The Crucible of Global War

Nobody outside of despots and tyrants and dictators bent on world domination ever wants to go to war. And yet entire nations of people are moved to do so because, to put it simply, there is no other choice... They can try to put it off. They can institute political and economic policies that ignore the underlying realities and watch as conditions deteriorate to the breaking point. They can try futilely to stem the tide of history. But they can only kick the can so far down the road. Ultimately, people go to war.”

So writes Christopher Petitt in this groundbreaking work. Global economic malaise, record financial inequality, chaos in the Middle East (including the rise of ISIS), Russian expansion, the Eurozone crisis, the growth of China’s military, the loss of American influence – the world is beginning to see turmoil that may rival the global turmoil of the 1930s on the eve of the Second World War. Are there instructive parallels? The power structures of the world are changing, and if history is a guide, the changing will not come quietly.

In "The Crucible of Global War – And the Sequence that is Leading Back to It," Petitt – history devotee, market economist, avid student of Middle East affairs – lays out in chilling detail the connections between today’s geopolitical disorder and the critical moments throughout history that have preceded times of global war. Is it humankind’s destiny to experience global war again? Is war inevitable?

"The Crucible of Global War" is a page-turning exposition of history, politics, economics, current events, and philosophy – a must-read for anyone interested in gaining insight into the nature of history and the inexorable unfolding of the perilous times ahead.

My Review

This book is very appropriate for the present. It has nothing to do with politics, race, clowns, the Kardashians, or any other social media frenzy. In this book Mr. Petitt talks about something more important...Global War. He shares real facts from history and other sources. Which if you have read other books where authors are experts or share quotes; they can some times get too quote happy or ramble on and on using huge words and such. To the point that reading the book becomes a chore. Well I can tell you that this book is not like that. Mr. Petitt does quote and share facts from history but within reason to make a point or explain the trends that are currently plaguing us in today's society that can lead us back into history (not in a good way). Reading this book really gave me a deeper perspective on our society. We really do need to learn from past history and our mistakes. It is very sad that ISIS is able to recruit people so easily as an example. If you are a history buff or are looking for something enlightening to read, then you have to check out this book. A worthy read!


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