t long after that Mural regrets his decision and wants his gift back. A chase ensures and it will be a fight to the death, where only the strong will survive.

I didn’t realize how much I actually would enjoy this book, till I started reading it. It was dark and had some gruesome parts. Just the way I like my thrillers. Mural had this very dark, menacing side to him but on the same hand, he was also a very tortured and lost soul. Mr. Sherwood brought good depth and dimension to Mural. I had had one issue with this book and that the story started in the present but when it switched to the past, the switch wasn’t …