Best Friends Forever

Angry arguments between Celine Richardson and Keith, her husband of twelve years, have become common over the past several months. She resents that he's working very long hours and staying out, and he accuses her of not giving him the attention he deserves. The situation turns devastating when Celine is diagnosed with breast cancer and Keith moves out. Even more heartbreaking is how their ten-year-old daughter, Kassie, is affected. Celine's only comfort is her best friend, Lauren, who's there for her every step of the way. Even when Keith decides he's made a mistake, begs forgiveness, and asks to come back home. Now, Celine will be forced to make tough decisions, and for the first time in her life, she wants to give up. Lauren vows to help by any means necessary and makes the kind of sacrifice only a best friend can. But will it be too late?  

My Review

While this may be one of the shorter books I usually read, it still was packed with tons of emotions, good characters, and storyline. This actually could have been a different story if not for the due fact that the author infused life and real human reactions in Celine. In the beginning, Celine did seem to be caught up in herself but when she got the news about breast cancer and started re-evaluating her life; I felt a bond towards her. To be honest, I understood Keith's reaction to Celine's news from the start as at that point in their marriage, they were different people living under one roof. Yet, at the same time I did feel like he could have handled the situation with better care and feelings towards what Celine was going through. Luckily, she had her best friend, Lauren to help her through it all.
In the back of the book there are questions and one is regarding do I as the reader agree with Celine's decision to let Keith come back? Also, should married couples consider the opinions of others when trying to work out their marital differences? Why or why not?

To answer the first part of this question regarding if I agreed with Celine's decision to let Keith come back. I did agree and understood why and the rules she laid out for Keith. I was in a situation early in my marriage where my husband and I spilt for a while. I had to pray long and hard to make my decision and not fully think with my heart. This was hard, especially when I learned the full story. Yet, when I made my decision to let me husband come back I had to understand that it was with a new blank slate. We could not go back to the past.

The second part of this question relates to if married couples should consider the opinions of others when trying to work out their marital differences? Why or why not? Again, when my husband and I were separated, I actually did not talk to many people including my parents. I did not want to hear the opinions of others as I knew whatever the fully outcome would be it would be ultimately up to me and my husband and not the opinions of others. I did tell my mom about a year or so later the details of what happened. Actually my husband and I became stronger over this situation and we just recently celebrated out 13th anniversary.


Mystica said…
The storyline is one that a lot of people will relate to. Sounds an interesting read.

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