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Love at First Flight

Michael Maguire works as a prosecutor. He has a big case coming up. He is hoping to win his case against some of the biggest gang members in the Baltimore area…The ruthless Benedetti brothers. They have been accused of killing three teenage boys.

Juliana Gregorio is a hair stylist at Panache. She and her boyfriend, Jeremy is currently doing the long distance thing. Jeremy got a job down in Florida. Juliana and Jeremy have been dating since high school. Juliana loves Jeremy but she is tired of waiting and wondering if Jeremy will ever propose to her.

Michael doesn’t know how much more he can take of his fiancée, Paige and her whiny ways. She comes from a rich family and thinks she can boss Michael around. When Juliana and Michael end up on the same flight, sitting next to each other, it is love at first sight. Neither one of them, expect to see each other again. What they don’t realize is that their paths will cross, sooner then they expected.

Another good read from Marie Force. Her last …

With This Ring, I Thee Dread

Ryan Jackson and Elizabeth Valentine have been arch-enemies since high school. Both Ryan’s and Elizabeth’s parents agree that it is time these two grow up. That is why their parents propose an ultimatum…either get married to each other or be disowned. Their parents believe they are meant for each other.

Ryan and Elizabeth agree to get married. Besides their parents said that they only have to stay married for four months and after that time, they can get an annulment. There is a catch. Elizabeth and Ryan will spend the next four months in a secluded cabin, out in the middle of Alaska, miles from anyone. Ryan and Elizabeth figure how hard can living with each other as husband and wife be? Besides it is only for four months.

I have read several Ruth Ann Nordin novels now. While I do enjoy them, I do have to say that With This Ring, I Thee Dread is by far my second favorite book, after An Unlikely Place for Love. This story is categorized as a romantic comedy and I totally agree. I couldn’…

She is the Queen of Kings

I want to thank Cornelia Amiri for sending me a copy of this book to review. This book releases in in July. You can check it out here

This story takes place in Ireland. In a time when men ruled for many centuries.

Macha Mong Ruad’s father, King Aed shared the throne with two other men. There names are Dithorba and Cimbaeth. Each king would rule for seven years and then at that time would pass along the rights to the next king. Though her father was no longer king; Macha would always consider him the one and only true king. Macha dreams of being king and sharing the throne with no one.

So after her father’s death and fourteen years combined of the other two kings ruling. It was Macha’s turn. Unfortunately the other men had no plans of letting Macha anywhere near the throne. Macha does not take people telling her what to do…especially men. Macha will become king no matter what it takes.

Nath, a mighty champion catches the attention of Macha. Macha has never met anyone like Nath. He is her …

Certain Jeopardy

Sergeant Major Eric Moyer, Staff Sgt. Pete Rasor, Sgt. First Class J.J. “Colt Bartley, Master Sgt. Rich “Shaq” Harbison, Jose Medina, the medic, and Martin Caraway are a team of Special Ops. They have been with each other for a long time. They consider themselves brothers.

Everyone was enjoying their time off when they are called up. Colonel MacGregor informs the men that they have received information that Al-Qaeda is planning on setting up a training facility that would recruit terrorists. All Colonel MacGregor wants the men to do is go on a recon mission to either confirm or deny if Al-Qaeda is really setting up a facility. Sounds simple enough but of course we all know that plans, even the most thought out ones can go astray.

Dr. Hector Cenobio has recently become really famous with his techniques on how to reuse nuclear waste. Suddenly he finds himself in a dangerous situation involving some very bad men. Dr. Cenobio must do as he is asked or his family will be killed. Now Moyer, …

Love's First Light

Christophe St. Laurent is the only one left to carry on the family name. His family was sent to the guillotine by the hand of Maximilien Robespierre. Christophe ran away to an old castle his father once told him about where he would be safe. Christophe has grown lonely, living by himself. He has turned into quite the scientist though. He has been experimenting with a crystal prism and light. He is also a bit of an astrologer…stargazing with his telescope.

Scarlett has found herself a young widow about to give birth. Her husband Daniel was a big supporter of the French –Revolution. He was also the nephew of Maximilien Robespierre. Everyday Scarlett visits her husband’s grave. One day while visiting her husband’s grave, she finds herself with company. Soon Christophe and Scarlett start spending time together and before you know it, Christophe has fallen for Scarlett. What he doesn’t know is that Scarlett shares the same last name as his arch-enemy. Will Christophe finally get his revenge…

Lisa- Jackson Read a Thon Wrap Up

Ok. So here is the deal. I started out planning to read two other books for this Read-A-Thon and ended up not reading them but two other ones. Oh Well. At least I read two, through I had planned to read more but time got away from me as I got distracted with many other books that I wanted to read as well.

Here are the two I read

Lost Souls Malice

Last Known Address

Holly Dutcher was out partying with some friends. Holly was walking home when out of nowhere a man attacked her. He drags her to an abandon building and rapes her.

Detective Sloane Pearson works for the Sex Crimes Division. When she arrives at the victim’s residence, she instantly recognizes Holly. Holly is a realtor agent, who showed Sloane some places. The problem is that Sloane doesn’t want Holly to acknowledge that they are familiar with each other. This is because she wants to leave her lover.

When the rapist attacks again, Sloane realizes that the city now has a serial rapist on their hands. Sloane becomes somewhat distracted when her father falls ill. She starts to devote all her attention and energy to him. Will Sloane be able to refocus or will the rapist take another victim?

I enjoy trying out new authors and Theresa Schwegel is no exception. Unfortunately I hated this book. I found the storyline boring and the characters uninteresting. There were many times when I found myself…

Face of Betrayal

Reporter Cassidy Shaw, Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce, and FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges are good friends. They met each other over a chocolately dessert called the triple threat. Ever since then these three friends have been known as the triple threat.

Katie Converse works as a Senate Page for Capital Hill. While out walking her dog, she disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents offer up a reward.

Cassidy breaks the story of Katie’s disappearance. She believes there is something up. Her investigative nature kicks in and she starts learning all she can about Katie and her life. Whatever information or leads she can’t get access to; this is where Agent Nicole Hedges comes in to help. While Allison does help some, she is somewhat distracted by the news that she is pregnant. It seems Katie’s disappearance might be connected to a very powerful Senator.

I was so looking forward to giving this book a try. It sounded right up my alley. While it did have suspense, it kind of wavered throug…

Come Fear the Worst

Tim Blake is divorced. He is looking forward to spending the summer with his seventeen year old daughter, Sydney. This year through she won’t be working at the car dealership that he works at. Sydney found herself a job working at the Just In Time hotel, which caters to traveling business men.

When Sydney doesn’t come home, Tim heads to the hotel only to learn his worst nightmare has just begun. Sydney has gone missing, without a trace. It is as if she never existed. The hotel staff tells Tim that no one by the name of Sydney has ever worked at the hotel before. Also, Sydney’s friends say Sydney was acting odd but they didn’t know why. Soon Tim is on the hunt to locate his daughter. All clues point to a dark and dangerous world of deception and lies. What did Sydney get herself into and what happened to her? These are all questions that Tim will try to find answers to in Fear the Worst.

From the first page till the last one, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat with breathless a…

Dixie Divas

Eureka Truevine has moved back home to the small town of Cherry Hill, Mississippi after the divorcing her husband to care for her mother and father. In Cherry Hill, Eureka can be herself. Everyone there calls her Trinket. Cherry Hill isn’t that far from Holly Springs.

Every April the town of Holly Springs hosts a tour of restored, historical houses. Trinket’s good friend, Bitty Hollandale is the biggest promoter of these tours. She just loves a really good historical home. This is why she plans to do everything she can to get Sherman Sanders to participate in the home tour.

Bitty heads to Mr. Sanders place to try and bride him with some homemade chicken and dumplings. When she gets there, Mr. Sanders is gone and lying on the floor in a pool of blood is her ex-husband. Bitty runs away but instead of going to the police like she should she enlists the help of the Dixie Divas. The Dixie Divas are a group of southern belles, who love to party and eat chocolate. No men are invited unless the…

Chunkster Challenge-Completed


What's in a Name Challenge-Completed


100+ Book Challenge-Completed

Hello All. I am now 100% back. You may wonder what that means? I have internet back. For about two months I didn't have any and had to go to my mom and dad's house to get on the computer. I tried really hard to not let my posts lapse but there were a few times when it did.

I am catching up and that means updated the status of all my book challenges.

Here are the list of books I read for this challenge. To be honest I finished this challenge a long time ago as I also review for other sites but I only counted the ones that I could provide you with reviews for on my blog.

Trick My Truck but Don’t Mess with My Heart by Luann McLane
The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen
Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks
Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain
Celtic Bonds by Terri Pray
Forced Out by Stephen Frey
Captive of my Desires by Johanna Lindsey
A Darker Domain by Val McDermind
Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Marked by Passion by Kate Perry
Battles between Somebodies and Nobodies: Combat Abuse of Rank at Work a…

Bound to Please

Ruby Scott works as an event planner. At first glance you won’t believe that Ruby has a kinky side to her. Her ex-boyfriend was into S&M but on the lighter side. When they did have sex it was so…vanilla. Ruby would like to be more on the wild side but just hasn’t found anyone till now.

While at one of her events, Ruby and her friend Meg get on the discussion of sex. Meg is looking to spice things up with her husband Emmett. Ruby makes the comment to Meg that she will be her tour guide into the wonderful underworld of kink. It just so happens that the most gorgeous guy Ruby has ever laid eyes on overhears her.

Mark St. Crow is the lead singer of The Dark Riders, a fairly new band that is slowly becoming hot stuff. Mark can’t believe his ears when he hears Ruby offering to be a tour guide into the world of kink. Ruby sounds like his type of woman as Mark happens to be a collector of erotic art work. Mark plans to show Ruby just how much fun S&M can really be and he isn’t no vanil…

How to Score

Samantha “Sammi” Matthews needs help desperately. At first glance you would have to stop and wonder why a beautiful woman would need any help but looks can be deceiving. Sammi is a walking tornado. In her wake, she has left bodies of men bruised and mangled from her klutziness. It is not like Sammi wants to hurt men but it just happens and that is why she needs help. She is hoping that by hiring a life coach that she can break this spell of bad luck.

When FBI Special Agent Chase Jones’s brother, Luke witnesses a shooting involving the mob, he is put in the Witness Protection Program for safekeeping till the trial. Luke can’t leave his clients hanging, so Chase offers to pretend to be Luke, just until the trial is over. Besides how hard can it be to talk on the phone and give advice to people? That is till he hears Sammi’s voice.

One of my favorite characters has got to be Horace. Horace is a grown man, who still lives with his mother. He wants to move out but is afraid to. The one thing…

The Neighbor

Nothing gets the police and media's attention faster then the disappearance of a woman from her home in the suburbs.

Jason Jones works as a news reporter for the Boston Daily news. He comes home around 2 am to find his four year old daughter, Clarissa "Ree" Jane asleep in her bed but his wife and their cat Mr. Smith are both gone. Jason has no clue where Sandra is other then the fact that something bad has happened. The bed sheets have been stripped off the bed and there is a broken lamp on the floor.

Detective Sergeant D. D Warren is called onto the scene. Warren feels an instant dislike towards Jason from the first moment she meets him. His lack of interest in finding his wife, brings up red flags for Warren. Also, There is something not quite right with Jason Jones. He seems too slick. The deeper Warren investigates she realizes that things are not what they seem at first glance.

Another winner for Lisa Gardner. The Neighbor has all of the making for the perfect best s…

The Cleaner Jonathan Quinn is back for more!

Every body's favorite cleaner, Jonathan Quinn is back in Shadow of Betrayal. Quinn wants to hang up his gun holster and retire with his girlfriend, the deadly but beautiful Orlando but before he can do that, his boss has another mission for Quinn. He wants Quinn to locate a United Nations aide worker named Marion Dupuis. She has gone mission from her post in Africa. This is a task that will require the help of Quin''s protege, Nate and girlfriend Orlando.

Marion has enjoyed helping out at Roslyn's Place. A local orphanage. All of a sudden the soldiers there have become interested in a girl named Iris. Iris was born with down syndrome. This is the second time the soldiers have come paying a visit to Roslyn's Place looking for the girl. Marion doesn't know why the soldiers want Iris. All she knows is that she must protect her at all costs.

Shadow of Betrayal is the third book in this Jonathan Quinn series. Quinn is not afraid to get dirty and let the bodies fall …

The Unit

Dorrit Weger has just turned fifty. A time when most people are thinking about what they are going to do when they retire. Well Dorrit doesn't have to worry about that. She has agreed to leave her home and move into an apartment at the Second Reserve Bank Unit. A place that houses women over fifty and men over sixty, who are childless. The Unit sets them up till their time is up. The catch is that the men and women agree to be test subjects as well as organ donors. The Unit will care and provide for Dorrit and the rest of the group till their last organ donation.

For Dorrit the agreement to live out her last years at the Unit would be just fine with her. That is till she met someone. His name is Johannes. He is a fellow writer like Dorrit and he has being living at the Unit for a while. Dorrit never expected to meet anyone, especially someone like Johannes. Dorrit learns that her sister, Siv used to life at the Unit as well. Siv like Dorrit fell in love with someone as well. Unfor…

Come on an adventure with Arint Saratir

Airsing works as a welder. He makes swords. All of Airsing's life, he never really felt like he belonged anywhere. One thing Airsing did feel in his heart is what he was destined for greatness but he didn't know where or when that time might be. A man by the name of Tolkien comes to pick up his sword. He tells Airsing that Dark Times are coming. On evening, Airsing awakes to a woman's voice calling him. Airsing goes to investigate and to his surprise learns that the voice belongs to a dragon. Her name is Syocer. She informs Airsing that he is her rider. He was chosen centuries ago. He is now needed to help fight against the Syfrin.

When Xavier was a little boy, his mother was killed by the Syfrin and his father became one. In fact his father is the commander of King Arkt's army. To make matters worse, Xavier is being held prisoner. Xavier escapes. He ends up meeting Airsing. Together they form a alliance to battle the Syfrin.

Footnotes are ok but in this case there was s…

Chatting with author Jean Koning

Suppose I was in the position I was about to move to New York City. What is still affordable for someone like me?
Obviously I need something in Manhattan, since I am the big shot artist and all. Well, that and the fact that I wish nothing but the best for my wife and my daughter. And the three cats and the dog of course. (And where else other than New York City can one get that?!)
What does a reasonable man do in a position like that?
Yes! He flips through the pages of the New York Times.
Step inside with me. The first real estate ad that kind of fits the picture in my head is 219 West 144th Street, Harlem, New York. The pics on the internet for the same address look promising. Except for the kitchen that is. The American Style of Kitchen design is not my kind of thing. Most of the American kitchens I have visited in my life are plain ugly. Very coarse. Everything mega-big. And dark. But a European wino can take care of that by a simple re-design. Turn it into something more European. S…

A Little Light Magic

Victoria "Tori" Morgan wants to open her new age shop Destiny's Gate in the home she inherited but first she needs to fix it up.

Nick Santangelo is a contractor. He also has a seventeen year old daughter named Leigh. When his secretary Doris begs him to help out Tori, Nick agrees to at least go out and check out the place. When he arrives and sees how bad a shape the place is in, he tells Tori that she would be better off dumping the place. One thing that Nick is unprepared for is Tori's beauty. He tells Tori that his crew is too busy to take on any more work and leaves. About a year ago, Tori was given a bundle of magical candles but a witch. Tori figures it couldn't hurt to light one as she is desperate to help. She lights a white candle. Before she knows it, Nick comes walking back through the door and informs Tori that he will take on the job himself. He will come in the evenings.

Tori has been having some really bad pains. She goes to the doctor and is told …


John Hutchinson is a journalist for the Denver Post and a avid bow hunter. While out with his girlfriend and her son, he receives a phone call from a Dr. Dorian Nichols. Dr. Nichols rambles on about they are all dead...meaning his family. He tells John that the police are after him and that he didn't kill them. What he says next really gets John's attention. He implements that Brendan Page is somehow involved.

Brendan is a billionaire military industrialist, who John has been trying to bring down since the incident in Canada involving Declan going rogue. Declan went on a killing spree. Page's latest top secret project is training soldiers for his Quick-Response Black Ops "QRBO" project. QRBO are teams of four who's goal is to move in quickly, eliminate the target and get back out. Page's training of soldier's consists of having them go through a vitural reality simulation training program. The catch is that the bullets are real and so is the blood.

I p…

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marlaria

First Comes Love, then comes Malaria is Eve's memoir of how she met her husband as well as she experiences with the Peace Corps. For a long time Eve would mention to everyone how she was going to join the Peace Corps but she never really imagined she would actually do it. That all changed with Eve met John.

John worked for the Peace Corps. He also happened to be the recruiter that Eve met with, when she went for her interview. Those two hours of Eve's time was the most wonderous time of her life. This is because after her meeting she called up her mother and told her that she was going to marry her Peace Corps recruiter.

Everything was going pretty good for Eve till John informed her that she was being sent to Ecuador for a year as part of her Peace Corps agreement. Eve barely lasted the year but after she came back, something great happened. She and John grew closer but it seemed like John was never going to pop the question to Eve. Eventually he did. Of course Eve said yes. Wh…

The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns

When Lucy Burns was eleven years old, her sister Ellen was out riding her bike and was struck by a truck. Ellen lay in a coma. The odds of her surviving were slim to non. It would take a miracle.

Ellen and Lucy had an old mailbox in their backyard that they would pretend was magical. Lucky sat down and wrote a letter to the attention of To Whom It May Concern. In the letter she asked for Ellen to wake up and in return Lucy would be forever in To Whom It May Concern's debt. A reply was sent saying done and To Whom It May Concern would be in contact with Lucy again some day. That was many years ago.

Now Lucy is all grown up and has a job working for the devil himself. She is a facilitator to hell. That means she when it is a bad person's time to go, she helps them along. Lucky for he, she has a gateway to hell down in her basement. Working for the devil does have some perks but there are also down falls. The perks are that you always score some killer birthday presents but the d…

Hedge Fund Wives

Marcy and her husband, John Emerson are packing up and leaving their hom in the Windy city of Chicago and heading for New York City. John has been offered a really good job for a hedge fund company called Zenith Capital.

Now Marcy is being invited to some of the biggest parties including a baby shower for one of the other hedge fund wives. Caroline is the happy mother to be but don't go congratulating her as she is having the baby by surrogate. While attending the shower, Marcy meets Jillian Lovern Tischman, another one of the wives. She tells Marcy that there are different catgories of hedge fund wives.

There are the Accidentals, the ones who didn't plan on becoming hedge fnd wives but did when their hudbands got jobs in the market of hedge funds. Then there are the Westminsters, the ones who were born into this type of lifestyle. There is the Stephanie Seymours, the bitches of the bunch. They treat everyone including their husbands like dirt and are allowed to get away with …

The Chris Farley Show

The Chris Farley Show is the biography of one of history's funniest comedians to grace the stage, television, and movies. Though I had only seen Chris Farley a few times and though times that I did watch him on tv he made me laugh. What I found very interesting about this biography was that Chris was very religious about his faith. There are very few celebrites who stand up strong for what they believe in. Even at a young age Chris was making people laugh.

The most enduring quality I learned about Chris was that he had a really big heart. He was the first person to step up and lend a helping hand, no matter who they were. He never threw around his fame. I enjoyed reading about Chris and where he came from. He was surrrounded by many loving family and friends. The saddest moments were when Chris would slip and drink and do heavy drugs. Everyone around him tried to help him except for his father. This wasn't because he didn't love Chris but because then he would have to admit…

She is Frankie: The Walk"N" Roll Dog

Francesca "Frankie" would like to tell you about herself and how she came to have her own set of wheels.

Frankie was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She is a dachshund or wiener dog. She comes from a huge family with lots of brothers and sisters. Everyday Frankie would sit and watch as her family was sold to loving families, till one day Frankie spotted his new mom. Her name is Barbara. Frankie was very happy that Barbara became her mom as she liked Barbara. Once at home, Frankie met the rest of the family...her new father, John and sister Cassie, a chocolate lab.

John and Barbara go on vacation leaving Frankie at the kennel. While there something horrible happens to Frankie. Frankie jumps up and lands hard on the cement floor. Frankie is taken to the vet, who operates on Frankie but gives a slim chance that she will be able to walk again. After months and months of rehab, Frankie still can't walk. Barbara finds a website called . The site makes dog carts …

Talking with Georgia Evans

Hello, I’m Georgia Evans (among other names) and want to thank Cheryl for inviting me to come and blog about one of my favorite fictional creatures: vampires.

What’s the appeal of the sexy vampire hero?

Not too hard to work that one out: He’s the ultimate dark and dangerous hero. A veritable walk on the wild side accomplished safely within the pages of a book. The vampire is the bad boy without parallel. No matter how desperate your mother might be to see you settled down and married you know darn well, she doesn’t want to bringing home a dead man. It’s not just the danger and wildness , of course. There’s the sex. A man who never gets tired, doesn’t fall asleep afterwards and, after a few hundred years, he’s definitely leaned a thing or two.

Above all though, the vampire romantic hero is FUN. I’ve had a fantastic time with the vamp heroes - and heroines - in my Rosemary Laurey ‘Forever’ books- and a number of short stories and novellas I’ve written on the side. In fact I have two …

Bloody Good Time

The Nazi's are planning an attack on England. They have dropped off four of their operatives. Their names are Gerhardt Eiche, Wilhelm Bloch, Hans Weiss, and Paul Schmidt. It might be a little hard to spot these Nazi's as they are ...vampires!

There is a slight change in plans, when the plane the vamps are on starts nose diving and they have to bail out in the small town of Brytewood.

Dr. Alice Doyle comes upon a man badly wounded. He has fallen out of a tree. She takes him back home and patches him up. When no one is looking he disappears.

Peter Watson is an ambulance driver. He also happens to be both Alice's new assistant and lover. Peter is more of a lover then a fighter.

When a local farmer dies, Alice suspects something is up. She wonders about the newcomer and his connection to the farmer's death. When the situtation arises for a hero to stand up an fight, will Peter help Alice?

Bloody Good is the first book in this trilogy. Alice may seem like an unlikely heroine…


Dennis Shore is a best selling horror novelist. He has given many readers nightmares with his stories. Shore has had no problems coming up with inspiration for his stories till now. Recently Shore experienced writer's block, which is a terrible situation for any writer. It is made even worse with a fast approaching deadline. Shore panics and does the unthinkable...he steals someone else's work and passes it off as his own. The book titled Empty Spaces becomes the latest best seller for Shore.

While at one of his book signing, Shore meets a young man named Cillian Reed. Mr. Reed happens to the true author and he is pissed off. Reed seeks redemption against Shore as all of the glory Shore has been receiving should be his. Anything Shore could have ever imagined could not prepare him for the nightmare he is about to experience, where only the strong will survive.

This story reminded me of the movie Window with Johnny Depp. It was dark, suspenseful, and had a really good plot. Tho…

The Strain

When Abraham Setrakian was just a little boy, his grandmother told him about a story of a man named Jusef Sardu. Jusef was born with a disease that left him weak and having to rely on a cane to walk. You could tell when Jusef was near as you could hear the pick-pick-pick of his cane. While out hunting, Jusef's father vanishes. A search party is formed and slowly one by one of Jusef's cousins and uncles also disappear till only Jusef is left.

Jusef finds his father's body as well as all of his cousins and uncles bodies, near a cave. Jusef vows to kill the monster. That was eleven weeks ago. No one has heard or seen from Jusef since then. Till one day Jusef reappears, a changed man. He no longer requires the use of a cane and has become nocturnal. Abraham once had an encounter with Jusef. Now many years later, Abraham still can't get the sound of the pick-pick-pick out of his head.

Present Day

Something has happened at JFK airport. A huge Regis 777 has landed and is just si…


Detective Rick Bentz has come out of his coma and is back at home now, after being stuck by a tree in the prior novel Lost Souls. Something isn't right about Rick. He has changed. He says that while in the hospital that he was visited by his ex-wife, Jennifer. The funny thing is that Jennifer died twelve years ago. She committed suicide and drive her car straight into a tree.

Detective Montoya hands a package to Rick. It was delivered to Rick at the police station. Inside the package are some photographs of Jennifer and a death certificate. The photos are recent. It seems someone is sending Rick a message that Jennifer is alive. The postmark on the package is from California. Even though Rick knows someone is playing a sick joke on him, he still heads out for California.

Rick starts to see Jennifer everywhere. Also, two twin twenty-one year old girls are murdered. Murders are nothing new but the thing about this murder is that is similar to the last case Rick ever worked while in Ca…