What do a famous music band, The Beatles and zombies have to do with each other…a lot when Paul is Undead! Yep, you read this right. The Beatles may have come from England and but they were they were not of this world.

John Lennon was already a zombie when he helped formed the Beatles. He was getting better at turning others into zombies without anyone suspecting anything was up. John later recruits Paul. They both go in search of Ninja warrior and talented drummer, Ringo. Eventually, the group obtains George. The Beatles are on the rise. Though, they will have to watch themselves from Mick Jagger. Mick hates zombies and eliminates them every chance he gets.

I really had a blast reading this book. The hilarious plot, wild antics of Paul, Ringo, John, George and the great illustrations made Paul the Undead a pure delight to read. I had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time I was reading this book. Paul, Ringo, John, George were so funny. I liked reading how each one would share their perceptive on the details of what was happening at that moment or during a specific situation. Mick Jagger as a zombie hunter…LOL. Paul the Undead is a zombie chomping, brain munching, gut busting, good time! I can’t wait to read Mr. Alan Goldsher’s next novel, Midnight Movie.


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