I Love This Bar and you will too

Daisy O’Dell is the bar owner of Honky Tonk. She has been running the place for seven years, ever since the last owner Ruby died and left the place to Daisy.

Jarod McElroy moved down to Texas to care for his Uncle Emmett and help him with his ranch. When Jarod walked into the Honky Tonk, he was just looking for a place to hang out for a while. He did not realize the woman of his dreams would fall into his lap.

Daisy literally falls for Jarod. Now all Jarod can think about is Daisy and finding a way to make her his.

I Love This Bar is the second book I have read by Mrs. Brown. Toby Keith is a favorite country singer of mine, so it was nice to see Mrs. Brown’s latest novel titled after one of his songs. I just can’t get enough of her Cowboy books. This book will make you kick up your heels and holler for more!

Daisy and Jarod make the perfect couple. She was the girl form the other side of the tracks, who fell for the guy with a heart of gold. Daisy surprised me with some of the other talents she possessed. Jarod’s Uncle Jeremiah was a hoot, especially when he thought Jarod and Daisy were married. This book will have you laughing from start to finish. I Love This Bar and so will you.


Melissa said…
The main character is the owner of a Honky Tonk...okay, totally want to read it.

I love Toby Keith. His concerts are the best.
Becky W. said…
I've read a couple other books by Brown and liked them, so I'm totally headed out to pick up this one! It sounds like a blast! Besides that, my hubby has always wanted to open a bar, and his name of choice has always been Honky Tonk! Too funny!

Thanks for the review!

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