A Brewski for the Old Man

Sherri Travis is the new owner of the Sunset Bar and Grill. Sherri has made friends with Rena and her daughter, Lacey. Things are going well until Rena shows up with a man that she hoped to never lay eyes on again…Ray John Leenders. When Sherri was about thirteen years old, Ray tried to rape her.

Sherri doesn’t trust Ray. In fact, she hopes to protect Lacey from having to go through what she had to. As if, Sherri doesn’t have enough on her mind, her father returns. Things are never dull when Sherri is around.

A Brewski for the Old Man is the first novel I have read by author, Phyllis Smallman. This book is the third Sherri Travis mystery novel. At first I thought that I would have problems following this book as the first chapter made mention of some things that took place in the prior novels, which I had not read. Lucky, there was enough of an explanation for me to get caught up and it appeared that having not read the prior two novels did not take away from my experience reading this one.

I like Sherri. She makes her own rules and is afraid of no one. I so wanted to scream when Rena was sticking up for Ray. Though, she didn’t really have a clue what type of a monster Ray was. I couldn’t believe that Rena would be that clueless. A Brewski for the Old Man is a classic who-dun-it novel. Overall, this is a pretty good book and worth a look and your time.


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