How Three Brothers Saved the Navy

How can three brothers stop the plot against their father's aircraft carrier? When he's not excelling in soccer, 12-year-old Matt likes to pretend he's a Force Recon Marine, along with brothers Ryan, aged 10, and Jack, who is 8. Their father is a Captain in the U.S. Navy, currently deployed on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Maryland, where they all live. Growing up in a military setting, the boys are familiar with armed forces strategy, tactics, and weaponry.

They long for the day they can don uniforms themselves...just like the Marines on the navy ships they've seen. In a Recon game one day the three brothers scout out an abandoned airfield. They notice a team of skydivers mimic the classic military special operations tactic of jumping out of a plane at high altitude and opening the chute at the last possible moment to avoid detection before landing on an enemy target. Quickly the boys discover these are NOT U.S. military, but rather hostile agents training to land with guns and explosives on a navy aircraft carrier. Their Force Recon Marine play suddenly becomes very real as they struggle to determine the exact target and time of the coming attack, to evade the terrorist gang, and get their intelligence information back to the navy in time to save their father's ship. Captured by the gang, can they use their junior Force Recon Marine skills to escape, get back to headquarters, and devise a plan to defeat the terrible plot without anyone getting seriously hurt?

My Review

I have read all of the books in this series. What keeps me coming back is the great lessons that Mr. Salter incorporates into his books for his younger audience. He teaches children that they can think for themselves as well as take action and help. The first two books I would say young girls would really like as they feature girls as the lead roles but in this book, this time it is three boys. Just like with the other two books, this book was a quick read. There was lots of action to keep the story moving. Matt, Ryan and Jack were great together. They each brought something to the story. No single brother outshined the other two. Although, as an adult it would be good to follow up with your children after reading this book to make sure they understand that guns are dangerous and not play toys and they can do serious damage. The brothers were using them in this book. Which children may think it is ok to handle guns as the brothers did. Overall, another good read from Mr. Salter.


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