Book Review: Tot Fun Puzzles and Mazes



Calling All Young Explorers!

Discover over 200 pages filled with diverse challenges for ages 6-12+. Dive into logic puzzles, uncover hidden pictures, navigate intricate mazes, and test your wits with word and number games. Some puzzles? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Others? As sneaky and tricky as ninja cats in the dark. And for an added touch of fun: every puzzle you solve earns you cupcake points. Keep track and color in your chart with each point you collect. With beautiful illustrations and vibrant colors on every page, this book is both educational and entertaining. Unlock adventures and learning with Tot Fun!

My Review

My seven year old niece loved this book. She had trouble picking which one she wanted to start with as there are so many fun puzzles and other activities to keep her busy for hours. We had fun doing some of the puzzles and pictures together. 

The added bonus is the fun concept of the cupcake points. The more challenging puzzles were great as they really made my niece think but and learn. This book will be loved by all children. It would be a must on road trips to keep children entertained.  I know I loved having things to do while riding in the car. 

For Ages: 6-12+

Paperback: 204 Pages

Dimensions: ‎ 8.5 x 11 inches

Enchanting Illustrations: Beautiful, whimsical artwork on every page

Vibrant Colors: Delightful shades to spark creativity and fun

Educational & Entertaining: Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Diverse Challenges: Varied puzzles, including logic, picture, word, number puzzles, and mazes, to enhance multiple skill sets.

Author Bio: 

Tot Fun, an imprint of Anna Conrad, LLC, specializes in creating educational and entertaining puzzle books for children aged 6-12+. Committed to delivering high-quality content, our books bolster problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With the expertise of our extraordinary team of artists, we bring to life the most vibrant colors and enchanting illustrations, ensuring both creative and educational play. Every puzzle and maze is designed to guide young explorers on a journey of discovery, cultivating their curiosity and enhancing their abilities with every challenge.


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