Fortunate Harbor

There is never a dull moment in Happiness Key.

Tracy Deloche has been dating Marsh Egan. Things are heating up but they haven’t had a quiet moment to themselves yet. Tracy has it all planned. Things quickly go from good to bad when she spots her ex-husband, CJ. CJ was in prison. He has been released and wants Tracy back.

Janya Kapur is ready to have a child. Unfortunately, there is one problem…her husband, Rishi does not want one. Lately things have become strained between them.

Wanda Gray has worked at the Dancing Shrimp as a loyal employee for a long time. The owners announce that they will be turning the Dancing Shrimp into a fancy tapas bar and that some of the employees are being let go. This includes Wanda. Wanda is devastated until Alice Brooks suggests to Wanda that she go into business for herself. Wanda does just that. She opens up Wanda’s Wonderful Pies.

Dana Turner and her daughter, Lizzie may have just found the perfect place to call home in Happiness Key. That could all change, when something from Dana’s past comes back.

Emilie Richards has just gone on my list of authors I want more of along with Robin Carr. Instantly, I felt like I was in Happiness Key. I plan to go back and visit again as I enjoyed this book so much. I had so much fun visiting with all the women. Though, I have to admit that my favorite person was Wanda. She had a bunch of spunk and charisma. All the different yummy homemade pies she made. If Wanda’s Wonderful Pies really existed, I would have gained about 30 pounds visiting it. Fortunate Harbor is the perfect summer, beach read! I look forward to more to come from Emilie Richards.


Mystica said…
Sounds really nice. I like the cover as well!

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