Book Review: Desperate Creatures


They say grief makes desperate creatures of us all . . .

Successful, confident, young author Mara Cooke has always gone her own way, in her career, in her eccentric interests, 
and in her sexual appetites. But in a matter of minutes one summer evening, she suffered a devastating blow that ripped her from her life as she knew it. Years later, feeling alone and directionless, and laden with the weight of endless guilt on her shoulders, she tried to escape her pain. She fled to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, but the beautiful lakeside cabin isn’t as peaceful as she’d anticipated.

Phantom footsteps, missing time, and the watchful gaze of unsettling paintings threaten to send her spiraling again.

Despite the chills creeping down her spine, she begins to heal, and even find comfort and community again. However, Mara discovers that grief isn’t linear, and that the choices we make can change our path when we least expect it. And sometimes, we have to dig much deeper to conquer what scares us.

This chilling, sexy, touching ghost story will have you asking:

what makes someone a villain in someone else’s eyes?

. . . And is vengeance ever really worth it?

My Review

I absolutely loved this book. It is a paranormal horror mixed with a bit of romance. Yet, it is more than just that; as it is about heartache, loyalty, desperation, redemption, and second chances. Once, I started reading, I could not stop or would not stop. 

It took a while for Mara's past to be revealed. Which I will tell you just added to the allure of what was happening to Mara. There were so many scenarios running through my head. I will only semi right in my conclusion. Back to Mara's past. Which was a very tragic event and I felt it as well. 

The last third of the story is where everything really comes together. So many emotions felt but there is a HEA. I need more books by Mallory. You hooked me and have a reader for life. 

Through the storm we endure, we are reborn again stronger!


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