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Call Me Princess

Detective Inspector Louise Rick is one of the few females at the Copenhagen Police Department. Seeing as Louise is one of the few, she is usually assigned the rape cases as most of the victims are female and they relate to another female better. As Louise starts investigating, she realizes that the victim, Susanne may have known her attacker…well kind of. Susanne was a member of a dating site, where she meet her attacker. She took him back home and things started out ok but by the time that Susanne realized what she was in for it was took late.

Call Me Princess is author, Sara Blaedel’s first English novel. This book is not for the faint at heart or weak stomached. There is a violet rape scene at the beginning of this book. Also, there is crude language used though out this book. I noticed that the writing was simple but there was a lot of detail at the same time in the way that the characters explained things or if they attempted to explain something it was with the use of language.…

Eyewall ... A book worth checking out

Review by Nancy

When you fly a Hurricane Hunter, somewhere deep in your soul you have a death wish. As do all of your crew. The crew flying with Maj. Arlen Walker had no idea what they would be flying into that day. No one did except one weather forecaster no one would listen to. Walker had gone to a carnival the day before and the palm-reader told him “This does not end well.” Maybe it was a trick, maybe she knew but she nailed it either way.

The Hurricane named Janet was only barely a category one, not worth the trouble except they had to go to the eye and see what they could see. While they were getting ready to fly, Alan Grant has just discovered his teenage daughter snuck out the night before. The weather on St. Simons Island, Georgia is getting a bit unsettled and now he has to go out and search for Sandy. Always in charge Alan makes a really bad decision. He leaves wife and son while he goes off in search of daughter. This does not allow them enough time.

While these two stories…

Caged in Darkness

Review by Nancy

Savannah “S” showed up in the darkness at Maye Emmons’ home. She had escaped her parents – die hard black witches who made her watch sacrifices twice a week: human sacrifices – and was not going back. Fortunately, Meadow Falls knew all about her parents; they had helped found the coven there and had been kicked out of it when folks found out their dark leanings.

Going to school was a chore, S had her best friend Willow and Maye’s other itinerant person, Ash to watch over her but they all want her. The Meadow Falls witches want her and the Sacred Moon group wants her more! Since her ascension is getting closer S’s magic is totally out of control. She tries to distance herself from stressful situations and naturally walks right into one. Liam, son of the Sacred Moon high priestess; is supposed to seduce Savannah (his special talent) into joining them. Ash, always there, always helping, has fallen hard for her himself. Which one? Neither? Many things can be changed with he…

Up a Dry Creek

Review by Nancy

Claire couldn’t cook worth a lick but she had put together a great restaurant and it was the most popular restaurant for several counties. Dry Creek, Nebraska wasn’t a metropolis by any means; and everyone knew everyone else’s business. Her oldest brother was the Chief of Police, middle brother a staid professor and youngest brother had won the lottery awhile back. Claire was at least a foot shorter than the shortest of the brothers, coming in at just arou9nd five feet (without heels).

When she took the trash out after closing one night the last thing she expected to see was a body in her dumpster. Especially a body who had eaten at her place that same evening! Oldest bro wasn’t too thrilled, either. Claire’s week quickly goes from bad to worse as the father of the “body” sends in his own man to be sure things are done right. The killer (now referred to as the Voice of Doom) has been making phone calls to Claire wanting the victim’s cell phone and memory card. What?


The Fund

Review by Nancy

The Fund is complicated and, essentially very simple as well. After all, whoever controls the money controls it all, right? Kate Molares has spent most of her life searching the money angles of the world and she has possibly come upon the biggest angle of all. Financial terrorism.

In her travels, she visits an old friend in Cuba who tells her an unbelievable tale – cats chasing dogs! She ultimately sends Kate a sample of “something” and that “something” is a strain of toxoplasmosis which warps the brain into an ultimate soldier – the only pressing thought remaining is to succeed at a mission. Death doesn’t matter. Which is good, because all who take this substance die.

She also runs into Nebibi Hasehm, old lover, current money market genius, and also Al-Quada in hiding. The flame still burns between them; but Nebibi has set himself on another track – to control the world’s financial status – and he just may succeed. Can Kate bring herself to voice her suspicions before…

Wildflower Hill blossomed and grew a place in my heart and bookshelf!

When Emma was an eleven years old, her grandma told her if she becomes a ballerina, she will give her a present. Emma’s grandma loved to watch Emma dance and this is why she wanted Emma to become a ballerina. Emma told her grandma that she would become a ballerina and that she didn’t need a present to become one. Emma’s grandma did tell Emma that ballerina’s can not dance forever.

Present Day

Emma did become a famous ballerina. One night after leaving from a long, practice session, Emma was walking down the stairs when she lost her balance and went crumbling down. Emma’s whole world as she knows it goes crashing down. Emma’s come comes to bring Emma home. Emma goes on the condition that there might be a chance that she will dance again as her mom knows of a doctor that can help. Emma learns that her grandma has left her a house on Wildflower Hill but with the house is a sheep farm. Emma can not sell the house for at least six months. What does Emma need with a sheep farm?

I have to ad…

Blue Skies Tomorrow has drama, romance, great characters and it soared!

Helen married when she was young. Now, Helen is the mother to two years old, Jay-Jay and a widow. Helen’s in-laws don’t approve of the things that Helen does and they expect her to remarry the guy that they choose as they have to think of their grandson.

Lt. Raymond Novak has been a pilot instructor for four years. The funny thing is that Lt. Novak has no combat aviation experience himself. Lt. Novak receives orders from his boss that it is now a requirement that all instructors have experience. Lt. Novak knew this day would come but still he wished that it didn’t. Due to a chance meeting, Lit. Novak and Helen start hanging out together. Their friendship than turns from friends to a couple. Though, Helen has to keep their relationship a secret from her in-laws.

Blue Skies Tomorrow is the third and final book in the Wings of Glory series. What I liked the most about this series is that Mrs. Sundin really brings to life her characters. In each book she made sure of every detail. Helen…

When Parents Text: So Much said…So Little Understood is a book that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

When Parents Text is a funny compilation of text messages from parents to their children and there are some from grandparents. Some of the tests are hilarious like for example:

Subject: Referral
Mom: I just picked up a reefer. All there. Is lots of traffic. Call the doctor to see if you can reschedule for another day.

Subject: Hardin House
Dad: I’m going to drop off your dorm application, It’s hamburger house right?
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: I don’t know how this phone gets “hamburger” from H-a-r-d-i-n.
(one hour later)
Dad: Don’t get your hopes up. They said hamburger house is basically already filled up.
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: Not again.

Subject: Bowtie Man (He rocks. Follow Bowtie Man on Twitter)
Mom: Can you please call me when you need to be picked up! Don’t do anything stupid! :-)8
Me: What is that emoticon?
Mom: bowtie man! He doesn’t do anything stupid.

Subject: Facebook Chat
Mom: One of ypor friends facebook chatted me. Do I respond. If yes, what do I say? Pleaz help. C…

Speed of Light

Review by Nancy
Pierce Black was a troubled man. His wife and her brother are busy building a case against his employer, Paralight Industries. They supposedly embezzled millions into the Scarlet project. Millions meant for conventional airplanes, hovercrafts, etc. Scarlet – well, Scarlet was another thing entirely.

Pierce is set to fly the craft they named Stormlight in a few days. On their anniversary he and Catherine were hit broadside by a SUV and she was killed. Days after that event, Pierce and Stormlight take to the heavens to fly the speed of light. Something never done.

Pierce wakes up two and a half months after his flight in a mental hospital. Things have changed but he did it! He flew the speed of light and survived! Released to his own devices, he returns home to his son, Danny, who is severely handicapped. Danny can’t talk at all or do much else. But Pierce can now talk to Danny with his mind – and Danny responds!

That is the beginning but far from the end of …

Avid gamer fans, geeks, and fans of the eighties will all fall in love with Ready Player One.

Five years ago, OASIS, virtual reality creator and billionaire, James Halliday dead. Before Halliday’s passing, he offered up a huge challenge. The first gamer to locate three hidden keys and unlock several gates will find a hidden room filled with gold beyond their wildest dreams. As the years passed, less and less people attempted to find the hidden room. Only the most, extreme and dedicated gamers still tried. Eighteen year old, Wade Watts was one of them. Things quickly picked up when Wade was the first one to locate the Copper Key. Soon afterwards, gamers were logging on again, in hopes of finding the lost treasure. As if playing Dungeons and Dragons, quoting movie lines from eighties movies and avoiding traps was not enough. Wade has to deal with the Sixers. A group of bots that hope to find the treasure first and will do anything to get it. Luckily for Wade, he is joined by two other players, character name “Aech”, his friend and “Art3mis”, a girl.

Avid gamer fans, geeks, and f…

Hot, Shot and Bothered is the perfect cozy mystery novel to add to your collection.

Lilly Hawkins works for KJAY news as a shooter. Lilly was finishing up packing the news truck when she sees the coroner’s van go racing by. Lilly’s nose for news goes racing. Lilly jumps into the truck and takes off after the coroner. When Lilly arrives at the scene, there are some divers pulling a body out of the lake. At first glance, it seems that the death was the unfortunate result of a drowning accident but Lilly suspects there is more to the story, when Lilly realizes that she knows the victim.

Hot, Shot and Bothered is book two of the Lilly Hawkins novels. The first book is A Bad Day’s Work. This book can be read as a stand alone novel, which is a good thing as I started with Hot, Shot and Bothered. Hot, Shot and Bothered is the perfect cozy mystery novel to add to your collection.

Lilly was the star of this book. She is a wise cracker, who had determination, can hold her own with the guys and is the right woman for the job. Just don’t call her a reporter. She is a “shooter”. …


Review by Nancy
John Carey hasn’t had the best life. His “gift” isn’t welcomed by a lot of people. They don’t like feeling a headache when they’re around him. But that’s what happens when he tries to sneak into their heads. He’s lived several places and, when they decide to try him for witchcraft in his current home of Syre; he takes his few belongings, his horse Smoke and leaves in the dead of night.

Passing through a forest, John and Smoke encounter what they will learn is called a Brean. Big, hairy, MEAN suckers who want nothing more than to have him for lunch. Maybe the horse as an appetizer? He is saved by a woman named Sarah who is living alone in the forest and who has been kicked out of the next town, Marysvale - and told to never return.

Sarah seems to know a lot about the Brean and has nothing good to say about Marysvale or the people who control it. A community that lives in fear. Of the Brean, certainly; of the Lord Mayor and his cronies, terror might be a better word. Sarah …

Mice, we may be but hear us roar!

Shelley and Elizabeth are on their own now. After Shelley’s father leaves her mother for a younger woman and moves to Spain, Shelley and Elizabeth are left with nothing. They go house hunting and find the perfect secluded location. The place is called Honeysuckle Cottage. It is the perfect place to make a home for two “mice”.

Everything is going well until that one night when Shelley hears foot steps in the house. From there, things spiral out of control very quickly.

I had no expectations when I opened this book to read it. I have to say that if I did have any expectations, this book by far exceed them. Shelley and Elizabeth had great dimension and character to them. I thought it was creative the way that Mr. Reece used the word “mice” to describe Shelley and Elizabeth. Though, Shelley and Elizabeth may have started out as “mice”, they ended up as “lions”. When the story really god interesting was when, the stranger came into the house and from there; the rest of the story just fle…

In Malice, Quite Close reminded me of a soap opera in a good way

Karen was just fifteen when her life was turned upside down and changed forever. Karen was just minding her own business reading a book and drinking coffee when she had her first encounter with Tristan. Soon afterwards, Tristan was showing up at all the same places that Karen hung out. Finally, Tristan could not stand it anymore and he kidnapped Karen and faked her death. Tristan and Karen became Tristan and Giese. Lovers behind closed doors and father and daughter to the public eye. Things unravel when years later, Tristan and Karen’s daughter, Nicola spots some erotic portraits of her mother.

As I was reading this book, I almost felt sorry for Tristan and Karen. I say almost because, Tristan did a wrong thing when he kidnapped Karen but when he did it, I saw him as sad and desperate. Tristan kidnapped Karen because I felt that he saw her more as his daughter that he lost than his lover. This may have been because there was Karen and Tristan did not become too intimate throughout th…

The Butterfly Cabinet

This book starts with Anna writing to Maddie McGlade telling her that she is ready to hear Maddie’s story. Maddie was a former nanny to Anna. Before Anna, Maddie was a nanny to another little girl. Her name was Charlotte Ormond. Charlotte was just four years old when she died. Her mother, Harriet sits in prison for the murder of Charlotte. Both Maddie and Harriet share their sides of the story of the events leading up to Charlotte’s death.

I must admit that this is one of those books that sound better than it was. Well it seemed that way to me. The characters were lackluster and never really grabbed my attention and made me become intrigued with them. This in turn made the book read slower. Even though this book was based around true events, I felt that there was a lot of details spent on getting things right, than on developing the characters. Though, the parts that I did find somewhat interesting were when Harriet was narrating and sharing what happened. Harriet’s story was told as …

Our Daily Bread

Review by Nancy

Albert Erskine is one of the mountain people. He was born there, raised there and still is there, albeit in his own one-room shack away from everyone else. He lived through the hell that serves for growing up in his clan. He endures sodomy, sex with his mother, burns, whippings, little love and absolutely no salvation. Just like the young children in his family today.

Bobby Evans is a typical sullen teen. His mother has left the home, his little sister Ivy cries a lot, his dad is lost in life. He thinks he has it bad. He hasn’t a clue. Then he meets Albert and finds the big brother he never had.
What happens when these two collide is beyond imagination. The children of the mountain want to die; Ivy wants to be a rockhound and wants dad to hunt with her. An amazing woman named Dorothy Carlisle has been secretly trying to help the mountain children for years and finds it easy to assist Ivy in her loneliness by having her help in Dorothy’s antique shop.

Above all of this …

Daemons in the Mist

Review by Nancy

Patrick was like any other high school kid. A senior, he had a group of close friends, had been in love/lust with the same girl for 4 years and she had no clue he existed and was a latch-key kid since his parents were NEVER home, left for weeks at a time and came back oblivious to Patrick and his classes, pals, etc.

Back to that girl – Nualla Galathea – to be exact. Nualla always hung with her cousin, Nikki, a friend named Shawn, and was the most gorgeous girl at Bayside Academy. Rich but not pretentious, she had a smile for all, was kind and did NOT like Michael who was determined to make her like him. She never saw Patrick in the throng of students in the halls.

In a magical story Ms. Dillman takes us into the mist of San Francisco – into the world of the Daemons who we never see. Nualla and friends are daemons and others as well. Patrick hasn’t a clue but he is beginning to have some stress headaches which causes Nualla, after meeting him; to whisk him off with her …

The Sixes

Phoebe Hall is a famous writer. All of her books have been on the best sellers list. Things coming crashing down suddenly on Phoebe, when she is accused of plagiarism. Phoebe’s agent suggests that Phoebe take a vacation until things cool down. That is why, when Phoebe’s friend, Glenda offers Phoebe a short term teaching job at Lyle College, Phoebe accepts.

Phoebe is getting comfortable, until a girl goes missing. Glenda asks Phoebe to investigate on behalf of the college, the girl’s disappearance. Phoebe soon realizes that there is more to the girl’s disappearance than meets the eye. Lyle College has an all girl’s secret society known as the Sixes. Phoebe will learn that you do not mess with the Sixes.

This book had the feel of the Skulls. A rich, secret society where only the elite get in and they are untouchable. While, I did like this book, I felt that it could have been better. For example, the tricks the Sixes played on Phoebe were a bit juvie: like placing apples on Phoebe counter…

The Undertaker may have you dying from laughter by the time it ends.

Review by Nancy

Peter Talbott buried his wife in LA following her death from cancer; he assumed that was it for married life and Terri, whom he loved more than anything. Imagine his surprise when he is handed his OWN obituary, along with that of his wife in Columbus, OH many months after the real event. Coincidence? Probably not.

Peter doesn’t mind so much being “dead” but by putting his wife’s name in the paper as well sets him off. Working for your brother-in-law has perks – like taking time off to drive from Waltham, Mass to Columbus to see what the hell is going on. He packs up his Bronco and off he goes to save the day.

Peter has opened up something best left closed, it seems. He has mob gunmen after him, employees of the funeral home, a clinic and other businesses after him and no, they don’t want to give him gift coupons. Turns out several people have died at the clinic, been entombed by the mortuary and had their monetary affairs dealt with by a Ralph Tinkerton, Esq. (aka “T…

Deadly Sins Giveaway

I want to thank author, Kylie Brant for making a stop on my blog and for giving away a copy of Deadly Sins.

Book Summary
An unknown assassin has appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner, brutally taking out high-level human targets citywide. And the list of suspects is a sensitive one: an Iranian diplomat, a U.S. senator, and a vengeful priest. It's just the kind of case to test the resolve of tough FBI agent, Jaid Marlowe. Especially when her new partner is Adam Raiker, Jaid's former colleague and ex-lover. But that's history—and it left scars.

Determined to leave it behind them, Jaid and Adam dive into the most shocking investigation of their careers. But when Adam himself becomes a suspect, Jaid must choose between past and present. Her choice plunges them into a far-reaching, high-level conspiracy of shadows—and on the run not only from secrets and lies, but for their lives. Now, despite their history, they have only each other, and the desperate hope that love can…

The Keepers

Review by Nancy
Jess had her issues. With her life, her religion and especially her God. She raled at Him often, especially when her mother died of cancer. That’s when her closest friend and also her younger brother Jordan persuaded her to take some time away at a family apartment in New Orleans and try to get herself together. Jess wasn’t sure this was a great plan, but she went along. Jordan stayed home to take care of things.

New Orleans can charm anyone; and Jess’ best memories of her mom were there. After settling in she takes off for fun and wanders into a club called Dez’s. First falling on her butt in the water she goes on in and meets a cute chick named Vi (short for Violet, of course) who also charms Jess and they instantly become pals. Spying a table of four gorgeous men she finds that Vi knows them as they deal cards at Harrah’s casino down the street. Turns out they are brothers: Rory, Justin, Blake and Lathan. Turns out they’re also a few other things.

Jess also meets a guy…


Check out the book trailer for author, Sherrilyn Kenyon's newest novel, RETRIBUTION. The latest book in Dark Hunter series.

Hero: Sundown
Jess grew up hard under the hand of a father who hated him, and a mother who was fighting illness. At age thirteen, he ran away and headed out west where he quickly learned life wasn't fair and it wasn't easy for a boy with no family. By age sixteen, he'd learned to make his living as a gunslinger, train robber and card sharp. He lived his life hard and was ruthlessly shot in the back outside the church where his fiancee...

The Heroine:Abigail
Orphaned as a toddler, Abigail Yager was taken in by a family of Apollites and raised on one belief: Dark-Hunters are the evil who prey on both Apollites and mankind. They must all be destroyed. While protecting her adoptive race, she has spent her life eliminating the Dark-Hunters and training for the day when she meets the man who killed her family... Jess Brady.

I have one copy to give away to…

Too Hot to Touch is a nice tasty morsel to start off the Hot series!

Juliet “Jules” Cavanaugh is Danny Lunden’s good friend. Danny’s family own a restaurant. Jules has a crush on Danny’s brother, Max. Max can not be tied down to one place, so he packs up and travels all over the world. Years later, the Lunden family restaurant has been slowly losing business. They must find a way to make money and fast. Jules comes up with an idea to have the family enter a cooking competition. The competition has done wonders for past winners. There is just one catch. In order to ensure victory, they need Max. Max returns only to find Jules all grown up. Though, is there enough room for two cooks in the kitchen?

I am a fan of this author. So when I heard she was starting a new cooking novel series I could not wait. Too Hot to Touch is book one in the Hot series. Sadly there was something missing that I really like about Mrs. Edwards and her books and that was…cooking. I was disappointed as the whole theme of this book was that Max, his family and Jules were entering a …


Shoko came from Japan. She lived there with her father, mother, brother and sister until Shoko was about nineteen. During the time that she lived there, she and her family had to deal with the Americans. Most of the Americans did not like the Japanese and visa versa. Though, the only way for Shoko to leave Japan is to find and marry a nice American boy. Shoko does find one. His name is Charlie. They get married and move to America. Years later and two children, Shoko wants to return to Japan before it is too late. Though due to a bad heart and impending heart surgery, Shoko can not go. Shoko’s daughter, Sue travels to Japan for her mother. What Sue learns in Japan will change her life forever.

There are not many books that spell bind and blow me away. I am happy to report that How to be an American Housewife did just that and more. For the whole time that I was reading this book, I forgot about everything else and just read this book. I could not think about doing housework (which I ha…

Where You Left Me

I knew going into this book, it would be an interesting one. I mean this in a good way. I was not wrong. In fact, I liked this more than I could predict. Mrs. Gardner Trulson did a great job of showing who Doug; her husband was, in the brief moments that he was in the book. Sadly, Doug lost his life in the September 11th attack on the twin towers. I can remember this day and what I was doing. I will remember this one moment that just really made it all real for me. I was driving home from school and I spotted an American flag flying half mast and all of a sudden Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A” started playing on the radio. It was at that moment that I broke down and cried and really prayed for all the lost souls and everyone in the world. So I could not imagine nor would I want to be in Jennifer’s shoes when she learned about her Doug’s death. Luckily for Jennifer, she had a good support system. Jennifer is a strong woman. She was left to raise two young children, which it sound…

Wedlocked. If you’re looking for a gift novel, here it is – give it to yourself first!!

Review by Nancy
In a funny, sardonic way, Rebecca’s wedding at age 37 was NOT the one of her dreams. They were serving lamb which she had absolutely forbidden. She overheard her future in-laws discussing the past of her future husband. She offered up condolences to his nearly-dead-but-here Auntie on her heart operation (she didn’t have one). After all this, she STILL SAID I DO. Served her right, sort of. After all, a 37-year old Jewish girl can’t be too picky and maybe the honeymoon will help. Hmmmmm.

Rebecca was a model student. Going to shul, straight A’s, playing dolls (even though she let her sister adopt most of them!) and being drop-dead gorgeous. She was fine until she saw her first play with her Gramma Emma who had been a bit of a starlet back in the day. The bug bit her and it bit her hard! When Gramma passed on she had left Rebecca with an inheritance – enough to go to Hollywood and make it big. Gramma was also smart enough to leave it in Mom ‘s control.

So Becks goes it on her…