Pookster and the...

Pookster learns a special lesson about patience. Pookster has a loose tooth. Pookster is excited but she can’t understand why she has to wait like her brother Bubs does and wait until his tooth falls out. Pookster wants her tooth out now. She tries pulling it out and wiggling it but nothing happens. Her mother tells her to just have patience and when the tooth is ready to come out it will. Will Pookster ever learn to show patience or will she doe things her way?

Pookster and Bubs are back for a brand new lesson. This time it is about sharing. Pookster was just sitting enjoying her pickle, when Bubs comes along and disturbs her with his G.I. Joes. They get into an argument. Their mom comes and takes the pickle away. Pookster is upset. Her mother seats her down and tells her that pickles are like words…they can be sweet or they can be sour. Pookster’s mother explains to Pookster that when she yelled at Bubs that she was being sour and not very nice. Pookster thinks about it some and realizes that her mother is right. She apologizes to Bubs.

I liked both this books. I thought the lessons that could be learned from both books were good. Though, I have to admit that the wording in them was too much. I read these books to my six year old nephew. He liked the illustrations but didn’t really have the attention span to sit as I read the book word for word. I have to read him the condensed version. The nice is about these books is that there is also an audio version of these books on CD. The CD can be found in the back of these books with and without words. They are read by Rhonda Funk’s children. These books may make a nice Bible Study for children.


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