Come visit Harmony

My Review:

Reagan is homeless. Reagan though used to work at the local nursing home. There she met and became fast friends with Beverly Truman. Reagan read to Beverly letters she would receive from her friends back home in Harmony, Texas. It was through these letters and Beverly fond memories that Reagan felt like she knew Harmony by heart.

When Beverly passes away, Regan comes up with a plan to pass herself off as Beverly’s grand daughter. When Reagan arrives in Harmony, it is like everything she imagined. It is like she has finally come home.

Jeremiah Truman is Beverly’s sister. He lives alone. At first Jeremiah doesn’t quite know what to make of Reagan but he decides to give her a chance and offers her a place to stay. This is more then Reagan could ever hope for. Reagan become friends with one of the local boys, Noah McAllen. Noah has dreams of becoming one of the best rodeo riders in Texas. Noah’s sister, Alex is the sheriff. Reagan has no plans of meeting her anytime too soon. Luckily for Reagan, Alex has her hands full with the recent full time attention she has been receiving from Hank Matheson. Is there such a thing as a happy ending?

Welcome to Harmony makes you feel all warm and comfy like eating mom’s warm Apple pie o snuggling by a hot fire. I have been a fan of Jodi Thomas. I have read her books on and off for some time. Every time that I pick one up, I just love it. After reading her latest offering, I am now kicking myself wondering why I ever stopped reading her books. I plan to rectify this problem soon.

I enjoyed all the characters in this book. It was like they were family. Jeremiah was one of my favorites. He played the part of the grumpy, old man with a heart of gold well. Reagan had a smart head on her shoulders. Noah is the best friend you always wanted. I can’t wait to continue this journey with Reagan in the next book, Somewhere Along the Way.


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