The Language of Trees

Many, many years ago a terrible tragedy bestowed upon the three Ellis children, Melanie, Maya and Luke. The three had taken the canoe out. Luke drowned.

It has been over five years since Grant has been back to Canandaigua. Now that he is all alone… his ex-wife, Susanna left him, Grant decides to come back for a change. Though, Grant soon realizes that coming back home means facing his demons.

Echo O’Connell and Grant used to hang out together when they were younger. They pick up where they left off as if neither one ever left. Sadly, things have changed. Echo is haunted by ghosts. The only way she will be free is by telling the truth. A truth that will bring pain and heart-ache. The trees whisper the truth, if you listen.

The trees, the characters and the story line all spoke to me in this book. I thought that author; Ilie Ruby did a wonderful job with this book. I have to admit that I first I wasn’t really feeling this book. This is because of me. I have never really gotten into or truly understood fork lore. Though, I did enjoy reading about the fork lore in this book. Ms. Ruby really did her research and it did appear she started true to the Seneca tribe and Canandaigua. It is because Ms. Ruby did such a through job and has a gift as a story teller that I was about to sit back and enjoy reading this book. The Language of Trees is a poetic, mysterious good read. Worth your time.


Linda Jacobs said…
Anything poetic is right up my alley!

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