Book Review: Smoking Gun


Nothing says welcome home like an irresistibly hot cowboy inviting himself into your shower.

I should have kicked him out the second he barged in. He’s my brother’s best friend and we’re living on a ranch in the same bunkhouse for the next three weeks. Disaster waiting to happen.

He’s hell bent on keeping his walls up. And I’m a ball of stress, fresh out of medical school, determined to focus on my career and taking care of my family.

Despite the long list of reasons why it’s a terrible idea, we jump into the burning ring of fire that is secret friends with benefits.

As long as there’s no strings attached, no feelings, and no kissing of course.

Just when I think Gage will be a distant memory once I’m gone for good, my heart starts to run the show.

Rules are broken and lines are blurred.

Now I wish the only big secret he’s been keeping was me.

My Review

This does not read like a debut novel. This is a compliment as this book reads like the authors third or fourth book. I can't wait to read Warren, Tripp, and Heston's stories. Lainey, you already have a fan in me. 

Gage may be grumpy, but he is a cinnamon roll at heart. Blythe surprised me with her boldness towards Gage. She surprised even herself. Yet, Gage was up for the challenge and gave it as much as he took it. Things quickly escalated from Gage missing a belt loop to these two sharing a shower together. 

The spice in this book is so yummy! I would not get enough of these two. Mixed the heat with witty banter and you have a winner. Smoking Gun by Lainey Lawson is a kick up your boots, must read!


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