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Linda Curtis was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and is an unquestioning true believer who has knocked on doors from the time she was nine years old. Like other Witnesses, she has been discouraged from pursuing a career, higher education, or even voting, and her friendships are limited to the Witness community.

Then one day, at age thirty-three, she knocks on a door — and a coworker she deeply respects answers the door. To their mutual consternation she launches into her usual spiel, but this time, for the first time ever, the message sounds hollow. In the months that follow, Curtis tries hard to overcome the doubts that spring from that doorstep encounter, knowing they could upend her "safe" existence. But ultimately, unable to reconcile her incredulity, she leaves her religion and divorces her Witness husband — a choice for which she is shunned by the entire community, including all members of her immediate family.

Shunned follows Linda as she steps into a world she was ta…

Here We Grow

After a lifetime of seeking all things spiritual, wellness, and at times woo-woo, Paige Davis finds herself facing a breast cancer diagnosis at thirty-eight years old. But she quickly realizes that cancer isn’t her crisis point; rather, it is a landing pad of experiences inviting her to integrate her mind, body, and spirit, find peace in the present moment, and heal from the inside out. She embraces cancer through a lens of love rather than as a battle to be fought.

In Here We Grow, Davis provides a refreshing new paradigm of integrative living that doesn’t deny the hardship of a situation, but instead encourages meeting difficulty through embodied heart-centered presence. Utilizing mindfulness, meditation, and mind-body disciplines, she shares a tool kit for transformation as she learns to befriend her body, cope through compassion, face survivor’s guilt, create a “new normal” post treatment, and discover the unexpected awakening of intuition and open-heartedness in the healing journe…

Amos Faces His Bully

About the Book:

Author: Cheryl C. Malandrinos
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Pages: 20
Genre: Christian children's picture book
Amos is targeted by the town bully because he is so small. When word reaches Amos of his friend David's battle with Goliath, he thinks back to what David told him about putting his faith in God's protection. Perhaps the same God can help Amos face his bully too.
My Review

I have enjoyed every book that author, Cheryl Malandrinos had written. Each book tells a good lesson not just for young readers. Example: If you have faith in God, you are stronger.

Amos was constantly getting bullied from the other boys. Yet, his good friend, David came to his rescue. David may be older but he helped Amos realize that you don't have to be older, taller, or even bigger then someone else to be stronger. Once, Amos learned this and had faith in God, he was able to stand up to the other boys.

Amos Faces His Bully is a won…

The Hellion + Giveaway

Adair Thorne has just watched his gaming-hell dream disappear into a blaze of fire and ash, and he’s certain that his competitors, the Killorans, are behind it. His fury and passion burn even hotter when he meets Cleopatra Killoran, a tart-mouthed vixen who mocks him at every turn. If she were anyone else but the enemy, she’d ignite a desire in him that would be impossible to control.

No one can make Cleopatra do anything. That said, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her siblings―even if that means being sponsored by their rivals for a season in order to land a noble husband. But she will not allow her head to be turned by the infuriating and darkly handsome Adair Thorne.

There’s only one thing that threatens the rules of the game: Cleopatra’s secret. It could unravel the families’ tenuous truce and shatter the unpredictably sinful romance mounting between the hellion…and a scoundrel who could pass for the devil himself.
Author Biography
USA Todaybestselling author Christi Cal…

Warning Light

When a commercial aircraft makes an emergency landing at an Iranian military base, it looks like a crisis has been narrowly avoided. But for undercover intelligence analyst Zac Miller, the CIA-staged crash landing is the only part of his assignment that goes right.

What was supposed to be a simple surveillance mission quickly heads south when the Iranians apprehend the smooth-talking American. Never trained to be a field operative, Zac's in over his head, especially when it turns out escaping from captivity is only the beginning of his problems. On the run across Europe from both Iranian agents and Western authorities who are convinced he's defected, Zac finds himself fighting for his life, with no guarantee he'll even have one to go back to.

My Review

I did like this book but I did struggle a bit to find that strong connection to the characters. This in turn caused me to lose some focus on the story. Yet, it made up I other aspects like intensity and speed. These two factor…

The Opposite of Never

Devastated by the loss of their spouses, Georgia and Kenny think that the best times of their lives are long over until they find each other; meanwhile Kenny's teenage stepdaughter, Zelda, and Georgia's friend's son, Spencer, fall in love at first sight-only to fall prey to and suffer opiate addiction together.

My Review

I did like this book. It was heart breaking but at the same time there was love and joy to be found within these pages as well. Zelda and Spencer's stories really connected with me. Luckily, not because I have experienced drug abuse but because their voices were strong and due to their ages I could connect more with them. This is where I did struggle a little with the rest of the people's voices in this book. I didn't have the same connection with them.

So, it was kind of like I was reading only half a book. It was like I was reading what was happening but could not recall events or moments like the ones involving Zelda and Spencer, Therefore, …

One Last Breath

Rory Abernathy’s wedding to Liam Bastian turned into a bloodbath. She fled after stabbing a masked intruder, just before a gunman opened fire on the wedding party. Five years on, Rory still has no idea who was behind the attacks. Fearful she and her daughter remain targets, she’s made a new life far from Liam and the wealthy, powerful Bastians.

But even in remote Point Roberts, Washington, she can’t hide from the past. Liam tracks Rory down, stunned to learn they have a child. Did someone in Rory’s family try to kill him for his portion of the Bastian estate? As they gradually overcome distrust in search of the truth, Rory knows one thing for certain: someone is watching her…

Time has passed, but the killer’s need for vengeance hasn’t. And as a nightmare stirs to life again, Rory will find that this time, there’s nowhere left to run…

My Review

It has ben a long time since I have read a book from either author or a collaborated bo…

Now I Can See the Moon

A memoir of the mind-boggling social panic that swept the country in the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in dozens of daycare workers being accused or convicted of heinous sex crimes involving children—despite a consistent lack of evidence supporting the charges. Women began recalling episodes of ritual abuse by members of satanic cults, and diagnoses of multiple personality disorder spiked. In trying to understand the suicide of her twenty-three year-old niece, the author discovers that what she thought was an isolated tragedy was, in face, part of a much larger social phenomenon that sucked in individuals from all walks of life—with devastating consequences.

My Review

I have read several books on the topic of eating disorders and multiple personality disorder but Alice Tallmadge really get me a deep look into just really how these disorders affect someone. Alice shared passages from her niece's journal. It just broke my heart reading Michelle's thoughts. It was as if I could hear h…

Song of Isabel

Lady Isabel is just twelve years old when Lord Chetwynd rescues her from being raped by warriors in his company. When they meet eight years later, each has a good reason for entering an arranged marriage. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to the court of King Louis. On the way, danger from enemies on the journey brings them closer together; when they arrive at court, rivalry and intrigue nearly parts them. Ultimately, however, they survive these trials through their own native wit and charm―and gain new respect and love for one another.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. Author, Ida Curtis did transport me back in time. Instantly, Isabel won me over with her spunk. I love that her father may be a Lord and therefore making Isabel a proper lady but she is not afraid to dress like a servant. In fact, her best friend Emma comes from help.

Lord Chetwynd is more of the silent behind the scenes type of guy. He did not brag and was humble about his role in rescuing Isabel. However, don&…

The Detonator

Ike Singer is a demolitions expert, or "master blaster". He is second to none at his craft, knows every type of explosive known to man, and is the one everyone turns to when they need a safe, controlled explosion. Despite being at the very top of his profession, a personal mistake that led to catastrophe nearly brought Ike's life to ruin. He has spent every day since atoning for that sin and trying to piece his family back together. And after a great deal of work and soul-searching, Ikebelieves he has finally moved on. Until now. Just when he believes he has found peace, Ike is targeted by a brilliant psychopath bent on systematically destroying his life. But Ike isn’t some random target: this grudge runs deeper than a landmine’s crater. Ike must use every resource in his arsenal to prevent this killer's vengeance, and be willing to sacrifice everything to save his family and his life before the timer hits zero. Because just when you think the past is behind you, yo…

White Witch

WHITE WITCH by Larry D. Thompson, Thriller, 291 pp., $14.95 (Paperback) $5.95 (Kindle edition)
Title: WHITE WITCH Author: Larry D. Thompson
Publisher: Story Merchant Books
Pages: 291
Genre: Thriller

Jamaica is a place where the surreal is simply everyday reality. When a ruthless American aluminum company plans to strip mine the Jamaican rainforest, they send former Navy SEAL Will Taylor to Montego Bay to deal with local resistance on their behalf. But he’s unaware that the British had signed a treaty deeding the rainforest to the Jamaican Maroons, descendants of escaped slaves, over 300 years ago. The Maroons fought and died for their land then, and are more than willing to do so now, whether it’s the British or the Americans who threaten them this time around.

Upon Will’s arrival, a series of inexplicable murders begin, some carried out with deadly snake daggers that were owned and used by Annie Palmer, a voodoo priestess better known as the White Witch. She was killed 200 yea…