Follow the Falcon

The Falcon is a very skilled thief. His latest prize is twelve valuable pieces of artwork that he stole years ago from the Gladstone collection. A collection of 534 pieces of some of the most famous art work by artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Picasso to name a few.

Brooke Lancaster is a talented artist. Unfortunately, Brooke needs money in order to keep doing what she loves. She teaches art classes but the interest has been so low that the school is canceling the classes.

Brooke goes to visit with a good friend, Reagan McCord to visit an art gallery. Suddenly, Reagan collapses. Before Reagan dies, he tells Brooke to go to his villa and retrieve something. Reagan tells Brooke to go right away and give her a small, silver key. There Brooke comes upon something so unbelievable that it will change her life forever.

Brooke will have to watch her back as it seems that she is not the only one interested in what Reagan McCord has in his home.

Follow the Falcon by Steven Kendall is the first book I have read by this author. I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I can tell you though that whatever expectations I might have had about this book went way beyond them. I liked the mystery and intrigue of this book. The characters I found also interesting. The twists and turns were well placed and kept me guessing. You will get lost in this book and lose track of time. Art meets mystery = one great novel with Follow the Falcon. This book is well worth your time to check out. You won’t be sorry.


Neal Cohen said…
I loved this book. I got into it quickly and couldn't put it down. I look for an engaging plot with interesting characters, and Follow The Falcon has both. I hope Mr. Kendall has another novel in the works.

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