Book Review: Scars of Seduction and Sacrifice


Birth made her a slave. Love made her a martyr. He’ll make her his queen.

Welcome to Eden. Born without magic into a brutal world where mage abilities determine survival, Vaza didn’t think her life as a breeder-queen could get any worse.

Not until a cult leader declares her identical twin must be sacrificed to resurrect a dead god. Vaza plans to destroy the prophet’s credibility by seducing him into breaking his sacred vows. To get close enough to ruin him, however, she’ll need to infiltrate The Order and do the one thing she fears most -open her heart and allow Brex to claim more than just her pleasure.

Book two in the Dark Eden sci-fantasy series, where the lines between enemies, allies, loyalty, and love blur beyond recognition.

Told in two colliding and scorchingly hot timelines that will leave readers questioning who the real monsters are.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. The world that the author built for this series is wonderful. Instantly, I was drawn into this world. Where Vaza is concerned, I felt for her. She gave up a lot to save her sister. So, you could say that I was fully, emotionally invested in her and this story. 

I love Brex. Snarky characters are my weakness and so entertaining. The banter between Vaza and Brex kept me engaged. This just added to the buildup of chemistry between these two. Which lead to some steamy scenes. 

Brex is not a bad guy. He may have acted tough but underneath that tough exterior, he does have a heart. One that cares for Vaza. I really liked Vaza and Brex together. I do look forward to reading book three. Love the sci-fi/fantasy mix together. 


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