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Thora has received a telephone call from her lover, Matthew. His employer has an issue with one of their clients, Berg Technology. The company is in mining. It seems that all of the crew took a leave and is now refusing to return to the job. Well most of the crew. The few that remained on the site are presumed dead. Thora agrees to join Matthew and a crew to investigate.

Yrsa Sigurdardottir is another new to me author. I was really intrigued to read this book. It sounded chilling. This was a good book however I did have some issues following along. I did get lost a couple times and had to go back and re-read a part of section that I had just read. One problem being that the story while it was interesting the mystery was long drawn out. Another was all of the different characters that appeared in this book. Some names seemed so similar to each other that this made it difficult to figure out who was who.

However I liked Thora. She never overreacted to anything. Also, I like that she …

Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs.

Any dog lover would agree that we all want to know the secrets to how to keep our loved pets around longer and healthier. So if there was a fountain of youth for dogs I would say where it is and I am gone. Since I am not aware of such a fountain the next best thing is Mr. Kerasote and his book Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs.

Mr. Kerasote really did his homework. He outlines in extensive details and I mean the details have details. Mr. Kersote explains about the downfalls of bad breeding, especially crossbreeding. Which I never was a fan of cross breeding myself. I just do not like the look of many of the dogs that are a product of this.

While I appreciated all of the information that Mr. Kersote shared. After a while I could not take anymore of it as reading this book felt like reading a text book. Nothing learned new for me which was a bummer. However this book might make a good gift for a dog lover in your life or friend.

The Mapmaker's War + Giveaway

Aoife is a mapmaker. At the request of the king, she and a small crew are sent to investigate the rest of the land and chart it on a map. During this expedition, Aoife meets a village of people. They show her their land which includes great wealth of gold. When the king learns of this village he dispatches a group to check it out. Aoife warns the people and in turn makes herself a traitor to her own people. She is exiled. This is where Aoife’s journey begins.

I have never read anything by this author. However after reading this book, I am going to be checking out this author’s backlist and keeping her on my reading radar. Instantly I felt a connection to Aoife. I loved the way that this book was written. With Aoife as the storyteller telling her own story. The details and the pictures were exactly what she described as she traveled to new locations.

It was like I was Aoife. So as I was reading this book, it made it more interactive as if I could reach out and touch the dirt, smell …

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I have read and watched the Wizard of Oz a bunch of times. A classic for sure. However, I have not read it quite like Mr. Baum wrote it. What I mean is in this book, the shoes that Dorothy gains from eliminating the Wicked Witch of the East are “silver”. Yes, you heard me the original shoes were silver and not “ruby”.

So, I checked it out to see why the change and the reason is:

In the original 1900 book edition of 'The Wizard of Oz', the slippers of the Wicked Witch of the East were silver in color. But in the beloved 1939 film version, they were ruby red. According to those involved in the making of the film, a silver color washed out in comparison to the beautiful, riotously rich colors of the dream sequences in the enchanted, magical land of Oz. In the search for a more photogenic alternative. ruby red came out the winner.

What I liked about reading the original story as the author wrote it is that he really went into detail about the characters and the land and story. …

Quick Book Contest

I have 1 copy of each of the three books for giveaway. US. Leave email address with comment as to which book you would like to win. Ends Saturday, March 2nd.

Written with bracing wit and intelligence, Rachel Maddow's DRIFT argues that we've drifted away from America's original ideals and become a nation weirdly at peace with perpetual war, with all the financial and human costs that entails. To understand how we've arrived at such a dangerous place, Maddow takes us from the Vietnam War to today's war in Afghanistan, along the way exploring the disturbing rise of executive authority, the gradual outsourcing of our war-making capabilities to private companies, the plummeting percentage of American families whose children fight our constant wars for us, and even the changing fortunes of G.I. Joe.

CHINA’S SILENT ARMY is the incredibly important first book to examine the unprecedented growth of China's economic investment in the developing world, its impact at the …

Bad Blood

There are dueling villages. The Kushtaka and the Kuskulana. The villages sit across the river from each other.

Pat Mack goes to check on Tyler. Tyler is suppose to be catching fish from the fish wheel. Something is stuck in the wheel. Pat pulls on the item and is left speechless by what he sees. It is Tyler. He has been crammed into one of the baskets in the fish wheel.

Jim Chopin heads up the murder investigation. Who would want to kill Tyler and why? Is there another grudge going on between the Kushtaka and the Kuskulana? These are all questions that Jim must find answers to. He is going to need some assistance, so he calls on his girlfriend, PI Kate Shugak.

I have seen this author’s name around but have not have not had the pleasure of reading one of Dana’s books yet. Bad Blood sounded intriguing to me, so I decided to start now. Ok, after reading this book my report is…Why?! Why have I not read this series sooner?

I liked Jim and Kate’s witty banter that they had with each oth…

Hey Don't Forget the Sunscreen and Why you should Laugh

Review by Aspen, age 10
"Hey! Don't Forget The Sunscreen!" Is a really helpful book for kids to learn about the importance of sunscreen. It was nice that the story wasn't trying to scare kids but just to inform them. The pictures were so bright and I liked them a lot. If you read this book you will learn about the different kinds of skin cancer and how you can protect yourself. Thanks for shading this helpful information with kids!

Book Summary
Hey! Don’t Forget The Sunscreen helps parents to gently instruct children of the grave dangers of unprotected sun exposure while stressing the importance of of vitamin D.Author Kim Kennedy encourages families to take sun exposure seriously in order to avoid the consequences that so many have tragically suffered.She hopes that providing children with the knowledge needed for ultraviolet ray protection will better equip future generations of parents and children to be more proactive and prepared. Teach your children to effectiv…


A stunning literary thriller set in rural Vermont from the much praised author of Nightswimmer and Clara's Heart Once a major reporter for a national newspaper, Catherine Winslow has retreated to the Upper Valley of Vermont to write a household hints column. While out walking during an early spring thaw, Catherine discovers the body of a woman leaning against an apple tree near her house. From the corpse’s pink parka, Winslow recognizes her as the latest victim of a serial killer, a woman reported missing weeks before during a blizzard. When her neighbor, a forensic psychiatrist, is pulled into the investigation, Catherine begins to discover some unexpected connections to the serial murders. One is that the murders might be based on a rare unfinished Wilkie Collins novel that is missing from her personal library. The other is her much younger lover from her failed affair has unexpectedly resurfaced and is trying to maneuver his way back into her affections. Elegant, haunting and …

Kate Rhodes delivers up a nice sampling of what she has to offer as an author and why she is making a name for herself with Crossbones Yard.

Alice Quentin is a psychologist. Alice has a routine. She loves to run alone at night. This is a bad combination, especially running through a bad neighborhood filled with gangs and murders. During her run, Alice spots something on the ground at Crossbones Yard. Crossbones Yard is a former location for prostitutes.

With the murder, it brings back an reference to an old case of the Bensons. The Bensons were a husband and wife couple who killed about a dozen prostitutes and buried them all over their property. Alice helps with the case.

Crossbones Yard is a very nice debut novel from new crime author, Kate Rhodes. This book did deliver on my expectations. Kate Rhodes delivers up a nice sampling of what she has to offer as an author and why she is making a name for herself with Crossbones Yard.

Alice is a strong female lead. She can take care of herself. Even among lots of male testosterone. I had my mind made up between two suspects as to whom the real killer was. Let’s say that I w…

Jake...he could sweep you off your feet

Jake Conway is a veterinarian. Ever since he was a little boy on his grandfather’s ranch, he was always wanting to rescue and heal animals. Just like the time that Jake brought home a baby cougar. Now Jake is am adult and his love for animals is what makes him a great vet.

Meg Stanford returns to her home. She left when she was a little girl. For Meg coming back is no happy time. She is back for a week only to take care of her recent passing father’s affairs and then get back to Washington, D.C. However that was before she met Jake. Meg might be having a slight change in plans.

I am a sucker for a good cowboy story. I mean what woman does not like a good looking guy in a nice pair of denim jeans. Looking like he could sweep you off your feet and ride off into the sunset together. I am not just talking about the book cover!

Jake is the final book about the Conway brothers. It can be read as a stand alone novel. However, I bet that after you read this book you will want to go back an…


Emmie had only heard back things about his older sister, Roxy. How she was a trouble maker and this is why she left. Emmie’s father will not let Emmie follow in Roxy’s footsteps. Emmie is curious about who Roxy is. She decides to do some investigation of her own into her sister. Will Emmie have a happy reunion or heartache?

I have read a couple books by the ghost writer for V.C. Andrews. I have to say that while it is a nice gesture, the books are not the same. However I thought I would give them another chance. This latest book sounded good. Also, the cover caught my eye.

It is sad when I am more intrigued to get to know more about Roxy then I am her sister, Emmie. Especially when Roxy is the main focus in the next book. Part of the problem was that I felt that Emmie had no back bone. Her father was awful and I can see why Roxy ran away. He may not be physically abusive but he is almost as bad by being somewhat emotionally abusive. So, I wanted to see Emmie grow and stand up to her…


Lindsay is on her way to visit a friend. She rushes to the elevator only to run face first into a solid male chest of muscle. Once she removes herself from the chest she realizes that she is surrounded by three nice males.

Erik can sense that Lindsay is into him. Erik takes a chance and mysteriously invites Lindsay to a fun weekend. At first Lindsay thinks the invite is from her girlfriend and they are going to have a ladies weekend but once she realizes who the invite is from and that it is not a ladies weekend but more of a sexual one, will Lindsay accept?

In regards to erotic authors, Opal Carew is one of the best. She really knows how to spice things up and make me need a cool glass of water. There was no shortage of hot male flesh and foursomes in this book. Which sometimes I am not for foursomes or even threesomes for the fact that when you get these many people involved it just does not work well together. This can be a big problem. However I did not have to worry about this …


Now that Louis has found out he has a daughter, he is ready to bond with her. They head to Mackinac Islandoff the point of Michigan. While out bike riding around the island, Louis and Lily spot an abandoned hunting lodge. Lily takes off to investigate. Louis calls for her to come back, when suddenly he hears Lily scream. Lily has fallen through the floorboards. Lily is fine but she has fallen on top of a pile of human bones.

Louis is asked to help with the investigation. This puts a cramp in Louis’s plans to spend time with his girlfriend, Joe.

Heart of Ice is the newest book from sisters, Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols otherwise known as P.J. Parrish. This book reads a little like it picks up from the prior book, however you don’t have to have read all of the prior books in order to jump right into this one.

My heart melts for a child in a book. Lily was no exception. She was sweet and very grown up like. I hope to see her again in the future. PI Kincaid is a good character. He …

Why Unicorn Drinks

So I have a question for you. Have you either wondered “Why Unicorn Drinks?” Ok, so many you have never thought about it but I bet you are now. It is not easy being different.

Now that I have your attention, here are some of the reasons why Unicorn drinks.

Even the blind chick thought he was ugly/He was born on the same day as the popular kid/He is going bald/He thought it was cupid, She thought it was vodka/His wife doesn’t care that he is allergic to cats/People think he is a carnival game/He thought it was the only way to top the country music charts.

These are some of the nice and clean reasons. There are many other reasons but they are either real dirty (like Beavis and Butthead or The Family Guy dirty) or politically incorrect. So if you get offended very easy or are a delicate flower then this book is not for you. However, if sarcasm is your first language along with English and you have no problems laughing at dirty and corny jokes then this book is absolutely for you. Pick…

There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced Her Sister's Husband, and He Hanged Himself: Love Stories

I have to say that I do not have mush experience reading Russian books or authors. However I have read authors from other countries and I can tell a difference in the writing styles of these authors to U.S. authors. They are a little more vivid in their details, black humor can be borderline crude, and then there is the language. U.S. authors use more words to get their point across whereas other authors from other countries use less works and it can be like reading from a cue card.

The reason I wanted to check this book out was because of the title. Plain and simple. I thought the title was interesting and I wanted to know how you could get love from a girl who seduced her sister’s husband and hanged herself. Well I learned all about it in Hallelujah, Family!

These tales of love are not all about a happy ending. Some tales are kind of meant to shock you. Others may make you think the woman gets around a lot. In other stories the guy is a bastard. Like for example in A Murky Fate, …

The First and Second Rules of Ten

Tenzing “Ten” Norbu is a Buddhist and newly appointed private investigator. This first client is a woman named Barbara Maxey. She asks ten to give her ex, Zimmy Backus a warning. That he might be in trouble. Ten does not really take Barbara too seriously. That is until she turns up in the morgue dead as a doornail.

I liked the idea of the character Ten. I like that he was a Buddhist private investigator. I have not come across a character like this before. So my interest was piqued. Unfortunately for me this book missed the mark. I found that Ten’s downfall was his Buddhist background. He never let himself react to anything too seriously. Like for example when he broke his first rule and it was early in the book that he broke it, he just commented that he broke his first rule. Never overreacted. Also, I thought that monks were taught discipline so that they had more patience and could hold out longer. So why did Ten break his first rule so quickly? Of course, I am no expert on this …

It Stings So Sweet

It Stings So Sweet by Stephanie Draven is an anthology involving three steamy stories that is the perfect gift to spice up any Valentine’s Day.

Love Me or Leave Me

Nora and Jonathan are married but not for long. Nora cheated on Jonathan with another guy. Jonathan is ready to leave Nora. Nora has just tonight to try and convince Jonathan to stay. It would seem that Jonathan has other plans in mind for Nora. One that will have her knees trembling with passion.

I thought that Jonathan was right in the way that he treated Nora. She was acting like a spoiled daddy’s girl in the beginning. However as the story progressed, I like how more real the love making between Jonathan and Nora got. They opened their hearts and boy was the sex then hot between them. I did have a smile on my face by the end of the story.

When I’m Bad I’m Better

Clara Cartwright is a movie star. Leo Vanderberg is a retired ace fighter pilot. From the first moment that Leo and Clara met, Leo was already trying to push C…

New Birth of Freedom: The Translator + Giveaway

review by Nancy

The second installment of Robert G Pielke’s series A New Birth of Freedom: The Translator will make you waiting for the next book to come out. This compelling account of Aliens in a Lincoln-esque time is so well written that I was caught up on page one and didn’t stop until I had finished the book. The first book, NBOF: The Visitor laid down the plot line and this continues with new issues thrown in. You might want to read it prior to this one as it really does make more sense if you do.

As most time travelers are aware, if you play with history it never ends well. Edwin’s memory is failing or is it that he has altered history enough that what he knew isn’t any longer. His blinding headaches may also be a result of his tampering – does he still exist?

The “pests” as Edwin calls them apparently operate on a hive mentality. What one knows the others automatically assimilate. The captives are communicating in Indian sign language first, then switch to Morse code after a d…

House of Cobwebs

Review by Nancy

If frightening bookcovers make you think twice about reading a book you might want to close your eyes until this is begun. House of Cobwebs is a terrifying novel about a little girl whose whole family has been killed and the child psychiatrist who tries to help her. Judith Thomas has (if you’ll pardon the pun) woven the web of an exceptional journey into the minds of children who are “challenged” in that they all have a few things in common. Mostly bad things.

When Winter Fremont meets the Harris family she is immediately put off by Neema, the oldest. She can see into the child’s mine and what she finds isn’t pleasant. But the father is so hoping that Winter will find nothing wrong with his baby girl that she agrees to see Neema for a few sessions.

Inspector Len Axton is assigned the case in a station house where doing anything is considered absurd. He is surrounded by idiots. One is in love with him, one hates women and nearly everyone else, the commander resembles …

Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power

Review by Monica

I'll start off by saying that this isn't a book I would typically pick up and read. I decided to step out of my comfort zone for a change, and let me assure you I'm very glad I did!

Age of the Aura was much more than I expected. I couldn't wait to find out the fate of Ludoran Imperium and how they would get out of their predicament with their beloved turned hostile Aura.

When the young Lowen Sars is unexpectedly appointed Chief Emissary of Off-Planet Relations by his Grandfather the Lords of the Assembly are left in utter disbelief. Will Lowen be able to protect his people from the growing menace of the once beloved Aura?

This book was exciting and full of action taking unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Definitely a must read book.

Book Summary
There was no other name for the Blessed Galaxy. After being gifted with the Auras, five great powerhouses of celestial creation, the title was a suitable fit. While harnessing such energies, the govern…

Once Upon a Castle

Review by Nancy

1939 in Britain brought the war home with a vengeance and many London children were either sent to the country to stay with relatives or unknown families who volunteered to take them in. Among these are Tom and Mary Lovell, 12-yr old twins sent to live with their Aunt Victoria and Uncle Leslie.

Vicky and Uncle Leslie run a huge farm and don’t have a lot of time to spend with the kids so they find their own entertainment. They also find a cute small dog they name Scamp. The only odd thing is they only see him in times of stress. Mrs “M”, the housekeeper, has never seen him nor have the other two adults.

This short tale brings home the separation children of London were subjected to by many well-meaning parents. Some children’s trips didn’t turn out as well as the Lovell’s so they were fortunate. This YA novel will also be enjoyed by adults for the history content alone. Your World History student should read this one.

The Hangman's Replacement: Sprout of Disruption

Abel Muranda can not pay the bus fare to get from Gwenzi to Harare. So he makes his way on foot the long fifteen hours. Abel is applying for the new hangman position. Yep, you heard me right...hangman, executor, grim ripper, death dealer, etc. I never gave much thought into how someone got hired for his position until now. I can imagine the interview process would be awkward. For example, what do you ask a potential candidate? It is not as if you can really make small talk and ask about the weather. Or “Hey, so how many people have you killed?” Or maybe “I hear that hanging is more your style.”

I quickly grew attached to Abel. He had a kind and gentle soul. Everything that he did, he did for his family. I got way more then I bargained for with this book. I was expecting to read just about a hangman but got more. This book then quickly took a curve into some sci-fi like thriller stuff. I was hooked. As the story progressed I got more drawn into this book. There were only a time of two…


Chloe Kassidy has just been accepted into one of Manhattan’s most exclusive art exhibits, Love Through Light. However, with her singular dedication to her career, she soon realizes that in sacrificing her personal life, she has never been in love. A hopeless romantic who is terrified of heartbreak, Chloe begins to enlist the help of her circle of friends to learn about love through their very different stories and experiences.

In Chloe’s emotional rollercoaster to having the greatest love story ever told, she’ll learn that like her photography she must use the negatives in life to develop and prove that she’s a strong woman who found her way to love through light.

In this excerpt, Chloe is anxiously awaiting for the envelope to arrive that contains her destiny.

Chapter 2

My love for photography had led me down an unimaginable career path. Most currently, it led me to anxiously sitting on a stoop outside the New York City mid-rise building that contained my overpriced one-room apar…

DROP CAPS and the Rainbow

Daily Drop Cap is a project by designer & illustrator Jessica Hische. Since September of 2009, an illustrative initial cap has been posted daily (or at least regularly), to prettify the internet and beautify your blog posts. Individuals are welcome to use the drop caps on personal (non-commercial) sites within blog posts by following the instructions below each letter. The project will end after the twelfth alphabet is complete, but the site will remain up for your use and inspiration. Enjoy!

Introducing the first six volumes in a 26-book series of collectible hardcovers from A to Z…


It all begins with a letter.

Fall in love with Penguin Drop Caps, a new series of twenty-six collectible hardcover editions of fine works of literature with a series design inspired by typography. A design collaboration between Jessica Hische and Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley, each volume features on its cover a specially commissioned illustrated letter of the alphabet by Hische, …


Jeanette has been expelled from Vassar College. Jeanette is already to head back home in disgrace until a teacher at the college encourages Jeanette to go to Paris to pursue her painting. She has talent.

Edward fought in the American Civil War. He is now out of the war but fighting a new war. A war with his body. To help with the pain, Edward uses laudanum. He becomes addicted to it. Edward’s friends feel a new location will help Edward, so he is asked to accompany a friend to Europe.

It is in Paris that Edward meets Jeanette. They start out as good friends but as time progresses, their relationship grows into more.

What I enjoy most about books is that they can transport me all over the world and different time periods. Thus part of the reason why I chose to check out this book. Another reason is that it sounded really good. I am not going to say that this book was not good as it was. It read like a poem or one of Jeanette’s painting…flowing and picturesque. However as much as I …

Mind Games

Fia and Annie are sisters. A sister’s bond is one of the strongest bonds that can not be broken. The sisters attend Keane School. Although this school is not your normal school. Think of it kind of like Xavier’s school for the X-Men only this school is for girls. Fia has not been the perfect student type, so it would figure that she would learn to be an assassin. Annie on the other hand plays be the rules. Fia wants to get away and be free. Unfortunately she has to care for Annie. Their bond will be tested. I have been excited about all the new young adult books that have come out recently. Some of my favorite authors have picked up on the wave as well and have written series. What I like about this genre is that the books can go more fantasy or the book or series can have very relatable characters that make me want to follow them on their journey. I did not get the relatable characters from this book and the fantasy aspect was alright but not as well written or portrayed. Annie…

At Drake's Command: The Adventures of Peregrine James during the Second Circumnavigation of the World

About the Book

It was as fine a day to be whipped as any he'd ever seen but the good weather didn't make Peregrine James any happier with the situation he was in. Unfairly convicted of a crime he had not committed, the young cook was strung from the whipping post on the Plymouth quay side when he caught the eye of Francis Drake and managed to convince the charismatic sea captain to accept him among his crew.

Soon England was receding in their wake and Perry was serving an unsavory collection of sea dogs as the small fleet of fragile wood ships sailed across the brine. Their destination was secret, known to Drake alone. Few sailors believed the public avowal that the expedition was headed for Alexandria to trade in currants. Some men suspected Drake planned a raid across Panama to attack the Spanish in the Pacific. Others were sure the real plan was to round the Cape of Storms to break the Portuguese monopoly of the spice trade. The only thing Perry knew for certain was that …

Click: An Online Dating Story

Click: An Online Love Story -

Fast approaching her 30th birthday and finding herself not married, not dating, and without even a prospect or a house full of cats, Renee Greene, the heroine of Click: An Online Love Story, reluctantly joins her best guy pal on a journey to find love online in Los Angeles. The story unfolds through a series of emails between Renee and her best friends (anal-compulsive Mark, the overly-judgmental Ashley and the over-sexed Shelley) as well as the gentlemen suitors she meets online. From the guy who starts every story with "My buddies and I were out drinking one night," to the egotistical “B”celebrity looking for someone to stroke his ego, Renee endures her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates. Fraught with BCC's, FWD's and inadvertent Reply to All's, readers will root for Renee to "click" with the right man.

Lisa Becker

Author of "Click: An Online Love Story"

Facebook Purchase a copy here

When the Heart Heals

Rosemary used to be a nurse in the war. Now that there is a new doctor in town, Rosemary is hoping that the new doctor will be open minded about having a female nurse.

Dr. Elijah Stewart wants to make a good first impression on the townsfolk. One person that Elijah keeps sticking his foot in his mouth is Rosemary.

I liked this book. Rosemary really stood out for me. She was strong but kind hearted. She fought hard for what she believed in and what she wanted. I did not warm up to Elijah in the beginning. I thought he came off mean towards Rosemary. Even his teasing was unkind. In fact I did not care for Elijah so much in the beginning that I really hoped that Rosemary would fall for Jacob instead. Although I knew how the story would end with Rosemary and Elijah falling in love with each other. Eventually I did warm up to Elijah. However as nice and sweet as the ending was I was not fully invested. Due to the way Elijah came off in the beginning. I do have to give a shout out to Ros…

Petroleum Venus

Fyodor is an architect. He has a grown son named Vanya. Vanya was born with Down’s syndrome. Throughout the years, Fyodor has grown to love his son. They have a pretty good relationship. I would not call it the best as Vanya likes structure and as part of this he wants to know every detail about Fyodor’s day. Fyodor does not like this because Vanya acts like his mother in wanting to boss him around.

Things are about to change for both Fyodor and Vanya when Vanya finds a portrait of a woman.

To be brutally honest this book is not one that I would give a first or even second glance at. So, if this book had not been sent to me for a possible review, then I would never have read it. In fact, I picked up the book many times and put it back down. I had my mind made up before I ever started that this book was not going to be for me and I would not like it. This is where the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” fits appropriately in this situation.

I instantly fell in love with Vanya.…

The Terror comes to AMC for TV!

AMC, home of "The Walking Dead," is planning to bring a different kind of horror story to TV screens with "The Terror."

The Terror is the name of a 2007 novel by American author Dan Simmons. The novel is a fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to the Arctic to force the Northwest Passage in 1845–1848. In the novel, while Franklin and his crew are plagued by starvation and scurvy and forced to contend with mutiny and cannibalism, they are stalked across the bleak Arctic landscape by a monster.

The characters featured in The Terror are almost all actual members of Franklin's crew, whose unexplained disappearance has warranted a great deal of speculation. The main characters in the novel include Sir John Franklin, commander of the expedition and captain of Erebus, Captain Francis Crozier, captain of Terror, Dr Harry D.S Goodsir, and Captain James Fitzjames.

In the final chapters of the book, Simmons e…

The Madman’s Daughter is mad, crazy good!

Juliet Moreau is the daughter of Dr. Moreau. Dr. Moreau is a brilliant doctor and was considered a respected member of the community. That is until his latest science experiments were discovered. Now, Juliet is part of a cleaning crew at the university.

After an incident, Juliet needs to make a new start and quickly. After learning that her father is alive and experimenting on an island, Juliet makes her way to the island. Once there Juliet is met face to face with her father’s projects. Juliet must make a decision…stay or leave?

I absolutely love when a book actually turns out to be just as great as it promises to me. That book is The Madman’s Daughter. I devoured this book. I both was upset in horror by Juliet’s father and also intrigued by him. Mad because his “science projects” were more inhumane then just for science. Yet, I was very intrigued by what Juliet’s father was doing and the strange combinations that he put together.

As the story progressed, it got more entertaining.…

Against My Will. A great story told well and one I’m sure you would enjoy!

Review by Nancy

Daniella Landau was a lovely Jewish girl in New York who is adored by her father and Nana, loved by her sister and friends but clueless when it comes to romance. Family keeps bringing over “such a nice boy” for her to meet but she was far more into passing the Bar than dating. Then her father met a “matchmaker”. In walks Jacob Liebowitz whom her father insists is “the perfect man. He has a good job, a new loft apartment and prospects. Marriage follows and Danielle quickly realizes the mistake she has made. She gives marriage her all but nothing satisfies Jacob.
He must be in control. Danielle tries to talk to her father about her unhappiness but he tells her to go home and be a good wife. Nothing changes until, one night, Jacob really crosses the line and Danielle goes to her grandmother. She gets enough money to leave and, leave she does. Intertwined with Danielle’s heartbreak is the story of another young Jewish girl named Rose. Rose lived in Austria in WWII and be…