Beware the Spire

WINNER of IndieReader Discovery Award
Fusion of Cyberpunk and Fantasy

Genetic causes, environmental or self-imposed, the Collective treats all of the maladaptive sort the same way: Plug and Scrub.

The next stage of humankind’s evolution has begun, and the Collective fears the change will unsettle the balance of power.

From the dark interior of that unified world government, a plan is hatched to capture and control any who exhibit the emerging genetic anomaly.

But then came Joshua.

Capture and control is no longer an option.  

My Review

I was first introduced to Mr. Safronoff when I read the first book in the Sunborn Rising series. That book was more like an experience then just reading. I could not stop reading the book. This book was actually written and published back in 2011. Yet, it has been revamped some and republished. I like that at the beginning of this book Mr. Safronoff talks about how he came up with the concept of this story and that he honors the first readers by trying to not alter the story too much. Mr. Safronoff goes on to explain that to him the whole experience of writing is not a mechanical process to him; thus that is the reason why I believe that his books are so good as each one means something to him and it shows. I know I had no problems connecting with the characters, storyline, and the overall concept of this book. Just like Sunborn Rising I had an easy time reading this book. I plan to check out the next book, Fallen Spire in this series. This book did have a bit of the Matrix  and Limitless featuring Bradley Cooper feel to it which I enjoyed. Plus, if this is what the fusion of cyberpunk and fantasy looks like then I am all in. Joshua is the wild card in this story. I look forward to seeing if he does come out on top in the next book.


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