The Killing of Mindi Quintana

Philip is an attorney. Lately all he has been hearing on the news is about Freddy Builder and the book he is writing. All the fame Freddy is receiving makes Philip just sick to his stomach. Freddy is nothing but a ruthless murderer who does not deserve all the attention he is receiving.

There is one person that Philip cared about very much. Her name was Mindi Quintana. She was sweet and caring. She died violently at the hands of Freddy. Philip will cross lines when he comes face to face with Freddy and makes him face the demons of his past.

I liked the court room scenes in this book. You could see Mr. Cohen’s expertise as a trial attorney in these scenes. I thought Mr. Cohen did a good job in portraying Freddy as a cold, blooded killer, only looking to advance his fifteen minutes of fame by exploiting all his victims. I had no feels for Freddy. My only issue I had with this book was that I wanted to feel more of a connection with Mindi Quintana and who she was. This would have helped me understand better why Philip was fighting so hard for Mindi. I understood Philip being sick with all the attention and fame Freddy was getting from murdering innocent people but just wanted more. I look forward to checking out Mr. Cohen’s next novel, A Plea for Leniency.


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