Book Review: Entanglement


Brit Delany found some semblance of peace by ignoring the pain of her past.

An American photojournalist working on the international stage, it was easy to distance herself from her traumatic childhood. But she is now heading back to Ireland, home of those turbulent memories.

Thankfully, there are friendly faces waiting for her. Two men, though last she saw them, they were the kindhearted boys who shepherded her through the worst of her dark and tumultuous days. Both look forward to her homecoming, but for far different reasons.

Secrets await in the Emerald Isle, and they will threaten everything Brit thought she knew. Love. Rejection. Obsession. Betrayal. All she's survived will act as her emotional armor for what is to come.

This story is not intended/appropriate for listeners under 18 years of age. Be forewarned that the Turbulence Series addresses a range of traumatic issues. Entanglement ends with a cliffhanger. Tranquility is the conclusion to Entanglement.

My Review

OMG, can I say that I am a sucker for accents. Listening to this book on audio version with narrator, Gary Furlong voicing Sean, and Jasper in an Irish accent is great. Angelina Rocca did a really good job as well voicing Brit.

Narrators, Gary Furlong and Angelina Rocca did good jobs bringing this story to life. I will by checking out more audio books narrated by them.

You could feel the strong bond that these three shared growing up. Brit was naive to notice that both guys saw her as more than just a friend. Sean was always protective of Brit, maybe a little overprotective. Jasper on the other hand was a bit of a jokester but he still loved Brit as well. When it came to the two guys, I was undecided about them as my feelings towards them kept shifting. So, if I am honest, they both are equal in my book.

This is not just a romance book but an emotional and angsty read as well.


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