Like Fresh Fallen Snow

Everyone needs a New Years’ kiss.

Ellie Richards’ New Year’s Resolution: this will be her year, no men necessary. Who needs them when she has a successful website, a great apartment, and plans to ring in the New Year at a ski lodge with her best friend. That’s until Ellie gets stuck in a snowbank and a gorgeous, blue-eyed cop throws a wrench in her plans.

Matt Grayson intended to spend his last day of the year getting everything ready for his move across the country. But when he helps dig Ellie’s car out from the side of the road, something about this cute blonde who spews out pop culture references makes Matt wish he didn’t have to leave the next day.
When fate brings Ellie and Matt together that same night at a party, the sizzling tension between them bubbles like a bottle of champagne. As midnight looms closer, their time together grows shorter. Is their budding romance doomed to be nothing but a night of memories, or can it survive the changes the new year will bring?

My Review

This may be a short read but it reads like a full length novel. Instantly, Ellie had me cheering for her. Matt had her tongue tied. The comments that Ellie would randomly start saying had me laughing. Not only because they were funny but because I could picture myself in her shoes and saying comments like her. At least when Matt and Ellie look back on their first meeting they can agree that it is not boring. I mean the first thing Ellie says when Matt introduces himself is "Like Dick". While, Ellie and Matt barely knew each other, I actually was fine with them hooking up right away. The chemistry was there. The ending was a charming one. I look forward to reading more books by this author.


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