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Naches, WA - June 4, 2010 - When born and bred city girl Mary Pelzel moved with her husband, David, to a renovated hunting cabin in the Wenatchee National Forest of Western Washington, she had no idea what adventures - and misadventures -- lay ahead.

Describing life in the Great North Woods as "his dream, my nightmare," Mary's delightful memoir, Mary's Place: Reflections & Recipes, is reminiscent of Betty MacDonald's classic, The Egg and I.

Mary's transformation from demure, and perhaps somewhat naïve, young bride into a true mountain woman wasn't easy and certainly wasn't overnight. Tales of blood-sucking insects, meat-eating flying creatures, hissing and venom drooling snakes, spiders with hair "longer than mine," frogs in the refrigerator, and lizards in the dining room, are just the beginning of her ten-year saga.

For the reader, chuckles and shivers will alternate with each unforgettable experience. But as a wonderful bonus, and in the truest sense of turning lemons into lemonade, Mary has followed each page of anecdotes with a delicious recipe. They range from a breakfast treat of Monkey-Faced Strawberry Muffins to an evening meal of Pasta with Kielbasa Sausage (or rattlesnake, if you prefer) and Vermouth - and, of course, Mom's Favorite Lemon Meringue Pie. "For anybody that cares," she adds, "I have included also complete instructions on cleaning an outhouse!"

Emboldened by her ability to cope with a totally new lifestyle, Mary discovered she had an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Today, she is the proud owner of Mary's Place Gifts & Tea House in Naches, Washington, on Chinook Pass, where visitors can enjoy her private label jams, jellies, breads and soups, and sit a while to chat over a cup of tea.

About the book:

Mary's Place: Reflections and Recipes by Mary Pelzel

ISBN: 978-0615348377

Publisher: Northwoods Publishing

Date of publish: May 31, 2010

Pages: 192


About the author:

Mary Pelzel presides over Mary's Place Gifts & Tea House. Visit to take a tour of the rooms that show off her many specialty gifts and delectable goodies. Customized tea parties and strolls through the North Woods Garden are a favorite way for guests to spend an afternoon, especially in Spring and Summer.

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