Fly Away Home

Sylvie Woodruff has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard is a successful senator and they have two grown daughters, Lizzie and Diana. Lizzie is the wild child and complete opposite of Diana. Diana is an emergency room physician. She is also married and has a cute son, Milo.

Sylvie’e perfect life is turned upside down quickly, when the whole world including herself learns of her husband’s affair with one of his interns. Now Sylvie has a decision to make…stay with Richard or leave him? Sylvie issn’t the only one who will have their lifes changed forever. Lizzie will be starting a new chapter in her life…one where there is no going back. Also, Diana has a choice to make…stay with her husband or leave him for her lover, Doug. Sylvie, Lizzie and Diana will need the support of each other more then ever.

I thought this was a pretty good book. The relationship that Sylvie shared with her daughters was a nice mother/daughters one. I liked that Sylvie didn’t just give up at the first sign of trouble. She held her head high and dealt with the issue at hand. No matter how hard it may have been. I liked Lizzie and her free spirit. Diana, I wasn’t so much of a fan of. She was a bit dull and kind of got on my nerves with her depressing mood. Overall, Fly Away Home will have you appreciating good friends, family and home. I still like Jennifer Weiner.

Check out all the places that Jennifer Weiner will be visiting on her book tour.

- NEW YORK - July 13th

- PRINCETON - July 14th

- PHILADELPHIA - July 14th

- WASHINGTON, DC - July 15th

- ATLANTA - July 16th


- MIAMI - July 19th

- DALLAS - July 20th

- BOSTON - July 21st

- CHICAGO - July 25th and 26th

- DENVER - July 27th

- SAN FRANCISCO - July 28th and 29th

- CAPE COD - August 12th

The following is a link to Jennifer Weiner’s website where you can find more information on the events


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