When Snowflakes Fall

Sometimes the heart needs a little Christmas magic.

When Dr. Christie Harmon up and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to escape a vicious scandal, she expected a quiet, lonely Christmas on-call as a pediatrician at the local hospital. But when she’s treating a little boy with a bump on the head, she doesn’t expect his dad to be so distractingly handsome…or single.

In the wake of his ex-wife’s abandonment five years ago, Luke Grayson has been focused on raising his son Ethan. The scars from the split run deep, and Luke hasn’t trusted another woman to come into their lives. But there’s something about the sweet—and sexy—Christie that has him wondering if something’s been missing.

Can new love help lonely hearts find a way? After all, Christmas is a time for magic…

My Review

Another fun read by author, Tara Wyatt. Luke is a great dad to Ethan. Which, I just have to comment by saying that Ethan stole the show in my eyes. He was so adorable and the perfect wingman. I appreciated that both Luke and Christie had baggage. It made them more human and thus when they got together it was not only just about the physical aspect of the relationship. When Luke learns about Christie's secret, I thought he handled it perfectly. Together they learned to love again. Luke, Christie, and Ethan make a cute family. A good Christmas read for the holiday season.


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