Sheriff Bride

Samantha “Sam”, Roberta “Rob”, Daniella “Dan”, and Josephina “Jo” Hardin lost their father two days ago. The four sisters are relieved as their father was a mean, evil man. Unfortunately, this puts the sisters in a bind. Their father left them penniless. There might be one thing in the girls favor. Mark Carlin from Jackson Hole, Wyoming sent their father a letter offering him a job as sheriff. Sam comes up with the plan that why don’t the four of them become the new sheriff. Isn’t four better then one?

When the girls arrive, Mark is anything but pleased. In fact he can’t get the girls out of town fast enough. The men in town haven’t seen a woman in a long time. The Hardin sisters are not that easy to get rid of. Can they convince Mark that they are the right women for the job?

Sheriff Bride is a rough and tumble read. I really liked this book. Sam, Rob, Jo and Dan were great. I couldn’t choose a favorite as I liked them all. Each one had a different personality that stood out. Though, there was one thing that they all had in common and that is that they are deadly with a gun. The Hardin sisters dominated in this book. I like that they earned respect from all the men. This book kind of reminded me of Little Women but the Western version. If you like Westerns then you should check this book out.

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