Summer Giveaway = Free Books

One of the nice things about summer is the longer hours in the day to read.

Regal Literary is moving to a new office. As we pack our boxes, we are sharing extra books with book-lovers through the REGAL LITERARY SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY. Starting now, we’re giving away copies of:

· Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler’s Wife and Her Fearful Symmetry
· Daniel Wallace Big Fish
· The RZA The Tao of Wu
· John Twelve Hawks The Traveler, The Dark River, and The Golden City
· Tony Earley Jim the Boy and The Blue Star
· Martin Clark The Legal Limit
· Josh Bazell Beat the Reaper
· Allen Raymond How to Rig an Election

We’re giving away these prizes:
· Three nights in a London hotel, complete with a private tour of Highgate Cemetery with Audrey Niffenegger – airfare included!
· 100 copies of the very rare Special Limited Edition of Her Fearful Symmetry, valued at $75 each
· 250 signed paperback copies of Her Fearful Symmetry
· 100 signed broadsheets featuring a beautiful illustration by Audrey Niffenegger and a passage from Her Fearful Symmetry
· Special Bloggers-Only Prize: email the link to your review of Her Fearful Symmetry for a chance to win all three:

· Special Limited Edition

· Signed Broadsheet

· Lunch with a New York literary agent and editor!

You can also follow Regal Literary on Facebook and Twitter to hear about upcoming releases, author events, contests, and free books, all year long!

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