Book Review: Dirty Dean


Groveton College is the only university I want to go to, and to know I have family there, makes it even more special. Except we aren't family. Not really and Christopher Groveton, the Dean of Education is anything but a nice man. Yet, I'm drawn to him. That's not even strong enough to explain my obsession with the mystery that's my step-uncle-in-law. What once was a crush has turned into love and I'm afraid my heart won't survive his coldness.

Cold. Calculating. Revenge. I didn't have a plan in my mind until I saw her - Jasmine Clarke, my step-niece-in-law. She's everything I'm not. Warm, funny, bubbly. And much to my chagrin, my need for her fills me more each day I'm around her innocence. But ultimately, I have to choose whether I'm going to let my hate for my step-brother or my love for Jasmine will win.

My Review

S.J. delivers the spice every time. This book kind of runs concurrent to Coach's Pet by S.J. as well. Which that book features Jazz's friend, Tia. It is not necessary to read Coach's Pet to read this book. Each book is a standalone in this interconnected world. I just was pointing it out as I enjoyed Coach's Pet, and it was interesting to see Tia's relationship play out from Jazz's angle.

As soon as Chris came into the picture, he commanded control. The way he interacted with Jazz, got me all hot under the collar. The way that Jazz was defiant and then Chris would "punish" her. Yes, Daddy!

Love reading "Daddy" stories, then you need to pick up this book. 


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