Book Review: Snowed In: Volume Two


Snowed in: Why choose holiday anthology is a collection of original, brand-new short stories for this holiday season.

Volume 2 participating authors: D.E. Scion, Taylor Schafer, Ruby Smoke, Kyra Alessy, R. A. Alyse, R.K. Pierce, Jenn Bullard, Jaelle Keyes, Sydney, St. James, Alisha Williams & Cassie Lein, Scarlett Philips & MA Destiny, Cassandra Featherstone

**Volume 2 will contain PNR and OV themes. Please check the content and trigger warnings at the beginning of each story. Some stories may contain MM and MM+ couplings. Proceeds for this anthology will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute and World Central Kitchen.

Knot and Cold by R.K. Pierce

Danity finds herself in a forced proximity with Rennick, Felix, Asril, and Jack.

I really enjoyed this story. I connected with all of the characters right away. It was emotional. The spice did not happen right away but when it did, it was worth it. So many knots. Gimmie more. 

Their Omega's Toy by Alisha Williams and Cassie Lein

Eliza is promised to another but before she can make her way to him, she is kidnapped. She finds herself in the company of several men. Before Eliza knows it she discovers that she is very happy with her present company. 

This story is a bit darker than some of the other stories I have read in this anthology. I liked this story. It is a quick and spicy read. 

Upon a Wicked Night by Jenn Bullard

Adira hears a splintering before the door breaks down and she is taken by Jed, Jeremiah, and Kane. I liked Kane just a little more. 

This story was giving me a bit of mafia/bodyguard vibes. Yes, to the concept of Alpha/Omega Mafia story. Loved the spicy scenes. 

O Holy Spite by Cassandra Featherstone

I have not read the other books that this short story is based in the same world verse as. Yet, it can be enjoyed as a standalone story. This one made me laugh. It felt like I was visiting with familiar characters again. This story read like a novella, and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

After reading this story, I will go check out the other books by this author. 


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