Forbidden Highlander

Fallon MacLeod and his brothers are the last of the MacLeod clan. The MacLeod clan was destroyed by Deirdre. She wants the brothers for herself. She once had them long ago. The MacLeod men are cursed with strong Gods entrapped inside each of them.

Fallon feeling horrible that he didn’t do more for his clan decides to travel to see King James to ask for his help.

Larena Monroe has been searching for the MacLeods for a long time. When she learns that Fallon is near, she seeks him out. She needs his protection but can she get him to listen to her?

Forbidden Highlander is book two in the Dark Sword series. I enjoyed Dangerous Highlander but Forbidden Highlander blew me away. I couldn’t get enough of Fallon and Larena. Fallon and Larena sizzled and smoked together. I like that Larena was an equal to Fallon. This book is darker and edgier then the first one. If you like historical novels with hot, sexy warriors and strong heroines then you have to check out this series. The only thing forbidden about Forbidden Highlander is if you don’t pick up a copy of this book today!.


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