Book Review: To Kiss the Sea


In the Birde Isles there’s a saying:
You cannot take what the sea is not willing to give.
Ally Kingfisher never gave it much thought until she experienced the sea’s wrath firsthand. But after a near-drowning leaves her with a deeply ingrained fear of the water, Ally still finds herself inexplicably drawn to its depths. As if something is calling to her from beneath the waves, and it only grows louder each year.
Pasha is being punished for something she didn't do, sentenced to a life of solitude until her kin return. But mermaids aren't meant to live alone. Desperate for companionship, Pasha makes a deal that goes spectacularly awry, affecting the lives of everyone on the Isles for years to come.
When a pirate captain kidnaps Ally’s mother and demands Ally deliver the ransom personally, she is forced to leave land for the first time. Turning to Pasha, the one creature whose help she doesn’t want but whose power over the water she needs, Ally strikes a new bargain to get her to her mother. But she’ll have to confront more than her fears along the way…
Because even those in favor are still at the mercy of the sea.

My Review

First off, let me be clear that this is a romantasy read. Although, it focuses first on the fantasy story aspect with some romance. A bit of sparks between Ally and her friend, Maher. Again, through don't expect tons of intimate moments between these two. Which I am fine with as I loved the story and through it worked perfectly as is. Sometimes, the romance can get in the way or detract from the main storyline. 

There is a whole cast of characters in this story. Captain Foraoise, Ally's brothers, Gai, Cal, Luthais, and Pasha to name a few. I was partial to Luthais, despite him being the grumpy brother. Seeing Pasha and Ally interact with each other was great. They both were discovering freedom for the first time and just how strong they both are. 

I was so swept up into this world and the characters. I look forward to reading book two. 


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