Christmas Village Miracle

Every day for four years, Jane Smith passes by an antiques shop on her way to work at the factory. Every year at Christmas time the owner displays a Christmas scene that features a miniature village called The Village of Peace. Jane pulls herself away from the window display and bumps into a man.

Ron Morgan has just met the most beautiful woman in his life. Ron can’t stop thinking about her and goes in search of Jane.

Charlie Righton is the owner of the antiques shop. Jane comes in to get a better look of the Village of Peace. She is so disappointed when she learns that it is not for sale. Charlie tells Jane that miracles happen and that she should pray.

I liked this book. I thought it was sweet and a quick read. The only issues I had with the book was that the first several pages was spent describing Jane’s obsession with the Christmas display, which I didn’t really understand until I got middle of the way. Also, I would have liked to get to know Jane and Ron better as they were suppose to fall in love but I didn’t feel the connection. Overall, though I liked this book and thought it was magical Christmas fun.

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Teresa Ives Lilly is the author of this book. You can find her at


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