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New Heart-Wrenching Memoir: I Will Not Be Silent

Fort Wayne, IN - June 1, 2010 - New memoir by April Maley, I Will Not Be Silent, recounts a young girl's compelling story of her survival from child abuse, and coping with the aftermath of her mother's murder. She brings to light the alarming truth of abuse that many want to keep silent.

On the outside April is an ordinary 9-year-old girl from a tiny town - until you look deeper. Then you will see the tragic story that shaped and molded who she was, and who she has become. The cycle of abuse and abandonment created deep wounds in her parents that affected their parenting with their own four children. Breaking the cycles that not only bind us but also have made us who we are today is not an easy process. But it can be done. She will take you along on the journey that began two generations ago.

I Will Not Be Silent tells the story through a 9-year-old's eyes of physical and mental abuse and a life consumed with fear, anger and denial. She slowly loses her childhood, having to take care of her younger siblings and help run the household when her father's continual drinking escalates. Her father's alcoholism spirals out of control and his sanity begins to erode. Her mother finally makes the decision to leave him for good this time.

Unfortunately her mother's final trip to their home brings life-changing consequences to the entire family, and to each of their own children. The images of that day continue to plague April, but she has made it her mission in life to be a voice to the voiceless and break that cycle.

This compelling work puts a human face on the problems of abuse and addiction. It tells how determination and faith can help break the cycle of abuse that continues from generation to generation. A list of toll-free numbers for abuse and addiction hot lines provide a tangible resource for others struggling with these issues. Reach out for help.

Although it has not been easy, April's ability to face the past shows how she has "come through hell to get to the place of peace with God" where she stands today.

About the book:

I Will Not Be Silent by April Maley

ISBN: 978-160844-433-5

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Date of publish: March 31, 2010

Pages: 176

S.R.P.: $13.95

About the author:

April Maley reads, writes, and is an advocate for child abuse/neglect & domestic violence victims. Her goal is to be able to work full-time in advocacy and awareness education in a way that will change many lives. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four children and array of animals.

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Marce said…
As much as I love reading about this in Fiction books I think I would also enjoy a Memoir but cry the whole way through. I'm going to add this one to my TBR list.

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