The Wedding Shake-Up


In a breathtaking island paradise, it’s easy for a handsome local and a sexy tourist to get swept away in a tart and tempting romance by a USA Today bestselling author.

A destination wedding on La Jarra Island for Tillie James’s sister has its drawbacks: hair-wrecking ocean spray and pincher crabs. And its perks: sexy, hotheaded beachfront bartender Gabe Landers, who brings out the competitive streak in fellow drinkslinger Tillie. When the rivals get together for a cocktail-making challenge, the blend is pure bliss, leaving them shaken and stirred.

The spirited blue-eyed tourist from Georgia makes Gabe’s head spin faster than his signature drink, the mermaid sunrise. But he’s determined not to obsess—out-of-towner love stories never last. Tillie agrees. They’ll just enjoy each other for now and make a clean break. No strings. No attachments. No chance. But when Tillie’s kiss goodbye comes with an invitation for Gabe to visit Atlanta, he can’t resist. As fate has it, it’s home to a heartbreaking piece of his own past.

As Tillie and Gabe face new challenges, destiny could tear them apart…or turn an intoxicating romance on the rocks into more than they ever expected.

My Review

The Wedding Shake-up is a fun, charming, hilarious good read! This book is the perfect summer read. The Wedding Shake-up is a modern-day version of Tom Cruise's Cocktail! The witty banter that Tillie and Gabe shared is entertaining. They definitely shared good vibes and I really felt the chemistry between them. When Tillie and Gabe shared that first kiss, I cheered along with the crowd. 

Tillie is a bit of a firecracker. Her big personality brought out the fun side of Gabe. Tillie and Gabe make a cute couple. On a serious note, I am glad that Gabe had Tillie by his side when he confronted his past. On a last note, I want to give a shout out to Gabe and Tillie's friends as they also brought the fun. 


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