Book Review: Carni


Meet Carni, your master of ceremonies in a carnival of terror! 

In the grip of public disgrace and desperate to resurrect his career, journalist Dag Altan stumbles upon a compelling lead that could be his ticket to redemption. A captivating encounter with a bewitching young woman, consumed by an eerie fascination with a once-thriving amusement park now desolate island, ignites Dag's journalistic instincts. Drawn to the enigma of the abandoned location and the unnerving series of deaths surrounding it, Dag plunges headfirst into the heart of the story, utterly unaware of the peril awaiting him. 

As his investigation intensifies, Dag becomes entangled in a treacherous web of dark secrets, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. At the center of it all stands the elusive figure known only as Carni. Initially perceived as a mere legend, Carni soon sheds his mythical cloak, morphing into a living, breathing embodiment of terror. With each step Dag takes closer to the truth, Carni's presence grows more palpable, and the menacing game he plays becomes grimmer.

As the carousel of confusion spins ever faster, Dag finds himself ensnared in a captivating yet chilling spectacle. Can he outmaneuver the sinister forces at play, or will he join the ranks of those consumed by the sinister grip of Carni? In this heart-stopping tale of suspense and terror, Dag Altan races against time to expose the true nature of Carni before he becomes the latest victim in this nightmare realm.

My Review

Talk about an opener. It was pure carnage with all of the casualties that Carni wreaked havoc on the carnival. From this point I was hooked. It was a while before Carni made an appearance again. So, if you are looking for an instant horror scare read, this is not that book. Yet, if you are looking for a very well written, creepy horror that is not in your face, then this is the book for you. 

Aurora is a free spirit. She definitely gave off "cult" vibes. I was never sure what she was going to do next. To be honest, Dag is one of those people that is kind of unmemorable but due to what was happening to him, it makes him interesting. 

The voice of Carni is creepy. The last several chapters of this book is where it really amps up. This book will not calm your phobia of scary clowns. 


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